Improved Efficiency
That's Beyond Your Imagination

Display, verify, and implement ideas efficiently.

Create Prototypes
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Cloud Collaboration,
Double the Efficiency

Free the hands of designers, meet the needs of developers,
and start simple work with one click.

Cloud Collaboration
No Need to Install

You can log in directly through the browser to use and also view the project progress in real-time.

No Need to Save

Work anytime, anywhere from one account. The system automatically saves all changes.

Financial-level Security

128-bit SSL protocol for data transmission encryption. Multi-level disaster recovery backup.

Efficient and Barrier-Free Communication Enables Good Design to Speak

Say goodbye to manually transferring files by joining collaborations or sending links where others can view, edit, and comment on the projects in real-time.

One-Click Sharing

Share a link or QR code to view your prototype on a computer or mobile phone.

Online Comments

Conveniently collect feedback from your team members with secured commenting features.

Offline Demo

Download the PNG, APK, and HTML demo package with one click, and work on the project smoothly in offline mode.

real-time commets
Real-time Collaboration, Seamless Communication

View and collaboratively edit with multiple people on the same project. A great solution for remote teams that require information synchronization and instant communication.

Multi-person Collaboration

Invite collaborating members to edit, copy, review, and access other operations with flexibility.

Team Management

Manage multiple projects with higher security by assigning team members ownership and authority to delete items and move items to personal applications.

Product Efficiency

Open efficient workflow to see status and comments, and synchronize progress and documents in real-time.

Real-time Collaboration
Professional, Reliable, Concise
and Easy to Understand
rich components
Possess a wealth of originals, components, templates, which can be dragged directly
multiple effects
Have basic interactive functions to quickly establish interactive effects
The page relationship is clear at a glance, and the workflow is clearly visible
Perfect presentation on multiple devices, immersive experience in full-screen mode

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