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Do you want to know about the product manager interview questions and its respective answers? You are at the right place to explore reliable facts on the interview questions. If you are preparing for the post Product Manager then you can refer this article to get a clear picture of the possible interview question you might face. The questions are highly expected and it brings out the different aspects of the applicant. The questions are framed in such a way to intervene in the ideas and thoughts of the applicant in pace with the role of Product Manager.

product manager interview questions

The most popular 6 product manager interview questions

In this section, you will be guided to answer effectively to the questions related to the role of Product Manager. Every question discussed below are possible queries and popular ones and you must prepare wisely to stand unique from the crowd of applicants.

These are the possible and popular interview questions of Product Manager.

Question 1: What is the role of a Product Manager?

You can answer this question from the personal perspectives instead of giving a regular definition. It is the space where you can prove your understanding of this role. Here, you can talk about the importance of this position in the firm like the Product Manager works with all the teams in the firm and they must collaborate with all the employees in the organization to bring their product vision to life.

Question 2: For an experienced candidate – Why did you leave your last job?

In this question, you must handle it wisely. You should not talk anything bad about your past job instead you can say that the scope in exploring the unknown in the past job was less when compared to the present opening in this firm. It is a good attitude to reveal positivity while talking about the past.

Question 3: How do you sense the customer's needs?

Here, you can talk about the strategy you employ to learn the customer's requirements and feedback on the product. Building social connectivity with the customers and conducting regular meetings with valuable clients to get constructive feedback to bring progressive changes to the product. You can also talk about unique tools to figure out the customer's feedback worldwide concerning your product.

Question 4: Try to sell this pen to me?

In this question, the interviewer will monitor the marketing strategy when you try to sell the pen. Instead of convincing, you must try to trigger the curiosity on the pen by stating its uniqueness and persuade the customer with offers and discounts. Adopt the right marketing strategy to excite the interviewer for best results.

Question 5: What will be your contribution in the first 90 days when I hire you?

The interviewer will look for your priorities in this question. The job approach for the first 30, next 60 and 90 days must be listed out effectively. Initially, you must spend time learning about the product and related data like customers, features etc. The next 60 days you must talk about data collection respect to the product performance in the market. Finally, you must emphasize the strategy employed to bring constructive changes in the product by extending its features, accessibility and customer's comforts etc. The interviewer will analyze your systematic working approach for consistent development of the organization.

Question 6: What did you know about this company?

Before you step into an interview for any firm the foremost duty is to study about the organization completely. You must have a clear idea about the products, latest profit reports, customers, worldwide reputations, trendy on news, features of the products, the competitors, any unique challenges faced by the firm etc. All the information will help you when the interviewer queries about the understanding of the company. It is the perfect space for you to show up that you are well aware of the firm even before stepping into it as an authorized employee.

product manager interview

Useful wireframe tool for the product manager

A lot of wireframe tools are available in the digital market with attractive offers and discounts. Choosing the perfect tool for product managers in quite a tough task. The Wondershare Mockitt app eases your hunting process. You do not have to search for the wireframe tools in the design market anymore. The Wondershare Mockitt tool fulfils all the expectations of the product manager without any compromises. It is a user-friendly program and you need not require special skills to work with this tool. The simple environment persuades you to create complex projects in no time effortlessly.

product manager interview questions and answers

The Remarkable Features

  • The widgets and icons are available in the 'Asset Library' and you can place them on your working area just by a single drag and drop action.
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  • Share your works effectively with other teammates using the collaboration techniques.
  • Create innovative outlook for your web page by adding transitions, gestures and animations to the elements easily.

How do the Product Managers use Wondershare Mockitt tool precisely?

The Product Managers can wisely handle Wondershare Mockitt app to create innovative products wisely. This tool provides a comfortable space to bring the product vision to life in no time. Easily insert the desired web elements into the working area and add transitions, gestures and animations to the elements based on the requirement. There are built-in templates to fasten the design process. Quickly link the screens and access the widgets and icons for effective development of the desired product. The Product managers can collaborate with the other team members by handing off the product effortlessly from this Wondershare Mockitt platform.


Therefore, it is high time to end the discussion on product manager interview questions and its relevant stunning answers. Now, you must be aware of the popular questions for the role of a product manager in any organization. The Wondershare Mockitt tool is the perfect program to trigger the innovations in Product Managers. You can build any web pages effortlessly in an effective way. It serves as a boon for the product managers, designers and developers worldwide. Stay connected with this article to explore the incredible functionalities of Wondershare Mockitt tool in detail.

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