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Laura Angelica is a 30 years old lady passionate about what she does. I'm hardworking, self-motivated, detail oriented application designer and writer. You will find me writing about everything, with product design and development being my major focus.

Work experience and education

I graduated from the university with a degree in project management in 2010. I pursued that career for two years, but developed more interest in product design and freelance writing. To improve my skills in these two areas, I decided to join college where I graduated with a diploma in product designing and technology content creation. To keep myself up with the advancement in technology, I have been pursuing several certificate courses in the same line. In addition to this, have also been attending ongoing trainings to update myself with advancement in product designing and prototyping tools such as Wondershare Mockitt.

I have a strong background in product designing, app making and development especially when it comes to designing of mobile and PC apps or tools. I also do a lot of writing on these areas. It is this writing passion and knowledge in product design that made me join Wondershare Filmora in 2014. Am well versed with designs meaning there is nothing I cannot figure out. I succeed by coming up with ideas and turning them into reality through my designing and writing skills.


From a product design perspective, I am able to apply my great interpersonal skills when doing the design work on when writing about the various designs. I can take an idea and make it a reality that the clients or users will love. My flexibility is what has allowed me excel because when I understand what the clients want, then it becomes easy to come up with a design or content that is right for them.

On part of designing tools, I have ample knowledge on the various tools used in website building, creating wireframes, prototypes and app development. The content I write is not only intended for other product designers or developers, but also other tech enthusiasts. With the tips I provide product development and designing, anyone who reads the content can sharpen their skills and take their design to higher levels.


I was born in Adelaide Australia, but when I was ten years, I moved to London where I schooled and settled. I’m married with two girls who always give me motivation to push on in life so that they can live a good life. When not in work you will always find me enjoying time out with family or playing table tennis. I always consider what adds value to me and others before I make any decision, and this is what has made me reach this point in my life.


UX myth always happens. Time to bust these widely held but false UX designing beliefs or ideas.

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