5 Minutes to Know Everything about PRINCE2

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

In this article, we will discuss PRINCE2 and its benefits for project management. The project manager is responsible for business and control of the process. If you are looking for a project-based approach for effective project management then PRINCE2 is all you need. PRINCE2 is recognized by every organization almost also over the world. It was introduced by the government of the United Kingdom for the management of professional-scale projects. The exam is so difficult and you can even take the manual book with you. There is not enough time to search and answer all of the questions in the given time.

What Is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is shortened form of Projects IN Controlled Environments. It's a method based on the process for better management of a project. It's been used in the United Kingdom mostly, PRINCE project management is also very common in the private sectors of the United Kingdom and other countries. The key feature of PRINCE2 focus on business support, analyzing the structure of an organization, keeping the PRINCE2 Project management team up to date, and come up with a strategy based on product. There's a stress on dividing the project into controllable and manageable stages. PRINCE2 methodology helps a lot to gain control over project excels and resources. You can manage business and risks more effectively.

PRINCE2 agile qualification was introduced for the people working in an agile project environment. It's very beneficial for the teams working on a project and using agile but also want a bit more structure in their environment. The project manager handles all the organization processes in a project. The project manager selects the team who will be executing a variety of responsibilities and keep track of every assigned task. Ensuring that everything is done properly by the following plan on time. A chain of suppliers, users, customers, and vendors are also involved in the project.

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The Benefits of PRINCE2 in Project Management

There are many benefits of being a PRINCE2 practitioner.

1. Flexibility

We cannot deny that flexibility is one of the best advantages of PRINCE2. It's been tested for both the private and public sectors around the world. You almost apply PRINCE2 to any project regardless of its location, size, scale, sector, or industry. PRINCE2 doesn't require any specific software by practitioners to run it. It is flexible enough to be combined with other available frameworks, there are many popular packages of being PRINCE2 agile. Whatever the demands of typical projects, PRINCE2 can fulfill them. If you learn and tailor the framework as you apply, you can gradually create a more suitable approach to project management.

2. Commonly Recognized

PRINCE2 was introduced in 1989 and in use for many decades. This is the reason why it's highly recognized and recommended. Practitioners with a global community are familiar with the framework's methods and common terminology. Project management processes are standardized by PRINCE2 significantly. PRINCE2 methodology is adapted and applied widely, the important themes, principles, themes, project environment, and processes remain consistent. This way users can communicate even from different departments, projects, industries, and organizations. A PRINCE2 practitioner can gain and apply one team's expertise to another. PRINCE2 is being utilized by many organizations to upskill multiple employees in one go.

3. Clarity in Project

PRINCE2 controlled project environments provide clearly defined roles, communication, and responsibilities. Every employee working on a project will know what is assigned and expected of their crew members, with all accountability specified from the start.

The level of clarity is important for smooth project management. It prevents typical delays caused by confusion or mismanagement. If any issues are formed, team members will know what actions need to be taken, where to go, and who will be responsible. Projects powered by PRINCE2 environments are easier for practitioners to share their experience and knowledge with departments and teams. PRINCE2 can save a great amount of time and effort wasted by an error.

4. Benefit of Risk Management

PRINCE2 projects can be running successfully if any kind of risk is managed from the get-go. It is the job of practitioners to establish the risks, requirements, and rewards of projects, it doesn't only apply during the planning stages but also throughout the project until completion. There should be realistic cases in which setbacks are available as the projects proceeds. A risk assessment clear methodology is offered by RPINCE2 that allows teams to avoid failures by preparing for them in advance. PRINCE2 also assist practitioners while facing unexpected difficulties. By tailoring the framework in such a way, team members will be ready and experienced for future projects.

Information about Prince2 Qualification

The PRINCE2 certification is divided into two different levels of qualification one is Foundation and the other is Practitioner. The introduction to PRINCE2 themes, processes, and principles are at the foundation level. It consists of the information, how a project manager can consistently project before deadlines and within a given budget, face unexpected problems, and risk management. At the practitioner level, you can learn how to apply and use PRINCE2 properly to approach the needs and problems in the case of specific projects.

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Certification

As we have discussed, the PRINCE2 Foundation level is an introduction to its method. The purpose of foundation certification is to confirm that you understand and aware of the working of the PRINCE2 method effectively. Or you are working in an environment as a member of a project team supporting PRINCE2. The foundation certificate is necessary if you want to take the Practitioner certification exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Certification

PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is applied for anyone who manages projects as part of their position. This could be a part regular project management role which includes project management as a part of the day-to-day job. The main purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether the person has enough knowledge of applying and tailor the method in a different range of projects, scenarios, and environments.

Eligibility for PRINCE2 Exams

If you want to qualify for the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, you should first receive PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate or you should be a certified PMP professional in order to attempt the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Exam. PRINCE2 training courses can be found at AXELOS PRINCE2. AXELOS is an organization that manages and develops the PRINCE2 overall. You can find training courses with the Accredited Training Organization (ATO) of AXELOS or you can do your research and study for all certification levels by yourself. You will surely have to put in a great effort for preparation.

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