5 Hackathon Project Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

The prime goal of a hackathon is to find a solution to the challenges over the course of the event and create a fully functioning usable software or hardware product by the end of the event. Most hackathons are time-bound, usually 24 hours or 48 hours, and include a prize for winning teams. One of the most popular forms of a hackathon is the physical or an offline hackathon. The duration of this event is usually 24 hours and is usually arranged on the weekends. Although there may be millions of ideas that you can work on as a project for a hackathon, in this article we will be talking about some of the best hackathon project ideas which you can work on at the event.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon project is an event which is generally arranged by a tech company or organization, where programmers work together on a problem for a very brief period of time. As there is very little time and usually the event lasts for only 24 hours over a weekend the participants are often sleepless and have to work at a very rapid pace to achieve the desired results in the limited time available. These events are mostly very similar to a competition where the target is to complete a project in a very short time frame. The participants have to prepare prototypes of software applications like web or mobile apps which after testing can be actually used in real life.

hackathon project ideas

Regardless of the complete lack of sleep for the participants, these events have become very addictive, and the community building around them is developing at a very rapid rate. The students prefer to be at a hackathon to discuss their problems on a weekend instead of getting together at a café shop or a conference and try to work out a solution for the project they are working on. The goal of the event is to start from scratch and end the event with a working prototype, it doesn't matter if you are building a new website, mobile application, or even hacking hardware. Once the time is up the teams present what they built and compete for prizes.

5 best Hackathon Project Ideas

The following are the 5 best hackathon projects. The list has been designed after looking at the hackathon project ideas 2019.

1. University and course finder

An ideal way to think and create state-of-the-art ed-tech solutions is to host hackathons that are mainly focused on education. One idea could be that you develop a robust mobile app that enables the students to look for all the essential info related to the universities they wish to get enrolled in, the courses they choose, the admission processes, teacher profiles, alumni information, career paths, employers have partnered with the universities, and more. The app should be easy to use and should have filters to search for universities and courses based on the requirements and interests of the student.

2. Apps that help college students

If you are planning to host a college hackathon, then this would be a great idea which will also benefit all students. Every day college students face a number of problems. These problems may be related to searching for an internship or a job, organizing their life around their coursework, and navigating student loan debt. In fact, a lot of colleges are now improving online schooling. Apps can be used to assist students to arrange their assignments, set deadlines, and help them stay informed regarding their grades. Most of the modern college students have sufficient know-how about technology. As tech experts, you can work together with other college students and create an app that can help students improve their college experience.

3. Health tech in rural areas

There are a lot of patients who live in rural areas or small parts of the city. And since they live so far away from the main city, it possibly will take a significant amount of time for these patients to be given medical treatment, especially in case of a medical emergency. Tech experts can help these patients by creating a system that can specifically help them in rural areas. This can consist of dedicated telehealth options or a system where the patients living in rural areas can access emergency care more easily, this type of technology can benefit and provide the small-town folks the kind of medical attention that they actually need.

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4. Monitoring for Ambulances using GPS

Tech professionals can work on and create various ambulance GPS monitoring systems and enhance the existing ones, at a hackathon event. The ambulance must have a way to reach the patient as early as possible even if there is no backup. What if the patient has an emergency but the ambulance is not able to reach them? This is where a GPS monitoring system can guide the ambulance while they are on the road as well as the hospital which can track the location of the ambulance. The GPS will show the best available traffic-less route to the ambulance in order to reach the patient as early as possible.

5. Maintenance of vehicle

hackathon project ideas 2019

Another great idea that you can create a mobile app that lets the owner of the vehicle fill in appropriate information regarding the services that have been completed on the vehicle. And then the app would detect what other parameters need further servicing and also ascertain when the next service would be due and which parts would need possible replacement, all this would be based on the information that has been entered by the owner of the vehicle. In addition to this, the app can also use augmented reality (AR) to assist owners in comprehending the functionality of their vehicle by simply hovering their phone camera over the different various buttons of the interior of the parts in the engine bay.

Tools you can use in Hackathon

Wondershare Mockitt is where direct workflow, collaborative teamwork, and rapid prototyping happens. So if you are planning to participate in a hackathon, Mockitt can be a game-changer for you. Let's take a look at some of the best features of Mockitt that can be put to use during a hackathon to enable you to work out amazing project ideas for the hackathon.

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  • Design Interactive and Animated Prototypes - With Mockitt, you can conveniently design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance clients' experience.
  • Libraries Full of Assets and Templates - Design prototypes faster using Mockitt's libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. Create and reuse your own libraries for bringing customization into your workflow.
  • Collaboration - Work together on the same page with your team during the hackathon. View the changes made by your team-mates in real-time.
  • Customizable Visibility - Share a single document or your entire project with various stakeholders and clients in the hackathon by supplying simple URLs or customizing your project's visibility settings.
  • Organized Communication - Keep all your communication around your projects organized during the hackathon with an intuitive comment system optimized for prototypes and designs.

Mockitt offers all the above and much more. Mockitt ensures that your sleepless hours during the hackathon do not go waste. Try us out today!

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