Easy & Rapid Prototyping

Drag and drop to create wireframes and prototypes, driving collaboration in your team and delivering better user experiences.

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Prototype from ready-to-go components and templates

Even beginners can work like pros with the vast component libraries and industry-specific templates. Add and typeset widgets as well as create interactive events by easy drag-and-drop actions.

ui components


UI Components

Use our fully-stocked UI component libraries to create prototypes with realistic elements that resemble and simulate actual UI designs.



A vast repository of ready-to-use and flexible templates that you can easily customize to create stunning Web and Mobile mockups and prototypes. Find everything you require, including frequently-used layout blocks and widget options.


Widgets, Icons, and Symbols

Searching for prototype assets is a pain that we have completely eliminated! Mockitt offers an extensive range of options that are easy to find and use - Dynamic and Static widgets, Stock Photos, Royalty-free Action Sounds, and more.

Intelligent charts and advanced dynamic widgets

Mockitt offers many pre-built dynamic components, including charts, diagrams, dropdown menu, collapse, navigation menu, and more. You only need to fill in data or options to generate common dynamic components, without setting the interactive state manually.

intelligent charts

Droplist, burger menu, and checkbox.

Navigation menu

Navigation menu



Dynamic segmeted control

Dynamic segmeted control, pagination, and slider

Bring your prototypes to life with rich interactive effects

Mimic the final product with numerous interactive gestures and transitions to create life-like prototypes with no coding knowledge required.

Timeline animation

Timeline animation

Timeline animation helps you adjust to the perfect bounce, ease and pop.

Interactive states

Create different states to describe different conditions in your design.

Multi-media insertion

Insert video and audio into your wireframes and prototypes.

Screen transitions
Scrollable areas
Embed a Real Map

Screen transitions

Connect different screens, and illustrate your logic with 13 interactive gestures and 35 animations, such as tap, swipe, mouse in/out, bounce, flash, shake, etc.

Scrollable areas

Set specific areas that can be scrolled horizontally or vertically and create image sliders instantly.

Embed a Real Map

Insert an external link by dragging a webpage component and input the address. You can check its link on the Preview window.

Share and handoff your prototype

Copy and paste a link to share your projects with others. Make offline demos by downloading PDF/PNG/HTML/APK files. You can also preview your projects on mobile devices.

share your prototype


Preview and get a realistic operation of your projects by equipping a real frame of the design.



Share your prototypes via a link/QR code. No registration is required to open it. You can also track the views of the shared projects in real-time.

get comments

Get Feedback

Obtain the feedback of your colleagues and clients and get instant alerts via push notifications.



Make handoffs to developers a hassle-free experience by generating codes for CSS, Swift, and Android automatically.

More features of Mockitt Prototyping Tool

dark mode

Dark Mode

Dark mode can ease eye fatigue from stark bright white screens. You can switch between the light mode and dark mode on the preferences panel.


Master to reuse components

Create a Master to reuse the components you create. You can batch modify the components by editing the Master.


PRD Mode

The PRD mode allows you to infinitely extend the canvas and storage text, pictures, tables, and other arbitrary content.


Co-edit one project

View and collaboratively edit with multiple people on the same project. A great solution for remote teams that require information synchronization and instant communication.

version history

Version History

Create different versions and draw comparisons between them. You can trace and restore history versions at any time.

export your prototype


Export your prototype to PDF, PNG, HTML, or Android APK demo package with one click, and work on the project smoothly in offline mode.

Trusted by companies of all size and professionals

mark mark
Wondershare Mockitt is an easy-to-use UI and UX design software and the built-in components, dynamic widgets, and greate templates helps me finish my design quickly.
ux designer
UX designer
Wondershare Mockitt was my latest choice because of its simplicity and quickness. I was able to work with my team members, drag and drop files, and view the full workflow in just few minutes.
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Jeff Altman
UI Designer
Wondershare Mockitt helps a lot for improving work efficiency, it is great for prototype creation as well as process analysis. Besides, it supports seamless collaboration for remote team, even transnational corporation.
customer avatar
Ghalia Harrous
Marketing Executive
It's not only for wireframing but prototyping too. You can create simple mobile wireframe with our built-in widgets library, or upload a prototype image by your designer to make a realistic feel prototype.
customer avatar
Allen Lu
Product Manager
As a developer, I can inspect the design specifications. It fasten the developing process by copying the codes and downloading the APK file directly.
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Oleksandr P

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