Adobe XD vs. Sketch, Which is Better?

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:08

The UX design process is a complicated one and there is a need to use a wide range of tools, frameworks and methodologies. Some of the top tools you can use include adobe XD and sketch. These are tools that can help you come up with great designs. Understanding adobe XD vs sketch helps you choose the one that is better. Both of them have different features and work in distinct ways, so it is good to understand these differences so that you can choose the one to use in your designing process. This article offers you some of the major differences between the sketch and adobe XD.

Adobe XD vs Sketch, What're the differences

When you want perform designing work, you can opt to use Adobe XD or Sketch. You will only make the right choice if you know the differences between them. It is good you choose the one that will allow you demonstrate creativity in your designs. Let's check adobe XD vs sketch 2019.

User interface

When you just look at sketch vs XD, you might not find as if there is much difference. Despite that adobe XD does not have the darker buttons and menus; it has taller layer panels and good properties on the right side of screen. This is the same case with sketch. However, Adobe XD has more user friendly user interface. It is also easier to learn how to use compared to sketch which has some complex features that require designers especially beginners take more time to learn how to implement them as they do the designing work.

Repeat grid

Adobe XD is popular among many users because of its unique repeat grid. This is a feature that allows designers save a lot of time during the designing process. It helps you save more time especially of you are supposed to design screens or pages that have lists of repeating elements and you are required to select the style or layout that works best. If you want to make any changes you just do it in a single element and the changes get applied automatically to all other elements, which is good for any designer. On the other hand, Sketch has a grid, but work quite differently in that when you want to make changes you have to apply them to all elements, not a single one as is with adobe XD.


Users or clients like knowing how their product will look like or function during the design stage. A prototype gives the users a clear picture of what to expect from the final design or product. This is an area that brings in another major difference between adobe XD vs sketch. Adobe XD makes it easy for you to generate interactive prototypes using its vector drawing ability that can be shared across the web easily. On the other hand, you cannot do this with sketch. When using ketch for your designing project, you should have plugins to carry out this activity. This makes adobe XD more user friendly to designers and helps complete your project faster.

Reusable symbol support

Symbols are very critical in any design project, since they make the work easier. Designers make use of extensive innovative symbols to provide the ultimate user experience. Both adobe XD and sketch supports the use of symbols during the designing process. However, there is a major difference on how the reusable symbols are used in the process. Sketch only supports application of reusable symbols with responsive resizing. On the other hand, adobe XD only supports the basic symbols that do not have the responsive resizing facility.

Operating systems

Operating systems play a critical role when it comes to the functionality of any application or tool. Different design tools work with certain operating system and do not work with others. This is the same case with XD vs sketch. You find that sketch works on Mac systems and not the others. On the other hand, Adobe XD works perfectly on windows 10 platforms and also Mac systems, making it offer more flexibility and convenience to designers.

Vector networks

Adobe XD has vector networks that assist designers to create interactive prototypes. Designers have an opportunity to play with the vector drawings the way they want. This is a feature you do not find in Sketch.

The Best Adobe XD and Sketch Alternative in 2020

The Best Adobe XD and Sketch Alternative in 2020 is Wondershare Mockitt. This is the online tool that is trending because it has more features than most of all other design tools you find around. Unlike most of the other tools you will find online, you can create wireframes and prototypes for several platforms such as PC, Android, IPhone and others. Thus, designers have high level flexibility when using the tool. You can also customise the device size, with the free and convenient environment it offers for designers. With a myriad of design icons and widgets, you can easily create prototypes and wireframes. Besides, you can also customise these widgets and reuse them when doing designing in the further.

flowchart drawing

Wondershare Mockitt is easy to use even for the novices because it makes the designing process easy with its drag and drop functionality. The tool also offers benefits to the designers since it has user friendly transitions and gestures. You will find a wide range of pages gestures, transitions and animations that you can implement effectively into your design. There is also a sketch plugin that you can easily sync your files and also quickly link the screens so that you can take prototyping to higher levels.

The tool has preview and quick share features that makes it easy for you to share your prototype with others. You can do the sharing and previewing through a shareable URL and QR code. They make it easy to share the prototypes with potential users and team members so that they can preview and interact immediately with no login required.

Wondershare Mockitt allows you to get feedback and comment from other people so that you can get suggestions on the improvements you can make to your design to make it functional. Once you upload sketch files to Wondershare Mockitt, images with several resolutions are exported automatically.