An Enlightening Guide to Conduct a Virtual Hackathon Online

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:50:13

Are you interested to organize a virtual hackathon at your location? Do you want to know the precise ways to conduct this event? Then quickly surf through the below content to find out the best method to run a Virtual Hackathon online. As its name refers, virtual indicates the event has to be carried out in an online mode. The teammates are connected in the virtual platform till the competition ends enthusiastically. In this article, get some awareness about the preparations and related tasks to organize a virtual Hackathon effectively.

What is Virtual Hackathon?

Virtual Hackathon is an effortless method to connect developers and designers worldwide. It is an event that takes place in an online mode. Despite the geographical location, young minds can work remotely and exhibit their works in a virtual space. When you participate in the Virtual Hackathon you do not have to waste your time on travel or face any challenges during transportation. You can save your money and time if you try out this virtual hackathon event. It is the space where you can display your talents effortlessly in your comfort zone. This type of talent fest widens the opportunity around the globe.

It is high time to break the traditional method and explore a convenient way to connect the technical people under the common roof. If you take a closer look at cyberspace you will get to know many Virtual Hackathon happening around the glove now and then. Many professionals, experts, technical enthusiasts actively participate in these hackathons to find innovative solutions to lead a better digital life tomorrow. It serves as a pool of knowledge and people discover one another's abilities in the technical field. The virtual hackathon enlightens the participants with stunning ideas and offers a learning platform.

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How to run a Virtual Hackathon

If you want to run a virtual hackathon, then you need to prepare a few tasks beforehand. The TechCrunch is a well-known community which conducts virtual hackathon for their participants worldwide. Follow the below steps to conduct the event successfully without any interruptions.

Step 1: Try out some theme

To make the event interesting it would be good if you try out unique themes. Get some assistance from the professionals and brainstorm a few themes based on trending and traditional needs. If you start up with some theme, then ultimately your event will be a great success undoubtedly.

Step 2: Prepare a notification

It is high time to design a notification about your virtual hackathon displaying the background requirements of the participants, the time duration for the event, number of members allowed, cash prize, award details, etc. You have to provide all the necessary information to the participants and give them a clear picture of your talent fest in an attractive manner. Persuasively design your posts to trigger interest in the public.

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Step 3: Connect with social media

Now, ensure your notification reaches out to the target audience worldwide without any issues. Get some assistance from social media to spread the facts related to this talent fest in an online mode. Choose the right channels to convey your event to every corner in cyberspace.

Step 4: Plan for reliable technical support

Build reliable and strong online channels to connect the target audience in the online mode. From the registration process up to the project, submission tasks ensure the connectivity and the technical issues are sorted out on time to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Step 5: Sort out the judges

Select well-organized, experienced, and professional judges to analyze the final projects submitted by the participants. It is highly recommended to choose at least three judges in a panel to get rid of time delays. Based on the participant's count you can finalize the number of judges required for your virtual Hackathon.

Step 6: Set up supervision panels

If there are more participants in the event, then you must set up a supervision panel to sort out the tasks and ensure smooth functioning of the events in the online mode. The supervision panel should comprise of technical experts to guide the participants optimally.

Step 7: Begin Registration

After setting up necessary elements related to the event then begin the registration process in the online mode. Get the details of participants and verify their backgrounds with the utmost care to get rid of unwanted issues.

Step 8: Conduct the event and Forward the projects to the judges

Inform the eligible participants about the event date and connect with them on time to conduct the virtual hackathon. Ensure the participants are aware of the rules and regulations of the event.

When the set time expires for this talent fest then collect the final works from every participant and take necessary steps to retain their identities in pace with their submitted tasks. Forward their projects to the judges and interact with them to get a clear picture of the evaluation process.

Step 9: Announce the Winners

Finally, announce the winners and distribute their cash prizes in the online mode. You must display the winner's project for the other participant's view and provide a learning platform. You can offer a space for the winners to explain their project to the public and social media through online channels to recognize their innovative software solution.

Tools you can use in virtual Hackathon

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Therefore, you had an informative journey on Virtual Hackathon. Make use of the above instructions to run this virtual event flawlessly worldwide. The designers and developers can try out Wondershare Mockitt to save their time in this competitive platform. It helps the participants to design complex projects effortlessly within a short span. Choose Mockitt and develop extraordinary software solutions to compete in this virtual talent fest. Stay tuned to discover the unknown facts of Wondershare Mockitt and feel its uniqueness.