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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Designing is one of the most important aspects of web platforms, as well as a modern-day lifestyle. All the designers depend on some designing tools, and when you need the best ones for that. The sketch is well renowned for helping the designers early back from 2010 and continuing. But there is a potential competitor in the market, which might affect the Sketch's massive user base, which is Figma. It came around 2013 and continued to help the designers from then. Further research on these two tools' features will help you understand which one you should go for when you are talking about Figma vs. Sketch.

Figma vs. Sketch, What're the differences

Depending on the significant aspects of the editing and designing tools, a detailed comparative discussion between Figma and Sketch is given below:

Major Aspects Figma Sketch
Platform Talking about the platform, Figma opens in the Browser and doesn’t depend on any particular device to open with. So it is universally accessible. It is compatible with Mac and windows both. The sketch is available for only Apple computers as it’s desktop app compatible with only Mac.
Pricing Figma provides a free starter pack for up to 2 editors and three projects. It comes with 30-day version history and unlimited cloud storage, viewers. Then comes the professional pack for $12 per editor/month. This comes with unlimited projects and version history. The organization costs $45 per editor/month. This premium pack provides centralized professional teams, multiple plug-ins, and SSO+ advanced security. Sketch has an option for individuals to buy the license for a year with $99 only. This provides you every feature with a one-time investment. Then comes the subscription for the whole team where per contributor can pay $9 per month or $99 yearly. It provides all the facilities of team management and collaboration.
Getting Started with the Interface Figma's Interface is quite similar to the Sketch. Since it came later, people might consider it has copied, but the idea was to keep it identical so that the user doesn’t find it challenging to try. Figma calls the layouts as 'Frames,’ symbols as 'Components,’ and the right panel as 'Inspector. You can include multiple frames per page. Sketch has always provided a simple and user-friendly interface where user can work with ease. In Sketch, the right panel is known as 'Properties,’ and the layouts are known as 'Artboards '. You can include only one artboard per page.
Functionality "Features Figma provides the best collaboration platform where designers can collaborate on a single document simultaneously. Figma’s drawing tools provide vector networks and boolean operations just like the sketch, but one can join lines with a single point without creating a second path here. Figma components are simple, organized, but less powerful. Figma itself is an advanced tool with many features, but there is not much scope of plug-ins. Developers are working on it. Sketch does support the feature of live collaboration. Sketch’s vector tools are continually evolving and providing updates. Here one has to chain the points together. Recently improved Boolean operation 57 makes it more advance than ever. The symbols in the sketch are strong and versatile, can be changed at any instance. The sketch comes with a wide range of Plug-ins for different purposes like animation, prototyping, sharing and supplying data, etc.
Verdict When you are researching about Figma vs. Sketch 2019, these are some points that you will come across quite often. Figma has done a brilliant job on teamwork and lives collaborations. And since it is compatible with Mac and windows both, anyone can have access. Sketch lacks this for being only Apple friendly. However, when it comes to pricing, Sketch is the pocket-friendly one for team works. Figma has many advanced tools but lacks plug-ins, which Sketch provides wonderfully. As both have their special features and give a neck-to-neck competition, it depends entirely on the designer’s requirement, which software will work for him the best. Sketch definitely holds the market for its age and usability, but Figma is not is far away either with its convenience and reach.

The Best Figma and Sketch Alternative in 2020

There is several online prototyping software or tools available like Axure, Invision, Balsamiq, and many others, which can be an excellent alternative to when it comes to Sketch vs. Figma. Among them, Wondershare Mockitt can be considered to be the best alternative in 2020. 

adobe xd alternative

Why is it best?

  • Compatibility and Access: - Wondershare Mockitt is compatible with Mac and Windows both, allowing all kinds of users or designers to have access and work. It is completely free for basic (up to 3 projects), and Enterprise comes in $99 per person/year. The advanced for individual's costs only $49/year. So it pockets friendly.
  • Numerous widgets and icons: – There are several widgets and icons already build in widgets, templates, and icons to help out the beginners. You can even create and edit widgets per requirement and save it in the library for future use.
  • Drag and drop: - Simple drag and drop method to choose and add widgets and icons with ease. It's efficient and saves a lot of time.
  • Interaction: - Add links between your pages like – gesture, action, or animation to create a unique design. This allows you to make user-friendly designs yet attractive to interact with.
  • Inspection: - Seamlessly inspect through different projects to comment and discuss the designs of the project. You can also check the work in progress. This is the best part of inspiration and motivation.
  • Cloud Storage: -The option for cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere, without any worries of data loss. It also lets you share your designs with others. You can have access through multiple devices and sync them anytime.
  • Enterprise: - Enterprise allows you to connect with graphic designers, developers, managers, and millions of users. You can create your team to get the best output of your designs. Collaborate and create unlimited projects with unlimited screens with the help of fellow teammates.

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