The Best 5 Hackathon Themes You Need to Know

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Every event focus on a theme and Hackathon is one such technical event that connects the intellectual minds in a common space. You would have come across ample coding competition in the digital platform. What is special with Hackathon? This question strikes your mind whenever you get a notification about this coding event. It is a well-organized competitive coding environment that encourages theme-based functioning end products. The Hackathon themes help the participants to choose their right domain to exhibit their design and coding skills. In this article, you will learn about the Hackathon themes and their associated reliable data.

What is Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a coding event that sharpens the skills of young designers. It helps the designers and coders to evaluate their skills amidst worldwide competitors in a common platform. It is a stunning environment for enthusiast developers to showcase their talents optimally. The creative participants come up with reliable functioning software products to reveal their identity amidst the investors and software organizations. This platform changes the career path of individual designers and assists them to switch over to a better place after participating in this coding contest. This event helps the young minds to think out of the box to create a unique software product.

If you take a closer look at the Hackathon themes, you can find a wide range of ideas to encourage the newbie and beginners to participate. In this article, you will explore the 5 best Hackathon themes that stand unique from the other coding contests held worldwide. Innovation is the key goal of Hackathon. It provides a common platform for talented coders to meet one another. You can figure out ample creative ideas in this space and learn a lot of design techniques. It serves as an ocean of knowledge. Every project is unique and teaches you the best way of developing the software precisely.

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5 Best Hackathon Themes Ever Had

The Hackathon works on themes and it is the right time to make a review on the Hackathon themes in detail. Every contest has a theme and it works on a set of rules to find out the best work from the participants. Here are the best Hackathon themes for your reference.

Hackathon themes: Air Hackathon – Airline Retail Solution

It is a Hackathon related to the Airline Industry Retailing. This contest is conducted to explore innovative software tools for Airline retailing. This event was organized by IATA looking for Airline retail solutions. It is a 28-hour coding project. The air hackathon event provides round a clock coding experience for the participants. The solutions are reviewed for 6-week as an incubation phase to ensure the real-time implementation of the ideas.

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Hackathon themes: Chi Hack Night – Industry related ideas

It is an industry-based Hackathon organized in Chicago to attract designers, developers, academics to find optimum solutions for industries. This event takes place around the year to encourage bright minds to find a better design career for their future. It connects people from various platforms by inviting journalists, activists, policy wonks, and common people to witness the event.

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Hackathon themes: Valenciaport Hackathon – Transport Challenge

In this competitive space, the participants must offer a feasible solution to optimize road transport to avoid traffic due to the onsite trucks in the shipyard. This event is organized by COREALIS and Fundacion Valenciaport. It is conducted to acquire smart solutions to develop the smart, green, and resilient port for the future. It is a corporate-sponsored program and the winner takes a cash prize. This event brings optimal solutions to resolve the transport challenges faced during the peak timings in the shipyard.

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Hackathon themes: Sprout – Business Models

This Hackathon is conducted by the Sprout Virtual Global Business. This event takes place in an online mode. Initially, the participants are allowed to submit their project idea in a form of 5 min short video. Ten teams will be shortlisted and will be offered a live online space to exhibit their projects to the panel of judges. Three teams will be selected as winners and another three-team will be recognized for their accomplishments as well. The participants must try out solutions for the best business models and marketing plans.

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Hackathon themes: Hackathon FIT- M – Scientific solutions

It is a scientific research-based hackathon event. This program is conducted by Anna Systems at Moscow State University. It is a two-day event focusing on exploring solutions to use digital technologies in scientific activities. The solutions should bring innovative changes in various industrial areas. The project ideas must aid in enhancing computer simulations of scientific experiments.

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Tools you can use in Hackathon

Prepare for a Hackathon contest, you need to identify the right type of design tool which helps you to bring out stunning software products. Wondershare Mockitt is the perfect companion to participate in the Hackathon. You can bring out wonders with Mockitt. You do not require any special skills to handle this tool. Basic knowledge in computer operation is sufficient to bring the desired results using it.

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Unique Features of Mockitt

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Therefore, you are in the last lines on the discussion of Hackathon themes. The ideas and concepts of Hackathon vary with the host but the main goal of this event to figure out the best coder, designers worldwide. Connect with Wondershare Mockitt to bring out the best UI/UX design for your Hackathon projects. It is an awesome tool that helps you to build even a complex design within a wink of an eye. Stay tuned with Mockitt to build creative and innovative designs for your requirements effortlessly.