Top 10 iPhone Mockups for Sketch

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:11

IPhone mockup sketch helps you be able to do demonstrations, promote, evaluate your design and perform other purposes. You can create one so that it shows the functionality of the final product you are designing for your users. Sketch is one of the tools that allows you to create a prototype that enable you do proper testing of your design. Regardless of the iPhone model, with sketch you find the designing of the mockup easy. This article presents the 10 iPhone Mockup Templates for Sketch App and the best sketch alternative which is Wondershare Mockitt and its main features.

Top 10 iPhone Mockup Templates for Sketch App

IPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices among many users in the modern times. This is what has made many designers focus on releasing mockups and sharing them to users or the general public. Here are the top iPhone Mockup Templates for Sketch App.

1.IPhoneX Clay Mockups

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This is an iPhone Mockup Templates for Sketch App designed by Ramotion. It is among the best ones because of its great features. This iPhone x mockup sketch has white and black colours. It also features high resolution, smart objects, special layers and a 100 percent scalable vector shapes you can use for your artworks. You can also download it for free on your device and have a feel on how it is.

2.UPD IPhone X mockup changeable color

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This iPhone 8 mockup sketch mockup template is designed by Ruslanlatypov. It is rich in features and is designed within the presentation kit series. One of the great things is that iPhone 8 sketch mockup fully corresponds with all phone features. UPD IPhone X mockup changeable color has high resolution and a wide range of styles.

3.IPhone X Mockup

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IPhone X Mockup is a free template for Sketch app designed by Jae-seong, Jeong. It is a front view mockup of the black iPhone X. It features high resolution, and a rendered PSD file that measures 4000 x 3000 PX at 300 dpi. You also find a smart object included in this mockup iPhone 8 sketch.

4.IPhone X clay mockup freebie

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IPhone X clay mockup freebie is designed by Greg Dlubacz with sketch format. It has black and white colours which are some of the colours that are popular among many people. The template also features a clean design that makes it friendly to people because a large number do not like designs that are cluttered with a lot of unnecessary features or elements. Sketch iPhone x mockup is also fully customised and easy to use.

5.Simple IPhone X mockups

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Simple IPhone X mockups is designed by Ruslanlatypov with sketch format. It has several features that make it user friendly including its minimalistic design. Some of the other major features you get include high resolution, a clean design, fully customizable and it is also easy to change the color of each of the mobile device.

6.Free long scroll iPhone X mockup

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Free long scroll iPhone X mockup is designed by Ruslanlatypov. It is rich in features that include a changeable background, photoshop CC+, ease of use and resolution of 6000X4500 pixels. It also gives you the ability to change the mockups in a few clicks, adjustable reflections, shadows and is also free for both commercial and personal projects.

7.IPhone X mockup freebie

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IPhone X mockup freebie is designed by Rifayet Uday in sketch format. It has a clutter free design that makes it easy not only to understand, but is also user friendly. There are no unnecessary elements that makes most of the templates had to figure out. This Iphone mockup sketch also has 100 percent self-made sketch effects and layers that make it appealing.

8.IPhoneX Sketch mockup

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Designed by viggoz, IPhone X Sketch mockup is presented in sketch format that makes it look nice. It has a minimalistic design that makes it easy to use and understand. IPhone X Sketch mockup has a screen width of 1080px and all you need to do is to drag and drop to design your own composition. It works well for sketch 44.1+.

9.IPhone X mockup freebie for sketch

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IPhone X mockup freebie for sketch is designed by Greg Dlubacz. With its minimalistic design, it is easy to use and understand its concept. It has blue, white and dark colors that add to its appeal. In addition to this, it works perfectly for charts, wireframes or for simple presentations.

10.Iphone X design dark-portfolio screen for cryptocurrency app

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Iphone X design dark-portfolio screen for cryptocurrency app is designed by Juless Design in sketch format. With its simplicity and minimalistic design, it is very useful for starters who want to design for the Iphone X. The sketch iPhone x mockup has dark colors, a clean design and high resolution that make it easy to work with.

The Best Sketch Alternative

The best sketch alternative is Wondershare Mockitt. This is a top tool that has taken the designing industry by storm. It is created to ensure that designers both the beginners and the experienced ones can do the designing fast, without a lot of hassles. What makes the tool a preference for many people is that you do not even need to have coding skills, because it has a drag and drop functionality. With Wondershare Mockitt it is easy for you to create app prototype and wireframe within a few minutes. Thus, it helps you save a lot of time and ensure that users can start using the design fast.

Wondershare Mockitt offers a well organised workspace that makes it easy to use all the features presented without a lot of problems. Once you create a clickable prototype, the tool allows you to share it with your PC, laptop, Android and other mobile devices. The great thing is that you are not limited on the platform you can use as you create your prototype or wireframe. Since it allows for collaboration, it also means that you can develop your prototype and wireframe fast. Besides, you can also share the prototype with others, by adding them directly into your project.

Getting feedback before you launch or release an app or design is critical to its success. Wondershare Mockitt allows you to get feedback from others to allow you make the right improvements. The good thing is that they cannot edit or make any changes. The tool allows you to generate a URL that can be viewed in a web browser. Wondershare Mockitt also helps you generate QR codes that make it easy for you to scan the code by use of your Android or iOS device camera to do the testing of the prototype. In addition, you can also view all your design screens in a single place instantly to make sure that you can view the entire workflow and do the editing.