Top 5 Design Tools in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:18

If you want to design a beautiful graphic interface for any site or app, now it is much easier than ever. You don't have to learn graphic designing and spend so much money on hiring graphic designers. Because now there are some free design tools available through which you can design as much as beautiful graphic designs that any professional graphic designer can. You can create required interfaces and prototypes for any website or app and check their reliability. Today, we are going to render the adjectives of the best 5 design tools available in the market.

5 of the Best Design Tools in the Market

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is the best online prototyping application by which you can design software if you don't know much about development languages. It also has an option for customizing the design for different screens such as laptops, mobiles, and tablets. After customizing and designing the application as you like you can download its HTML or APK file and can tell your programmer everything exactly you want. That will save both your precious time and money.

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Wondershare Mockitt has many pros like students can design prototypes of their final year project, you can add multiples people to your project if you are working with a group, and its application is available for both Windows and Mac. Following are the steps on how to make an application.

1. Firstly, you need to register on Mockitt with your email, you will automatically get a free trial for an advanced personal plan for a few days, after that, you can still use the free plan to create up to 3 projects.

2. Then, you can simply click "Create" to create a new project and enter the canvas.

3. As you can see in the picture above, you can drag and drop the widgets to the canvas in the "Built-in" button, then customize the widget style, and create interactive animations.

4. After you complete the design, you can download an APK or Html file.

5. You can also share the design with your team via a share link or the QR code.

2. Gravit Designer

It is a fully flexible application developed by Coral Draw company. It can be used to design all types of icons, animations, illustrations, screens, and apps. This exquisite free design application has a very instinctual interface that fits itself automatically according to your requirements. Its diversified range of tools allows you to create and design elegant and beautiful interfaces with many fills and blending modes.

It is available both online and on the application form. Though the paid version of Gravit designer has more features than its free version, its free version is still good and has many features to design any beautiful interface. Gravit designer also has a component of cloud service through which you can save your work and can access it from wherever you want.

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3. Vectr

This application can also be used on both online and desktop applications. Vectr graphic designing tool uses mathematical equations for image designing. This visual design tool allows to you create any 2D graphic designs for free. Vectr is used to create a design for business, greeting cards, websites, logos, posters, and many more. You can say that this tool is the free alternate of Adobe illustrator. You can add more people to your project in this application if you are working in any group. It's filtered, a variety of tools and fonts are such versatile that you can design or create any beautiful illustration and presentations. This app provides the benefit of ubiquity because it is not only available on all platform but also provide the browser version.

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4. Design Wizard

It is an online graphic design tool that provides quick, affordable, and easy solutions for creating visual content. It is the most useable and delectable graphic design software tool. It provides an elegant variety of templates for print and social media. It also provides millions of good quality pictures for vectors, transparent images, and icons. Design Wizard has a massive library of images and templates that are designed by their team. When Customers use the design wizard, there is no issue of licensing or copyright because it has its library which daily updated. It provides a time-saving feature so that you can quickly resize your design. It offers a faster design process because of the pre-made 20,000 templates. You can design and share your images from the design studio to create a wizard directly within your Marketo account.

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5. Snappa

It is an online graphic designing tool, instead of using photoshop you log in to Snappa and use their predesign templates. Snappa is a beginner graphic designing tool that provides you to design like a pro and makes designing feel like a snap. It breaks down the designing process into small septs, and you can search for an ideal image for your email, blog, social media, or ad. It provides high-quality templates and 500,000 pictures for your graphic design. You can also connect Snappa with your buffer account, and that gives you a variety of features. You can preschedule your posts, resize graphics for posting, add different text and effects to images, and many more. Snappa is a perfect tool for those people who don't know about graphic design because it provides graphic design using the drag and drop method. It has a vast library of templates, images that help you in designing without any knowledge of graphic designing. It provides a formatted template for everyday use, so there is no issue with image size.

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Nowadays, people don't have time to learn new expensive software or tools for their daily work. So, people choose the way, which is simple, fast, and less costly or free. Free online graphic designing tools are the best solution for that type of person. These tools provide simple, fast, and accessible features for their graphic design. One more best thing about these tools is that it is effortless to use for all kind of people even who don't know about graphic designing. In the market, a variety of online graphical designing tools are available, and it isn't easy to choose the best one. Here we mentioned 5 tools, and now we discuss the best tool from all of 5. Wondershare Mockitt is the best online graphic designing tool because it provides the easiest and fastest design based on 5 steps. It also provides different features such as usability, flexibility, efficiency, and many more. It also provides the facility of sharing you can share your design with your colleagues.