Information about PMP Certification Process and Requirements

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Scoring in the PMP certification exam requires a lot of commitment and focus. If you are really eager to pass this exam, preparation is the key, apart from your current education. People have failed in the past decade even with the project management experience just because they couldn't understand the difference between being a great project manager and being great in achieving success in the PMP exam. They are many steps to being successful in the PMP certification exam. You will surely have to spend an estimated 35 hours on the preparation, so plenty of time should be given to preparation.

What's the PMP certification?

PMP is also recognized as Project Management Professional Certification, it is a high-value designation given to professionals only if they meet specific experience and education criteria. (PMI) Project Management Institute is giving this certification. There are many PMP requirements that a professional has to meet before they can apply. Once you have gone through the requirements, your application will be accepted and approved. After that, the candidate should pass a comprehensive and lengthy exam to be an associate in project management. You will be officially certified by PMI. Most of the companies don't require such certification for positions and occupations and it is not compulsory.

You can take it as a designation that is recognized widely and improves the impression and credibility of any resume. The purpose of this certification was basically to develop a standard of project management crossing different businesses and locations. If you are already a professional and want to prove your skill and ability then PMP certification will do just fine. PMP project management certification can be the best way to show dedication to a current or potential employer. If a PMP joins a company, employers are at peace knowing that their project managers have knowledge and training certified by PMI.

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What're the Newest PMP Requirements?

PMP project management professional needs to fulfill many requirements before applying for the exam. People who are interested in becoming PMP certified and apply for the exam, have to meet two strict sets of terms. Applicants should have a minimum of 7,500 hours of project management experience and related 35 contact hours of education or a related four-year degree with 4,500 hours of experience in leading projects and 35 contact hours of training in project management. If you have worked on multiple projects over the months, only one of the projects will be added to your experience requirements. It is not a problem if you didn't get paid for some of your project management contracts, as long as you gain experience in the best business environment. Mini and personal projects like school, group projects, or planning your wedding don't count.

Once you have gone through all the requirements now you can begin the process. The applicant first has to create a login on the PMI site so they can submit the required personal information. Whether you are PMI or a non-member, you will have a pay an application fee, the membership significantly cuts down the cost. You can find more PMP process information and current requirements on the PMI official website.

How to Prepare For PMP Certification?

There are many ways to prepare for PMP certification. PMP boot camp can help you considerably. If you want to cover the essential topics of the syllabus, you will have to ensure that you study in advance for months and weeks. We will some of the important sections to score best in the PMP exam.

1. Review the Material

Before you jump right into the study session, review the material that you plan to cover. You should review all the graphs, heading, and charts in the PMBOK guide and the PMP prep book. Getting yourself familiar with the topics that you are looking forward to covering will help you better to find such topics in the book, for your fundamental study. If you start with this kind of step, it will significantly make things easy for you such as arranging information in a sensible or systematic order.

2. Look for Motivation

Motivation is very important if you are trying to earn something. You need to find your motivation. Try to figure out what you want to learn from the material you have. If the reason for exam preparation material consists of a certain goal, recap and read that questions first to see where you are headed, what you are trying to accomplish, and why. At the end of the day, you will have the perfect motivation to keep yourself going.

3. Expand Online Research

PMP online exam preparation material can be found very easily on the internet. It is accessible and available in quantity. Before you begin any kind of exercise don't forget to expand your online research on certain topics that you may find difficult to understand. You can create a list of questions that are important. This will turn you into a massive and active researcher, you can also study the PMBOK Guide for inspiration and information.

4. Prepare a Study Course and Plan

There are PMI approved organization like Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) who offers the best project management courses. PMI started approving training organizations so they can establish a quality education network globally. These organizations can thousands of PMP applicants regarding PMP exam training. They can help you to grasp different project management terminology, formulas, concepts, and other topics needed to be cleared before taking the PMP exam. You can prepare a plan to cover all the concepts that may require in clearing PMP certification. You can make a schedule, break sessions, read PMBOK, and practice online mock tests.

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