Top 10 Android Mockups for Sketch

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:06

Andriod has possessed and maintained its position at the top for a while now. With a 74.6 percent share in the mobile OS market, it is the leading and dominating operating system. So there is always a huge demand for Andriod mockups and designs. The sketch is built especially for iOS mockups; however, Androids mock-ups templates for Sketch can be found. There are several android mock-ups Sketch made, which are changed in format later. If you are looking forward to Andriod mockups for the sketch, it's time to look for some inspiration.

Top 10 Android Mockup Templates for Sketch App

It's not necessary to have complex ideas to be inspirational. It can be very simple yet very attractive and, most importantly, efficient. Since Android has the biggest userbase, and there are millions of applications and devices with different designs, you got to be unique. Here is a shortlist of the Top 10 Android mockup sketch:

Android Device Outline Mockup: - Its clean and simple interface is very helpful for the designers for app presentation. This android device mockup sketch has a blue and white colour scheme on the background. The layers are well organized to use.

Designer – Abhishek Bhandare

Why is it preferable?

  • Layered files
  • Clear Instruction
  • Ready to use

Free Google Pixel Mockup: - This mockup android sketch contains fully scalable vector elements and comes in three device shell style and colour like – Black, blue and white.

Designer – Victor Stuber

Why is it preferable?

  • Vector elements (icons and shapes)
  • Smart Objects
  • White background

WikiBot Android App: - It is a rich and beautiful android phone mockup sketch filled with all the elements that you need to create a cool interface. Good for presentations.

Designer – Alex Dovhyi

Why is it preferable?

  • Excellent colour scheme
  • Rich elements of user interface

Xiaomi MiMix Mockup:- It is a popular sketch android phone mockup that is quite trendy these days, especially the young generation. It's visually pleasurable and keeps that taste for this generation, fits the demographic.

Designer – Carl Huaser

Why is it preferable?

  • Clean Interface
  • Cool background colour scheme

Pixel 2 Mockup:- This is a very basic template for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL phones. It is more of a frame without any elements. Also, it comes in black and grey. It's completely free.

Designer – Tanya Hirst

Why is it preferable?

  • Sophisticated monochrome
  • High resolution

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mockup: - This is a clean and beautiful mockup made for Samsung Galaxy S8. A huge background Image at the back makes it visually pleasing. Got thousands of views and downloads since it was published.

Designer – Sonsiri Khampolsiri

Why is it preferable?

  • Clear instructions
  • Smart Objects
  • Layered Files

Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat Mockup: - It's a basic and straight forward mockup for Samsung Galaxy S6. It's super clean and free to use. This can be used to present a user interface.

Designer – Nesto

Why is it preferable?

  • Very clean design
  • Vector element

One Plus 6 Mockup: - It is a clean yet attractive mockup, has that funky approach to its interface. The colour scheme is vibrant yet not too catchy, which maintains the aesthetic of the design.

Designer – Vijay Verma

Why is it preferable?

  • Clean And minimal design
  • Great colour scheme

Android Phone Sketch Mockup: - This is also a very simple and efficient mockup for android. Its elements are easy to customize. A young designer makes this from Argentina.

Designer –Juan Cruz Budin

Why is it preferable?

  • Clean and simple interface
  • Easy to use

One Plus 7 Pro Mockup: - This ultra-high-quality Mockup is specifically designed for the newest and latest android interface. Mild Design and aesthetic colour palette can help with your next android project. It currently 1959 downloads and 7999 views.

Designer –Sohan Jadhavrao

Why is it preferable?

  • Ultra-High resolution
  • Amazing colour scheme
  • Fully customizable elements

The Best Sketch Alternative

The sketch might have been one of the great designing tools in the market, but the Designing Industry's progression seeks more than that. Sketch has some drawbacks that can be avoided by using an alternative to it. There are several designing tools available like Invision, Balsamiq, Mockplus and many others, among which Wondershare Mockitt can be considered the best alternative to Sketch in 2020.  

flowchart drawing

Why is it preferable?

  • Compatibility and Pricing: - Unlike Sketch, Wondershare Mockitt is compatible with Mac and Windows both. It provides a free package for individuals or beginners for basic (3 projects), and Enterprise comes in $99 per person/year. The advanced for individual's costs only $49/year. It is reasonable.
  • Numerous widgets and icons: – It comes with several builds in widgets, templates and icons to help the designers. Create and edit widgets as per requirement and save it in your custom library if you want to use it in the future.
  • Drag and drop: - Drag and drop method is very easy to choose and add the widgets and icons with. So it's efficient and saves a lot of time.
  • Interaction: - Links can be added between your pages like – gesture, animation or action to create a unique design. This makes your designs even more attractive to interact with, which gives the user a pleasure to use.
  • Inspection: - Seamlessly inspect through different projects and the work in progress. Comment and discuss the projects and find the best part for inspiration and motivation.
  • Cloud Storage: - Cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere, without losing any data. It also lets you share your designs with others. You can have access through multiple devices and sync them anytime.
  • Enterprise: - Enterprise allows you to collaborate and create projects with many screens. You can also create projects with your fellow teammates together.