5 Must-Knows About MLH Hackathon

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Hackathons are an unbelievable approach that is used to get a community together to learn amazing new skills, create remarkable projects, and share different concepts. An MLH hackathon can best be defined as an "invention marathon". Anybody who wants to learn, build & share their creations and have an interest in technology attends a hackathon over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This article tells us about what MLH hackathon is and how it has become such a famous and worth waiting event for all the hackers out there.

What is MLH Hackathon?

MLH (an abbreviation for Major League Hacking) is a student hackathon MLH league that is supporting around 200 invention competitions that attract and get more than 65,000 students from across the globe to get together over a weekend-long period, it enables the students in community-building and commuter science skill-building other than just competing. It is the authorized student Hackathon league.

mlh hackathon

MLH is a committed and passionate maker community, comprising of the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs. It is an organization which has remained focused as a community first and mission-driven organization from the very start. This is the reason that they made it official and became a Certified B Corporation in 2016. B Corps are for-profit enterprises that are legally obligated to consider the influence of their decisions on their community, not just their shareholders. Once you get an MLH event membership, MLH makes sure that they provide the best tools to make your hackathon successful by providing Mentorship and advice, onsite hackathon support, judging support, hardware, software lab, and many other benefits.

5 Important Elements about MLH hackathon

MLH is an organization for hackers, by hackers. It doesn't matter if you are at the beginning of your programming career or you are already an experienced individual, you will definitely feel right at home with MLH powered events. Once you become a member of the MLH event you gain access to great benefits which start even before your Hackathon begins and they even assist you after the event is completed.

1. Committed support and mentorship with templates and tutorials

mlh hackathon community

MLH has a team of Community Managers who support hundreds of Member Events every year. They help organizers and handle all sorts of complications and queries. With the experience they have gained MLH has been able to create a library of templates and tutorials for all organizers, which can be used while planning and hosting their event. MLH recognizes the hurdles that organizers come across such as organizing finances and judging, so they have created these templates including a budget, sponsor list, judging, and more.

2. Season Schedule Listing, Discounts, and Promotions

It can be very expensive to organize an exceptional MLH hackathon. To help save time and money, MLH has got together with remarkable vendors that offer exclusive discounts and priority access to Member Events. MLH will list your event on the official MLH Season schedule. These pages are visited by thousands of hackers and sponsors every year who use it to determine the events that they would want to take part in. They also promote your event to thousands of hackers and sponsors via social media and/or the MLH monthly newsletter to inform others regarding the MLH Hackathon schedule.

3. Judging and online support

mlh hackathon representatives

MLH sends their representatives to all the events they arrange and act as an extension of your organizing team. They are very experienced and have a lot of expertise and with organizing hackathons and are available there to help ensure that your event runs smoothly. They also provide judging support for both physical and digital events. As judging is without any doubt one of the most demanding parts of a hackathon. The MLH hackathon guide or representative is available on-site to help with successively running demos and judging during the event in a just, standardized way.

4. Software labs and prizes

There are special prizes that are handed over to hackers at all Member Events such as pins for winners and select MLH category prizes (such as "Best Domain.com Domain Name" or "Best Use of Google Cloud Platform"). In addition to this, every hacker who takes part in a Member Event gets exclusive access to discounts and freebies to APIs and developer tools through the MLH Software Lab. This comprises of facilities such as web hosting credit to free domain names and more. The Organizing teams are given exclusive access to premium accounts, including Zoom and Streamyard, which is absolutely free during the week leading up to and the weekend of the hackathon. This helps to elevate the experience of the hacker of each hackathon and at the same time reduce event costs.

mlh hackathon guide

5. Surveys, Scoring, and project checking resolution

MLH shares a post-event survey about their experience with all the participants of the Member Event. This data helps to compare the current event with other member events and also helps to ascertain some areas which might need improvement for the next event. After every season, hackers are able to see how their schools did against other schools and be in the competition to win the MLH Season trophy to take back to their hacker club. Also if there is any project alleged of cheating submitted to the hackathon MLH team will work with your team to examine and form a conclusion, but the final decision will be made by your hackathon team.

Tools you can use in MLH Hackathon

Wondershare Mockitt is where direct workflow, collaborative teamwork, and rapid prototyping happens. So if you are planning to participate in an MLH hackathon, Mockitt can be a game-changer for you. Let's take a look at some of the best features of Mockitt that can be put to use during a hackathon to enable you to work out amazing project ideas for the hackathon.

design tool for hackathon
  • Design Interactive and Animated Prototypes - With Mockitt, you can conveniently design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance clients' experience.
  • Libraries Full of Assets and Templates - Design prototypes faster using Mockitt's libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. Create and reuse your own libraries for bringing customization into your workflow.
  • Collaboration - Work together on the same page with your team during the hackathon. View the changes made by your team-mates in real-time.
  • Customizable Visibility - Share a single document or your entire project with various stakeholders and clients in the hackathon by supplying simple URLs or customizing your project's visibility settings.
  • Organized Communication - Keep all your communication around your projects organized during the hackathon with an intuitive comment system optimized for prototypes and designs.

Mockitt offers all the above and much more. Mockitt ensures that your sleepless hours during the hackathon do not go waste. Try us out today!