Step by Step Guide on Using Jira for Project Management

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Jira software can be customized for any type of project. Teams have the option to start with a ready-made project template or create their own process. Jira allows you to track all tasks that must go through all stages of the process until they are completed. Configurable access rights allow administrators to determine which users have access to certain actions. Once complete project information is available, detailed performance and progress reports can be generated. In this article, you will learn to use Jira for project management.

What is Jira?

Jira is a software product created specifically to manage projects. It is very popular among many large and well-known companies. Jira is ranked among the top 3 best project management solutions in the world with 9.4 points of user satisfaction. Jira is about creating tasks, assigning performers, setting priorities, and tracking the progress of those tasks.

jira project management

The entire application lifecycle process is controlled using Jira. The use of such software ensures that all information is saved from start to finish, and a simple and intuitive interface simplifies interaction, making work more efficient. A very convenient solution for teams that are developing a software application. With its help, it is convenient to plan, set, and control tasks. The entire software development lifecycle can be tracked by using Jira.

Using Jira for project management

Jira is the most powerful project management tool, the manufacturer created a work board, where he added a large number of different tools with which you can customize everything to your needs. Jira project management tool is suitable for several situations, firstly for external project management, secondly for tracking all development processes, and thirdly, directly for software development.

Jira has the ability to create a foundation for versatile project management. Jira is built on a cross between modern Scrum and Kanban approaches, allowing for multi-dimensional observation while retaining important information at every stage of development. It is also important that all team members receive only appropriate notifications if the observed task, or the task in which they are participating, has changed.

How to Use Jira project management

Most of the product managers prefer Jira as an operational project management tool. In addition, Jira is also suitable for simple task management. Jira is no longer only used in software development but in all areas and different companies. That is why it is becoming increasingly important that everyone in the company knows how to best deal with it. Many functions of the system make it appear complex at the beginning, among other things because it is constantly being developed and is designed for many applications.

Using JIRA for Project Management

Using JIRA for project management is popular, especially among software development teams. JIRA is primarily designed for software development, but thanks to its Kanban workflow management system, it has been utilized as a project management solution by many project teams. There is a good reason for this. JIRA is a powerful tool, it's optimized for agile, and JIRA project management offers many positives and benefits.

  1. Your developers are already using it. The dev team already uses JIRA , for better or for worse. Why use another platform for project management, when you can utilizee the same platform the team is already using? No need to have everything in two places, right?
  2. JIRA is optimized for agile, and the Kanban method makes it very easy to track tasks. We all know how effective agile and Kanban are. Who needs project management software when JIRA has Kanban for task management? Just keep on top of the workflow, and the team can hum along.
  3. Value for money. We already have JIRA – why spend more money on another platform, if we can make use of the platform we already pay for?

These are good arguments. But, as you can guess, there are also cons to using JIRA for project management.

Tips for using Jira project management

Quick Filters

Did you know, that you can customize the quick filters section? Go to the Board settings and choose the Quick Filters from the left menu. And then click and be happy about your new, clean view!

Bulk Change

My favorite one – when a lot of tasks should be changed, you can use the "Bulk Change" option in the right-click menu. Someone from our team has counted that it is time-saving when you have more than 8 tasks to change at once.

Drag and Drop

Make your life easier! You don't have to use only the "Send to" option for changing the position of the tasks in the Product backlog. Simple drag and drop is enough!

Create a Browser Search Engine

A good way to increase productivity is to decrease the number of clicks required to reach a destination. End-users and administrators can use the "Search engines" browser feature to quickly jump to Jira projects, issues, and pages. No navigation or clicks required!

Adding this browser functionality is easy. In Chrome, add a custom search engine by clicking > Settings > Manage search engines. I've also set up "i" to take me to an issue and other shortcuts to take me to other admin pages.

You can implement this same browser search trick with other applications and websites that have predictable search URL patterns. Ex: Confluence,, Twitter, etc.

A useful prototype tool for a product manager

Design is an important part of any website and application. This is a whole ecosystem that needs convenient tools to create. When working with our projects, UI/UX designers Wondershare Mockitt use services for prototyping and development.

jira project

What is Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a modern and user-friendly service that greatly simplifies the work of front-end designers and product managers. It is cross-platform and comes with desktop and online versions that allow you to develop interfaces for programs, websites, and mobile applications. The skyrocketing popularity of Mockitt has come due to the active development of functionality and social networks. It was advertised by many bloggers, and sites posted dozens of reviews of the new service.

Mockitt is a powerful prototyping tool for web design that allows you to quickly and easily develop:

  • interactive prototypes of sites and mobile applications;
  • special interface elements - icons, buttons, menus, windows, feedback forms;
  • vector images.

Why Wondershare Mockitt is a professional tool

Everything in Wondershare Mockitt is well thought out for the well-established communication of designers, teams, customers, and product managers.


By creating a website or mobile app, designers often have to upload files to cloud storage, send them by mail, and the like, which is time-consuming, and the files take up space in the computer's memory. Mockitt solves this problem, since the working files are on their own cloud, the designer can simply send a link to the file to the client or layout designer. In addition, if a specialist changes on a project, there will be no problems with where the sources are located.


Sometimes two designers need to work at the same time, generating and finalizing ideas, while the layout designer needs to export design elements. Mockitt makes it possible for several people to do this all at the same time in real-time. You can forget about colleagues who are trying to correct the layout on their fingers. Each project is created for a team, and you can invite members to it at any time, differentiate rights by defining a project administrator, allowing editing, or simply defining a view right, for example, for a client or a boss.


The service makes it easy to give access to the document for both colleagues and customers. The owner chooses the level of access himself: to individual pages, all layouts, or only drafts. A user with access can leave comments on the project, which the designer then closes after completing the work.

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