What is Visual Communication design

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

Communication design is, no doubt, a hot field in the current technologically advanced world. Across a plethora of fields, no one can underestimate the role of communication design. Plenty of companies and organizations are pouring finances to hire professional visual communication designers because they understand how crucial they are in their business matrix. While this remains the case, many are still unaware or have slim knowledge of what communication design is. Nevertheless, this article will shine the light on what communication design is and how to become a good communication designer.

What is a Communication design

While scores of people are familiar with graphic designers, several are still unaware of what communication design is all about. From the name itself, communication design is a design meant to communicate something or simply convey a message to intended viewers. In simple terms, communication design is the art of passing information strategically using visual designs. The job of a communication designer is not just about creating that impressive or standout design. It goes beyond appealing designs to relaying information, so viewers don't struggle to grab the information. Communication design is wide and is not limited to graphics. Provided it is a kind of design that seamlessly communicates to people about something, which qualifies to be communication design.

The core responsibility of a communication designer is to strike that relationship between the viewer and the design. As a communication designer, you need to ensure that your message is captured faster than what words would have managed while keeping it clear and compelling. With the pacey nature of technological evolutions, communication design is finding more importance in a wide range of fields. Talk about corporate design and branding, advertising campaigns, book cover design, web design, and photojournalism among others. These fields and communication design are inseparable.

What is Visual Communication design

Visual communication and communication design are more often used interchangeably. The two are all about relaying information using designs. While communication design is largely about the strategy involved in relaying information to the audience, visual design is more concerned with using specific visual elements to capture attention and express information effectively. Here, the designer combines visual arts and technology to drive home information to the audience. A creative designer transforms a message into visuals that go beyond what words or mere pictures can do. To achieve great visual communication design, the designer plays his cards with color, movement/animations, symbols, images, supporting texts, interactivity, iconography, and other visual elements. With a proper mix of visual elements, designers will find it easy to communicate the intended message to a target audience. Some of the popular avenues where visual communication is used include websites, trade shows, office presentations and meetings, and social media posts.

What is a Graphic Communication Design

Graphic communication design is primarily the use of graphics to relay information. Graphic design is one of the oldest methods used to express visual designs, and hence droves of people are familiar with it. Graphic design might mean an entire field of using visuals to express information or simply a design section. Compared to visual design, graphic communication design is narrow, and designers focus on using graphics to relay information. It is not uncommon to define graphic design in terms of layout and composition. In many organizations, graphic designers are hired to create specific graphics that send certain information about that particular organization to the target audience. They are often hired because they know how to use certain graphic design software/tools to come up with graphics. These graphics can be used as stand-alone or embedded in special cards, brochures, flyers, or other marketing documents to express desired information. Some of the popular graphic communication include:

  • Infographics
  • Mind maps
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Flow Charts
  • Process diagrams.

How to Become a Communication designer

Communication designers are becoming a vital jewel in the current technological landscape. With the marketing trajectory demanding more creativity, communication design is becoming more important than ever. There are plenty of people out there with communication design passion yet they don't know where and how to get started. Here is how to become a good communication designer.

  • Enroll in Graphic Design School

One of the primary ways of becoming a good communication designer is to enroll in a communication design school. There are plenty of institutions that offer several levels of communication design courses. It could be an undergraduate degree or a crash course on the same. Here, you will learn things like 3-D designs, typography design, and advertising, among others. Just find a reputable school and enroll.

  • Gain Experience

After completing the communication design course, you need to gain some experience first. You can seek an assistant job or an intern position and build your portfolio. With time, you become a good communication designer.

  • Advance your Studies

If you are now familiar and experienced with plenty of design aspects, you can learn more about career advancement. You can enroll in a graduate school for a master's degree in communication design.

Skills you need as a Communication designer

  • Excellent creativity
  • Good communication skills.
  • Time management.
  • Coding skills.
  • Knowledge of design tools.
  • Typographic skills.

The Best Tool for Designers

Wondershare Mockitt is a robust design, prototyping, and collaboration tool leveraged by millions of people and organizations across the globe. This program is equipped with every single feature you would demand from an ideal design and collaboration platform. Besides, the intuitive and user-friendly interface, super-fast processing speed, and affordability explain why designers are the best tool.

communication design

With Wondershare Mockitt, you have plenty of design resources to design amazing prototypes. These resources include plenty of UI assets and templates, over 500 icon libraries, components, and screens. The beauty of these design resources is that you can create your own library and reuse them anytime you want in your design. This saves more time and energy as you don't have to design from scratch. If you are working as a team, you can collaborate and work together as a team. Members can see the changes on the page in real-time and hence are not left behind. They can also comment, co-edit, and share feedback in real-time to help push the project forward with speed. Once you have designed your prototype, you can easily share it with target people and hand it over to developers.

Key Features

  • With Wondershare Mockitt, users can collaborate on a project so that they can co-edit, comment, and share feedback on the same page.
  • It has plenty of design resources ranging from UI assets and templates, icons, and components to choose from.
  • This program allows users to share a single document or an entire project with clients or stakeholders. Besides, they can adjust visibility settings to suit their needs.
  • With Wondershare Mockitt, users can design animated prototypes with the help of transitions and other animation elements.
  • This program has plenty of built-in widgets that makes design easy and full of fun.
  • Since Wondershare Mockitt is a cloud-based program, users can prototype on the cloud across any device.

What Wondershare Mockitt can Help to do Communication design

  • There are plenty of customizable communication design widgets to choose from.
  • Several customizable templates suit various communication design
  • With the traceable history, you can retrieve up to 10 records of your previous project versions to allow you to select the best communication design
  • The collaboration feature will allow you and your team members to design effectively on the same page.