10 Creative Technology Hackathon Ideas

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

The prime goal of a hackathon is to find a solution to the challenges over the course of the event and create a fully functioning usable software or hardware product by the end of the event. Most hackathons are time-bound, usually 24 hours or 48 hours, and include a prize for winning teams. One of the most popular forms of a hackathon is the physical or an offline hackathon. The duration of this event is usually 24 hours and is usually arranged on the weekends. Although there may be millions of ideas that you can work on as a project for a hackathon, in this article we will discuss some of the best technology hackathon ideas.

What is a hackathon?

A tech hackathon is an event that is generally arranged by a tech company or organization, where programmers work together on a problem for a very brief period of time. As there is very little time and usually the event lasts for only 24 hours over a weekend the participants are often sleepless and have to work at a very rapid pace to achieve the desired results in the limited time available. These events are mostly very similar to a competition where the target is to complete a project in a very short time frame. The participants have to prepare prototypes of software applications like web or mobile apps which after testing can be actually used in real life.

technology hackathon ideas

Regardless of the complete lack of sleep for the participants, these events have become very addictive, and the community building around them is developing at a very rapid rate. The students prefer to be at a hackathon to discuss their problems on a weekend instead of getting together at a café shop or a conference and try to work out a solution for the project they are working on. The goal of the event is to start from scratch and end the event with a working prototype, it doesn't matter if you are building a new website, mobile application, or even hacking hardware. Once the time is up the teams present what they built and compete for prizes.

10 creative seamless technology hackathon ideas

1. Automate homes and offices

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This idea is like a smart home solution that will be for the entire building. The basic idea is to create a completely automated smart energy system that monitors the entire building. The artificial intelligent solution will use deep learning to identify patterns of behavior at home or at the office so that it is able to intelligently manage energy consumption, usage of electricity, strengthen security and also help in reducing operating costs. This facility can also be used to monitor employee attendance while using CCTV cameras for facial recognition along with fingerprint scanners and RFID.

2. Predictive keyboard

seamless technology hackathon

Another idea that can be used at a worldwide technology hackathon is to create a keyboard software or an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to forecast words that are based on the conversation the user is taking part in. In order to make composing emails and casual conversations smooth, the predictive text should be contextually relatable to the conversation and the preceding few messages.

3. Automated Drones

The goal behind this idea is to create a program for drone cameras based on Artificial Intelligence Build an AI-powered drone camera, program it with object tracking data from proximity sensors, GPS sensors, and motion sensors.

With the autonomous drone, people won't need to pilot the drone camera. This will help people to take professional vacation photos and videos, this will especially be helpful for solo travelers.

4. Data processing for hospitals

Develop a secure in-house AI-based data processing solution that will help healthcare institutions and hospitals to study and analyze a patient's medical records.

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Using Deep Neural Networks, robust computational processing, and machine learning, the data processing solution should help medical personnel to streamline their workflows and better manage patient care.

5. Raise classroom behavior issues in real-time

Develop a referral process platform that helps teachers to raise and escalate major behavior issues in the classroom in real-time.

The platform would work like a classroom management tool that will help teachers to share real-time information on their student's classroom behaviors with students, other teachers, parents, and administrators.

The system should record all assessments made by the teachers for future reference and annual evaluations.

6. Parking Spot Finder

Here we have another splendid tech hackathon idea to make life easier for drivers. So far, we haven’t seen any application that helps drivers find parking spots in nearby areas or places. No doubt, this is an innovative idea that can be helpful for drivers to pick nearby parking spots without wasting any fuel and time.

All you have to do is develop an iOS and android app that navigates around the city picks nearby free parking spots, and then notify the driver. Another benefit of this application is that it won’t let the driver be distracted by finding the parking spot manually.

7. Tourist Guide

Although Google has everything related to tourists, what if you make an app that only focuses on tourist tours? It would be pretty interesting to see this kind of application on adventurer smartphones. Users just need to pick a country to explore, and every tourist destination of a particular country and its history with address comes up on the screens.

If that happens, who would use Google for this purpose? When everything comes with just a few taps, then who would go for an expensive way. There are similar applications already available, like finding nearby hotels and restaurants. You can get the ideas for there too.

8. Smart Trainer

In this modern technology world, hundreds of technology hackathon ideas are yet to be explored and implemented. Not everyone's needs are fulfilled so far. There are lots of ideas for education sectors that can come under the light. One of them is an intelligent training system. Yes, we know plenty of smart systems and applications are available to the younger generation to teach them and provide them skills, but you can make these systems better.

You can make these applications exciting and creative for the kids. Since the kids adore using smartphones, create something interesting that helps them in their learning.

9. Educational Institute Finder

Well, here we’ve another tech hackathon similar to a tourist's destination finder. In the previous idea, we’ve cracked things up to find destinations for tourists, but this idea is to find a nearby educational institute within the city.

Still, many websites and applications find universities and educational institutes, but they are limited to specific countries or origin wise. What if you make a website or application that covers worldwide educational institutes? Yes, it’s not an easy task to do, but still, it’s worth giving a try.

10. One on One Doctor/Patient App

Since Covid-19 has forced everyone to do their job virtually, there’s one sector, you can't go virtually all the way. So, we’ve got one last technology hackathon that can help patients and doctors to go virtually. Make a specific app that makes direct communication between doctors and patients.

Both patients and experienced, qualified doctors can log in for their accounts and start one-to-one communications. And you can add some exciting features like patient submitting the reviews and rating at the end of the session. Perhaps, this would be an interesting feature and application for the future.

Tools you can use in Hackathon

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