Invite Friends to Earn License

15 days Personal Plan for both you and your invited friend

Please sign in to start inviting friends.
1. The reward will be added to your account. You can check the validity time of your Personal Plan in Account in Workspace.
2. Same Email address will only be regarded as one account; No repeat reward.
3. In case you do not receive your reward, you can refresh the page or try the following steps:
Step 1: Use Chrome browser
Step 2: Ask your friend to sign in his account
Step 3: Ask your friend to hover to Avatar and go to Wondershare Account Center. Unbind his Email and rebind. This should solve the problem.
4. If you still have trouble receiving your reward, please do not hesitate to notify us via Email:
Email Address:
Email Title: No reward received by inviting my friend
Email Content: Your Wondershare Mockitt account, Your invited Email account, Time of your invitation made.
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