Wondershare Mockitt

Here are some frequently asked questions for you to better understand Mockitt.

Who's Using Mockitt?

Product Manger

Get ideas or needs, analyze the project feasibility, then complete the prototype easily in 10 minutes by using Mockitt's components and templates.


Create a high-fidelity prototype in Mockitt base on the product manager's needs, and deliver to developers.

Web Developer

Can obtain the required design resources such as annotations and cutting diagrams through Mockitt link and start programming.


Check the functions directly refer to the Mockitt built-in PRD mode.

Marketing Specialist

Create product demos in Mockitt and demonstrate the prototype to clients more precisely.

Why do you choose Mockitt?

Why do you choose Mockitt?

Powerful Functions

An all-in-one prototyping tool that can meet the requirements of product managers, designers, and developers in product design and team collaboration, no need to purchase multiple tools to switch back and forth.

Easy to Use

The interface of Mockitt is simple and easy to use, quick to get started, low learning cost and switching cost. It is really convenient for all staff to use.

Special Features

Rich templates and widgets, PRD mode combined with graphics and text, fine-grained authority management and other features are high-frequency features that we often use, which significantly improve design and communication efficiency.

Strong and Reliable

Mockitt has been established for six years. It has been deeply involved in the field of product design collaboration and has served many well-known companies. The number of users has now reached 1.9 million all over the world.

Scale your design thinking

If you need Mockitt desktop version,
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