5 Ways to Help You Find Upcoming Hackathons

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:33

Hackathons are competitive events in which teams of designers, developers, and subject matter experts work together to find solutions for a specific problem within a defined time frame. The goal of the event is to form a working model, in the form of a website, an app, or a robot, to solve a given problem. One of the most popular forms of a hackathon is the physical or an offline hackathon. The duration of this event is usually 24 hours and is usually arranged on the weekends. However, this article is about how one can stay updated about upcoming hackathon events.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event that is generally arranged by a tech company or organization, where programmers work together on a problem for a very brief period of time. As there is very little time and usually the event lasts for only 24 hours over a weekend the participants are often sleepless and have to work at a very rapid pace to achieve the desired results in the limited time available. These events are mostly very similar to a competition where the target is to complete a project in a very short time frame. The participants have to prepare prototypes of software applications like web or mobile apps which after testing can be actually used in real life.

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Regardless of the complete lack of sleep for the participants, these events have become very addictive, and the community building around them is developing at a very rapid rate. The students prefer to be at a hackathon to discuss their problems on a weekend instead of getting together at a café; shop or a conference and try to work out a solution for the project they are working on. The goal of the event is to start from scratch and end the event with a working prototype, it doesn't matter if you are building a new website, mobile application, or even hacking hardware. Once the time is up the teams present what they built and compete for prizes.

5 ways to get news for an upcoming hackathon

Here are five ways you can get to know about hackathon upcoming.

1. COM

As it is very apparent from the name of the domain of this website, Hackathon (www.hackathon.com) is a site where you can search for hackathon events. HACKATHON.COM is very similar to another website which has news about upcoming hackathon events Eventbrite, unlike other websites where the organizer is required to upload all the information related to the event on its site, rather, the backend administrators will post information from the internet and publish all the information related to the hackathon event in a very prearranged way on the site.

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This website enables you to look for upcoming online hackathons by searching city. In every single hackathon displayed, the site contains a direct link to the official event page for you to register for the event.


EVENTBRITE (www.eventbrite.com) has a very powerful built-in ticketing system due to which a large number of tech companies and many organizations post their activities on Eventbrite. There are many events that you can search for on this website including hackathons. This website also allows you to search for your events based on location and date.

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The website is an extremely user-friendly site and once you have signed up with your account the system will store simple information and will assist you in completing certain blanks of the registration form in the future. It will also save you some time to reserve a seat for an event that might have limited seats. This is a great way of looking for upcoming hackathons near me.

3. Social Media: facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

In addition to all the other websites, hackathon managers use most of the social media websites to promote their events and keep posting information related to the list of upcoming hackathons for their followers. The organizers would always want to host a huge number of participants and will not be happy if there is a low turnout at the event, therefore they keep designing promotional materials and keep posting them on all social media sites. If you want to stay updated with all the information related to hackathons events and don't want to miss anything, you can follow #hackathon or join some groups which are made for hackathon enthusiasts.


Agorize (www.agorize.com/en/online-hackathons) is another very popular site used to search for business case competitions. Other than case competition, they have a special category which is “Online Hackathon”. Agorize keeps affiliating with various companies to hold hackathons. All the information related to the instructions and problem statements is posted on Agorize and interested participants team up and share their solution through Agorize. In addition to the partners' hackathons, a few organizations consider Agorize as a distribution channel to post the hackathon information.

upcoming hackathons near me

Therefore, you might also come across offline hackathons that are shown on the site.

5. School Email

School email option is exclusively available only for those who are still students. Generally, schools have a separate department that takes care of the extra-curricular activities. They keep emailing students about the upcoming internal and external events regularly. The events are usually directed at student participants. If you are a student and are interested to find out what a hackathon is all about, then those hackathons on the email list might be a good way to start for you. As most of the participants are also students, the level of difficulty in terms of topics or problems selected may be more suitable to the student compared to the public hackathons.

Tools you can use in Hackathon

Wondershare Mockitt is where direct workflow, collaborative teamwork, and rapid prototyping happens. So if you are planning to participate in a hackathon, Mockitt can be a game-changer for you. Let's take a look at some of the best features of Mockitt that can be put to use during a hackathon to enable you to work out amazing project ideas for the hackathon.

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  • Design Interactive and Animated Prototypes - With Mockitt, you can conveniently design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance clients' experience.
  • Libraries Full of Assets and Templates - Design prototypes faster using Mockitt's libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. Create and reuse your own libraries for bringing customization into your workflow.
  • Collaboration - Work together on the same page with your team during the hackathon. View the changes made by your team-mates in real-time.
  • Customizable Visibility - Share a single document or your entire project with various stakeholders and clients in the hackathon by supplying simple URLs or customizing your project's visibility settings.
  • Organized Communication - Keep all your communication around your projects organized during the hackathon with an intuitive comment system optimized for prototypes and designs.

Mockitt offers all the above and much more. Mockitt ensures that your sleepless hours during the hackathon do not go waste. Try us out today!