What are Some of the Best Game UI Designs?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58
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What is Game UI Design?

So, what exactly is game UI? A game UI interface with other components that help players or users to navigate, find information, and fulfill goals. Like any other UI component, there are hundreds of game components for designing a game interface.

Some standard components like life bars, coin counters, maps, etc., are used to design the game's interface. Just like designing the website or mobile user interface, a video game UI design requires a lot of attention and functionality. They need to make sure that they have placed the suitable component in the right place.

Designing a game interface required many skills and plenty of experience. Nothing is impossible in graphic designing if you're passionate enough to face the challenges.

How Do I Learn Game UI Design?

To be honest, the initial dream or purpose of every graphic designer is to design games UI. So, why do more than half of the designers lose their confidence and carry on their lives with other skills? Because they cannot avail themselves of the opportunities to become a videogame designer.

Game interface designing is not an easy task to do for beginners. It's one of the most challenging skills in the world of graphic designing, which needs more than just practice. It takes days and even weeks to design a perfect element.

So, if you still want to continue with your passion, then this article will be beneficial for you. We can't teach you, but we'll guide you on how to learn game UI design.

The first thing you should know about the game interface is that it uses different components. Everything in games is dependent on its components. From the start screen to the end, UI components are a crucial aspect of players' experience.

Narrative and The Fourth Wall are two concepts that show how the components impact the gaming experience.

Narrative: Events or stories that a game tells.

The Fourth Wall: The Fourth Wall is a non-existent fence between game players and the place where the game takes place.

Game development and game designing are two things, don't mix them together. The purpose of a game designer is to produce new ideas/concepts and storylines. So, it's better to choose a career path.

Back to our main topic, "How do I Learn Game UI Design?" There are lots of online schools and courses available to learn animation, VFX & game design. Get yourself enrolled in any of the following and start your career as a game designer:

These are some most trusted and highly rated courses in in-game UI designing and development. Getting education first is the right thing to do before making any final decision. Without any proper guidance and knowledge, you'll lose confidence in yourself.

What Are Some of the Best Game UI designs?

We've collected some best game UI designs from different places. Gathering information is an easy thing to do, but delivering the correct information to readers is not an easy task to do. In this section, we'll discuss some of the best game UI design that every game designer must go through.

1. Clash Royale

prototyping tool

Image Source: UptoDown

Clash Royale is the successor of Clash of Clan. Both games share remarkable graphic designing experiences with the users. The graphics of Clash Royale is itself a lesson for new game UI designers. What we mostly loved in the Clash Royale design that they didn't go for some old-fashioned or cloned design. The designers purely design everything.

2. Pubg Mobile

game ui

Image Source: androidauthority

Well, Pubg had burnt every gaming trend in 2017. Still, this game is one of the trending games on Google's Play store. Hence, Pubg is a mobile-based game, but many playing this on computers with the help of emulators. Who would have thought that we'll witness such a unique and powerful game on smartphones? As we always speak, nothing is impossible with the latest technology.

Back to the design, Pubg's graphic still at the top of its class. Pubg's competitors like Call of Duty also provide a soothing design experience, but it's still far away to touch the level of Pubg.

3. God of War

game interface design

Image Source: Digital Spy

We've another perfect candidate for best game UI designs. God of War 3 was released in 2015, but still, its graphic is worth watching. You wouldn't believe how extreme graphics are used in this game. You would expect these kinds of graphics on PC games. Hold on a sec! God of War only compatible with those PCs which use high-quality graphic cards, phew!

Just imagine how long does it takes for designers to shapes things up? Simply remarkable, isn't it?

4. Hitman 3

mobile game ui

Image Source:Collider

Hitman III has recently made an entry into the virtual world of gaming. This game is inspired by a spy movie named "Hitman." So far, the visuals of this version showing promising results. We haven't played it yet, but soon, this game will break the PC gaming trend, according to the reviews of professional gamers.

5. Resident Evil Village

game design ui

Image Source:Metacritic

We've another game is our list that is inspired by the movie. This time Resident Evil is the candidate for best games UI design. Hard to point out the mistake on the latest games. This shows how well they had managed to design all these modern games. They have placed every single element where it needed to be. It will take years for new game designers to reach the caliber of these designs. Don't want to discourage the latest designers, but this is reality.

If they use the right tools and practices repeatedly, they will quickly reach their goal on time. That's were some remarkable and latest game UI designs for you.

The Best Tool for UI Design - Mockitt

game ui

Well, don't forget the importance of a good designing tool; how would it impact your designing skills and think? Tools are the only weapon of graphic designers to enhance their thinking and creativity. Lots of tools roaming over the internet, but the question is, which is trustworthy for your design?

Don't worry; we've already found it for you. We've listened to many graphic designers and UI game designers' reviews; all of them were recommending Mockitt. Why is it that so many professionals recommending Mockitt?

Let's see what exactly Mockitt is?

Mockitt is one of the products of Wondershare Technologies, a well-reputed and well-known company for its exceptional products.

Like any other prototyping tool, Mockitt is cloud-based prototyping, or you can say a graphic designing tool that helps designers expand their creativity. Not only that, but you can also create mockups and use pre-installed templates for your websites. Isn't it great?

Features of Mockitt

Mockitt has numerous unique features that need to be explored, but for the time-saving, we're discussing a few of them:

  • Simple and Easy to Design: The best thing about Mockitt is that it is easy to use. The user interface is so friendly even you are using it for the first time, you can easily create a project on it. That's how simple it is to design with Mockitt.
  • Fast Designing: Not only the designing in Mockitt is simple but fast as well. With the help of pre-installed themes or templates, you can create your own design within seconds.
  • Dynamic Content: In game UI design, the use of dynamic content would be a big plus for the designers. Mockitt does support the use of dynamic content on your project.
  • No Need to Download: We already told you that Mockitt is a cloud-based application. So, no downloading is required. All you have to do is just sign in to your account and start playing with your projects.
  • Vector Design: Vector is another advanced feature in graphic designing. Not many software uses this kind of tool in their systems. Now, you can create vector images with the help of Boolean and Bezier Curve.
  • Flowchart Maker: Flowchart can also be used in game UI design to make maps and menus. Guess what? Mockitt has pre-designed templates of the flowchart to save your time.
  • Team Collaboration: Since Mockitt is a cloud-based software. Real-time team collaboration has been made possible by Mockitt. You can access your project anytime and anywhere in the world. All you need is just the internet connection and a device.


As we said earlier, game UI designing is not child's play. It takes years to master the ability to create professional gaming graphics. But those who are already sitting at this level? They are also human beings. If they can become a game UI designer, you can too. All you have to do is just keep yourself determine and wait for your time to come. After that, no one can stop you from becoming a successful game UI designer.

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