Animated Prototypes - No Coding Required

Turn provocative designs magically into rich and interactive prototypes without any coding whatsoever—prototype UI designs anywhere: on the web, PC, Mac, or mobile.

Create Prototypes
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Almost Zero Learning Curve

Beginners can work like experts with the vast icon and component
libraries, 20+ industry-specific templates, and easy drag-and-drop
function to add, arrange, and connect components.

Device Layout

All major device platforms are available at the click of your mouse.

Stock and Custom Libraries

Customize drag-and-drop elements and build up custom libraries to share with your team.

Automatic Style Code

Make handoffs to developers a pleasure by generating code for CSS, Swift, and Android automatically.

Bring Your Prototypes to Life with Rich Interactive Effects

Mimic the final product with numerous interactive gestures and transitions to create life-like prototypes with no coding knowledge required.

Interactive Linking

Drag and drop links to show the relationship between pages.

Dynamic Components

Create animated elements from the interactive page where you can resize, hide, change position and color, or saved to the asset library for future use.

Page Status

Assign different statuses to the same page to reduce duplication.

Let Designers Focus on Design By Abandoning Repetitive Work
Free the hands of designers to meet developers' needs by drag-and-dropping directly to imported Sketch pictures, and easily moving your design draft by adding hot zones.
Download Slicing

Import slicing from Sketch, and then automatically generate and download slicing files with one click.

Color solution

Provide the advanced industry color solutions that automatically generate the page color of the current page, manually absorb the color, and customize your personal color palette.

Full platform adaptation

Support element color and resolution conversion between platforms.

Professional, Reliable, Concise,
and Easy to Understand
Possess a wealth of originals, components, templates, which can be dragged directly
interactive links
Have basic interactive functions to quickly establish interactive effects
page relations
The page relationship is clear at a glance, and the workflow is clearly visible
Perfect presentation on multiple devices, immersive experience in full-screen mode

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