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Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

You would have come across ample Hackathon websites displaying informative data about the upcoming events. Do you want to know about reliable webpages? Then this article will be a great guide to the technology enthusiast. Do not ever miss the chance of taking part in the talent fest worldwide due to misleading data. Figure out the necessary upcoming events of Hackathon and have a good time with the participants around the globe. Follow up the schedule and prepare accordingly to win the title of Hackathon events. Stick up with the right webpages and constantly check out the upcoming events carefully.

What is a Hackathon?

The term Hackathon refers to computer-related competitive ground. It is a space for all enthusiasts to develop the best software products thereby exhibiting their skills amidst the worldwide participants. In this talent fest, you can participate in teams and establish stunning products using amazing software tools. This event connects people around the globe under a common roof. It provides a learning environment for all participants. Here, people interact and get to know each other amidst the pressure-filled competitive surrounding. If you are a developer, designer, domain expert, software specialist then quickly take part in a Hackathon event to evaluate your skills precisely. You can also make use of this platform to sharpen your technical skills to the next level.

To participate in Hackathon, you must follow up on the dates and venues for upcoming events. Most of the notification is available in the online mode. You must keep track of these dates and carry out necessary activities like registration, preparation, etc. Find out reliable Hackathon websites and watch out for upcoming events regularly. You can also try virtual hackathon events which take place often around the globe. Get frequent updates of Hackathon to take timely action for participation.

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5 Best Hackathon Websites

In this section, you will learn about the reliable Hackathon Websites to guide you on time for active participation. Surf through the below webpages and choose the comfortable one to follow up regularly.

Dev Post

This website gives you authorized data related to Hackathon and you can rely on the data without any hesitation. You must create an account on this webpage to track the necessary data regarding Hackathon. All the events are displayed and you can get a clear picture of the upcoming event effortlessly. There are filter options to reach out for the desired Hackathon based on the theme, location, etc.

hackathon official website


Hackalist reliably displays the upcoming Hackathons. You can check out the recent hackathon activity around the globe flawlessly. There are three filter options such as 'Offer Travel Reimbursement', 'Have Prizes', and 'Accept High Schoolers'. Enable the desired ones to filter the events according to your needs. You will get the right data about Hackathon on time so that you can carry out necessary actions.

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As the name of this webpage refers, this website displays the Hackathon details in pace with the location. The event venue is displayed on a map view to give out a clear picture of the Hackathon location. Do not miss the hackathon event near your locality by checking out this webpage frequently. Grab the right opportunity at this talent fest platform with the help of this webpage and carry out a timely registration process without any delay.

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Hackathon IO

This webpage has unique features. Apart from displaying the contest details, the website visitor can find out their team pal at this reliable platform effortlessly. Hit the 'Network' tab to view available design experts to join your team for hackathon events. This website helps the users to interact and plan for better participation in the upcoming talent fest.

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It is the world's best search engine for Hackathon. You can type in the location on the search box and look for the latest upcoming Hackathon events at your desired place. All the details related to the Hackathon event is displayed in a well-organized format for easy reach. You can add the events to your favorite list and later on check your desired ones. Apply if you are convenient with the dates and location of the Hackathon event. It is the best Hackathon website to get some ideas about the upcoming talent fest around the globe.

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Tools you can use in virtual Hackathon

There is a wide range of tools available in the digital space for software development. If you want to compete in a competitive environment then you require an effective design tool like Wondershare Mockitt. It is an awesome design software specifically used to create an excellent UI/UX design for your needs. You can build complex designs in no time using this awesome program. The user-friendly environment helps the users to reach out for the desired controls effortlessly. To work optimally on this platform, it is sufficient if you have basic knowledge of computer operations. You do not require any special skills to handle this tool precisely.

hackathon official website

Features in detail

  • Quickly design the required software solution to your needs using the ready to use templates in the Asset Library.
  • Edit the widgets and save the web elements effortlessly for future use.
  • Insert the desired widgets and icons by simple click, drag, and drop action.
  • Share your work with your teammates and other professionals easily.
  • You can customize the visibility of your projects when you share your work with stakeholders and clients.


It is high time to end the discussion on reliable Hackathon websites. The above-listed webpages display accurate data regarding the upcoming hackathon events. Choose the desired webpage as per your comfort and frequently check out the updates to participate in Hackathon on time. The Wondershare Mockitt tool is the perfect software for competitive grounds. You can build stunning software solutions using this excellent tool. The Wondershare Mockitt assists you to think out of the box and push your design limitations beyond imagination.

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