How to Export Sketch to HTML Easily?

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the coding language formats the images and texts to codes for browsers. This ensures the components are displayed as they are supposed to. It is the dominant programming language which is supported by most of the browsers. Even if you create some fantastic design in Sketch, it's essential to export from Sketch to HTML to get the codes for fast loading website and compatibility. When you convert Sketch to HTML,it changes your static image designs into secure, dynamic and fast loading websites.

The Best Tool to Export Sketch to HTML

There are multiple tools which come with plugins for Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma to work with. Conversion tools can help you out to convert Sketch to HTML CSS easily. But if you are searching for something with an all-in-one performance, then Wondershare Mockitt is what you are looking for. From designing to formatting and import and export files of different design formats, Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool and widely recommended. This consists of a sketch plugin that enables you to deal with every issue regarding sketch html export files.

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Wondershare Mockitt Sketch Plugin: - Sketch Plugin v2.5 only supports Sketch v52.0 or above. This helps your projects to keep in sync with your sketch files to convert Sketch to HTML5. You can create prototypes, download assets and collaborate to handoff. Importing Sketch Files Sketch plugin automatically enables Wondershare Mockitt Handoff to provide specifications of several codes and platforms of Android, CSS, Swift etc. You can check out the demos before downloading the plugin. Features that Wondershare Mockitt Sketch plugin provides:

  • Colour Picker
  • Slice
  • Code
  • Multi-platform Adaptive
  • Real-Time Inspect

How to Export Sketch to HTML?

To export Sketch file to HTML you need a handy and efficient tool like Wondershare Mockitt and process takes to major steps. First is to import the sketch file through the sketch plugin and the second use the handoff feature to download the HTML for your particular Sketch file. A detailed description of these two steps is given below:

Import the Sketch File: - Here are some steps on how to export a Sketch file to Wondershare Mockitt.

  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Wondershare Mockitt Sketch Plugin to have access and use it.
  • Restart Sketch after the installation is complete.
  • Open the particular Sketch file and select the artboards that you are willing to import.
  • Click on ‘Plugins' > ‘Wondershare Mockitt'>'Export to Wondershare Mockitt'.
  • Now log in to your personal Wondershare Mockitt account to choose the target project. Or you can create a new project to import it.

Download HTML: - After exporting the sketch file to Wondershare Mockitt, now it's time to interact with the file until its ready to convert into HTML. Here are some steps to download the HTML for your particular sketch file.

  • To cover one area, use ‘Linked Area' and add the link icon to the target area by simply dragging it.
  • Add links by setting gestures and transitions in the present link panel.
  • Inspect your designs in the Handoff mode by clicking on ‘Handoff' present at the top of the toolbar.
  • In this mode, you can click any element present in the design, and the specifications will pop automatically.
  • Change the specifications as per your project's requirement. The features to work with- 
  1. Colour picker – To identify and record the colour, use colour picker. It's a smooth picking process where designers don't have to concentrate on slight changes of colour. It is done automatically, or you can customize your palette.
  2. Slice- You can download all the slices of your sketch file with just one click, or you can choose one by one as per need. This provides an option to download the slices in multiple resolutions.
  3. Code- It automatically prepares CSS / Android / Swift codes for every element in the design. It greatly improves the work efficiency of the design.
  4. Multi-platform Adaptive- It adapts to multiple platforms of several resolutions. It provides accurate conversion of different measures px/pt/dp/em/rem of Android, iOS and PC or Desktop.
  5. Real-Time Inspect- When it comes to communication between developers and designers, designers can share the URL of the design where developers can read the specifications.

Now that your imported Sketch file design is ready to go, you can download or export the HTML code of the sketch file directly from Wondershare Mockitt.

Tips for Exporting Sketch to HTML

Here are some tips for you to get an idea of the aspects of conversion and to export sketch file to HTML

  1. Every Kilobyte Matters: - When you are looking forward to export in good quality and resolution, it tends to get bigger. Sketch lets you copy the CSS attributes, as far as the graphics is in concern try to export the files as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for smaller file size.
  2. Think in Chunks: - Before generating code, try to think of your design in chunks or blocks or squint through it see what others will see. These are the layers where multiple designers can work on. Any layer in the sketch can be best represented through an HTML container.
  3. Think Ahead for Images: - While exporting an image or illustration which is present in multiple elements export the whole illustration as SVG/PNG. This can save time a lot and gives an option to animate in codes.
  4. Export Icons in Uniform Size: - Sometimes the icons or the button in the app takes a lot of sizes than needed, some requires extra attention and some gets ignored. So it's essential to keep uniformly sized icons to stay all insight. With the help of ‘Slice' choose the biggest icon in the canvas and create slices of the same size for all the other icons.
  5. Colours: - Use opacity as a tool to keep your colour balance while exporting. Opacity helps to balance the colour gradients with the contrast of the background. Then you can export the file with opacity applied to it.