Top 8 Product Management Courses Online to Upgrade Skills

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:44:58

If you are a product manager and want to advance in your career, the best way to do it through self-development. However it is very difficult to participate in seminars or attend college courses or other education programs along with the work hours and work environment which is already very challenging. Therefore the best option is to attend some product management online courses. With that being said, it is not very easy to ascertain which product management course best suits your personal needs. Here we have gathered a list of the best product management courses, certifications and trainings available online. These courses are very beneficial for your personal as well as professional growth as they add great value to your product management expertise.

This is a list of easily available and free product management courses available online.

Top 10 product management courses online

1. Digital Product Management Micro Masters Program by Boston University (edX)

This online course in Digital Product Management allows the participants to perceive and deliver new digital products. It teaches them the knowledge of crucial tools and techniques to cope with the development, launch and growth of digital products.

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You will be able to learn the skills that are required by a product manager in day to day routine tasks such as forming social media strategies and product road maps by joining these classes. Not only this but it will also let you learn from the finest practices and challenges that modern specialist's face to improve critical thinking and problem solving skills.

This online course has been rated as one of the best product management courses online. A group of extremely competent trainers will deliver the content of this program. Upon completing these courses successfully, the participants will receive a certificate verified by the Boston University.

2. Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals by University of Virginia (Coursera)

This is one of the most popular Coursera Product Management Certification program which imparts understanding of the basic principles of product management. It enables the participants with the precise abilities and perspective which is required to form the actionable focus for effectively managing their product. Modern product management tools and techniques are taught along with skills to explore new product ideas and manage and amplify existing products. The participants are shown high quality video tutorials and allows them to engage in projects that dive into the realities and complexities of effective product management.

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This online course is created with support from the Batten Institute at UVA's Darden School of Business. Since this is a beginner level course therefore anyone can enroll for it.

3. Become a Product Manager Course | Learn the Skills & Get the Job (Udemy)

This online course by Udemy is the most updated and one of the best Product Management courses on Udemy. Already more than 70,000 students have been enrolled with this course and thousands of them have now been working as Product Managers in companies like Google, Airbnb, Dell , Boeing, WalMart etc.

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This course gives you a jumpstart and takes you from a starter to an expert who knows everything that you should know about product management from ideation to market research, to UX wireframing to prototyping, metrics, technology, and finally to building the product with user stories, project management, scoping, and leadership. There are plenty of interviews included in this course with real life PMs, Q&A sessions with students, and an all-inclusive guide for preparing and interviewing for a Product Management job.

4. Software Product Management Specialization by University of Alberta (Coursera)

This Software Product Management Certification has been designed to help you master Agile Software Development practices and trains you to get in touch with your customers confidently and manage a team of developers.

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There is no initial requirement to enroll in this course as it is a beginner level course; though some basic knowledge on how software is developed will be very helpful. There are 6 courses in this program which also includes a final project which enables you to apply techniques learnt to real life scenarios experienced by software product managers. Once you have completed this course you will be able to advance your career as a confident software product management professional.

5. Product Management 101 (Udemy)

This is one of the finest Product Management Certification online course that teaches you to become a more calculated product manager so that it enables you to balance the strategic and tactical elements of your job in a much better way.

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Through this course you will be able to learn the best approaches across the range of product management work which will cover the following:

  1. Market Intelligence – covers market, customers and competitive analysis
  2. Strategy – covers strategy development for your product
  3. New Product Development – covers prioritization, discovery and delivery, launch of new products
  4. Lifecycle Management – covers positioning, pricing, sales channels, sales support, product support, finding growth, obsolescence

6. Brand and Product Management by IE Business School (Coursera)

This online course is a part of Marketing Mix Implementation Specialization which is being offered by IE Business School on Coursera platform. It is a specialized course that allows the participants to first recognize the concept, importance and challenges of brand development and product management, and then be able to use it along with architecture and portfolios to in order to succeed. This course will give you the opportunity to ascertain the important information that is required to develop a product and brand strategy, create an activity plan and define the right metrics for implementing that product and brand strategy.

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This course consists of 6 modules and is taught by Luis Rodriguez Baptista, professor at IE University and Marketing Consultant.

7. The Complete Product Management Course (Udemy)

This online course imparts you the core skills, techniques and processes across the entire spectrum of product management. It gives you the practical tools and a roadmap to turn your ideas into product. It lets you how to brainstorm the correct idea, how to size the market, how to test and authenticate, how to form wireframes and prototypes, how to write user stories and how to be an irreplaceable PM.

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It will enable you to learn to use popular Product Management tools like Workflowy, Axure, Pivotal Tracker. One of the quite distinctive features of this course is a chance that you are able to build out one of your own product ideas through 10 step-by-step exercises complete with working files and sample templates. Once the course is completed, you will have a product spec with a feature backlog, wireframes, and an interactive prototype.

8. Free Product Management Training Courses (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning – Lynda platform suggests a wide range of courses and trainings on Product Management and related topics. These courses are distributed into 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. It doesn't matter what your current skill level is, you can find a course that is best for you. Whether you are moving into the world of product management, or are a specialized expert looking to upgrade your skills or an existing product manager looking to revive and add more skills to your arsenal, there is something for everyone to suit the individual goals. All the Product Management courses on Lynda are available online and can be accessed for free for the first one month after signing up. These come with flexible timelines so, you can complete them at your own pace.

Product Prototype tool you may need

One of the worst tasks that a product manager is faced with relates to presenting a product wireframe for showing to the designers. If you are a product manager, you would know the headache that comes along with presentation of your product wireframe to a potential client. How about we tell you all your problems are about to be solved?

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Even if you are a beginner product manager, you still can work like experts with the vast icon and component libraries, 20+ industry-specific templates, and easy drag-and-drop function to add, arrange, and connect components. This software can bring your prototypes to life with rich interactive effects. You can mimic the final product with numerous interactive gestures and transitions to create life-like prototypes with no coding knowledge required.

It is bound to make your work professional, reliable, easy to understand and concise for your clients. Product management was never a breeze before!