Top 10 Product Manager Tools That Are Useful

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

It is quite a tedious task in figuring out the best tools from huge collections in the digital market. This article gives you glimpses on the Product manager tools and assists you with the impact they bring in the success of a business. The right tool is necessary to establish the desired task perfectly. Choosing an appropriate software tool helps you to complete the projects on time. The Product Manager plays a vital role in the tool selection process. In the below content you will learn about a wide range of 10 useful tools for Product Manager. He/she can consider the below tools while searching for reliable software for their UI/UX design needs.

Top 10 useful tools for the product manager

In this section, take a quick study on various Product Manager tools which serves as a key factor in the consistent success of a business.

Tool 1: Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a fabulous UI/UX design app providing comfortable space for the designers and developers to work with. You need not require any special skills to create projects on this platform it is enough if you have basic computer knowledge. The user-friendly interface assists you to reach out for the desired controls and elements. The detailed tutorials at this environment guide the newbie and give a clear picture of how to handle this tool effectively. You can make rapid prototyping flawlessly using this innovative platform.

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  • The built-in templates and ready to use UI/UX elements ease the customization process.
  • The 'Asset Library' comprises of unique icons and widgets necessary to implement an interactive application for your requirements.
  • To customize the widgets and icons it is enough if you modify the parameters in the 'Property box' displayed at the right side of the screen.
  • Collaborate with another team, work together and make changes in real-time.
  • Make the apps lively by inserting animations, gestures and transitions etc.

Tool 2: InVision Studio

It is a powerful tool to create innovations in your projects. You can use this tool to design, prototype and animate as per your desires. This software assists you to create web applications at a faster rate and it is a cross-platform responsive program. It works on the cloud platform, and it allows the designer to access and share the files to anyone irrespective of location. This tool records the past screens for future reference. It maintains a history of records saving the projects for further use.

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Tool 3: Figma

It is a latest and trendy UI/UX design tool encourage the young minds to bring wonders in their projects. The 'Enterprise Collaboration' feature assist the designers to work together with similar to that of Google Docs. You can make changes on the projects real-time and communicate effectively sharing constructive ideas on the work. It is a browser-based tool and supports cloud storage for easy access to the files anytime despite locations.

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Tool 4: Axure

It is a web development tool, and a certain type of wireframe projects are created precisely. It has stylish elements, and you do not have to go for a graphic editor to make your project attractive. The 'SnapShot' widget option helps you to have a preview of the page and assist you to identify any flaws in the work. The strong interaction feature helps you to create innovative changes to your work using the suggestions from other team members.

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Tool 5: Sketch

This tool came into existence in the year 2010 and it is introduced by a Dutch Company. This program works well on the Mac systems. You can build effective mobile and web apps effortlessly. The 'Dark Mode' help the designers to focus on their work ignoring the distractions. It is a cloud-based tool where you can store the files in this virtual storage for easy access in future. This tool serves as a designer's best friend serving the needs without any compromise.

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Tool 6: Webflow

It is a browser-based tool, and you can create prototypes for all platforms. The robust nature of this tool helps the designers to work effortlessly even to create complex projects in a short time. You can build web applications, animated webpages, interactive and responsive web designs quickly. It is a simple tool and performs well for your requirements without compromising the quality factors.

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Tool 7: Adobe XD

It is a popular program designed by a well-known developer Adobe. This tool supports vector design and website wireframing. The wireframe and the designs can be viewed in a full screen and the 'Auto-animate' features provide a new look to your design. It is an economical design application and works well with the cloud platform. This app is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

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Tool 8: Balsamiq

It is a web-based tool and works well on the desktop. You can quickly build wireframing and mockup designs just by a simple drag and drop action. This tool allows easy edit and sharing of the works. Even a non-technical user can work on this platform comfortably without any difficulties.

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Tool 9: Marvel

It is an excellent designer tool where you can bring innovations on the wireframe and mockup designs. The centralized feedback feature allows the users to share their ideas on the projects to bring constructive changes to the projects.

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Tool 10: Origami Studio

You can use this tool to create mobile-based applications effortlessly. It is created by Facebook to assist the designers to build and design projects. This program offers a mockup live view to witness your project in real-time on the mobile screen. It allows you to import projects from Sketch and Photoshop to make progressive changes on the available designs.

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How do the Product Managers use Wondershare Mockitt?

The Wondershare Mockitt helps the product managers to design their necessary projects beyond limitation. Product managers can use the built-in templates to save their design time. He/She can use the ready to use widgets and icons to customize the templates in pace with their requirements.


Thus, you had a better understanding of the possible Product Manager tools available in the digital market. The Wondershare Mockitt serves the best, and it helps the Product Managers to complete their task on time without compromising on any factors. You can build an accurate and responsive application as per your needs and scale your design thinking beyond imaginations. The Wondershare Mockitt is a perfect tool to satisfy the expectations of the product managers to compete in the competitive market.