Meet Material-UI — A Simple and Customizable Component Library

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:28

What Exactly is Material-UI

The Material UI is a simple design language developed by a reputed IT giant the Google. Here, you can find grid-based layouts, animations, and transitions elements to embed easily in your web design interface. This interface provides flexibility for the designers to build an outstanding website design for your needs. This application supports working between cross platforms. The Material UI was established in the year 2014 and released its Android, iOS, and web versions recently a few months ago in February. It ensured dynamic styles, nested theme and decreases the loading time issues. Designers with coding skills can use this app optimally.

The easy access of the basic controls with customizing properties assists the designer's confidence while building complex website design projects. With the help of the built-in web elements, you can meet the requirements effectively. It has a library carrying built-in themes and icons for quick use. The newbie users can use the guiding tutorials from its official webpage to obtain a good start in the web design field. The beginners will become comfortable by working consistently on this design platform.

Next, you must learn about the functionalities you can include in your website design using the Material UI. The below section gives you insights into this design app.

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What Can You Do with Material-UI?

Do you have an idea about the functionalities available with Material UI? What are the unique interactions and animations you can embed using this app? Here, you will learn about the built-in components, themes, customizing options to enhance your website design.

  • Website components
  • API components
  • Themes
  • Styles

Website Components

The website components include the layout, input icons, navigation symbols, data grid, pagination, data display elements, and feedback icons. It consists of a collection of design elements to assist in a quick design process. There are options to customize the properties of these web elements. You can find a unique style of icons, symbols to enhance the overall appearance of the website design.

API components

Here, you can find unique components like accordions, avatar, card media, circular progress etc. Witness the associated details of these web elements in this section, and you can further modify it to refine its overall look. These components help you to build a unique webpage with extraordinary web elements.


The built-in themes help the designers to create an outstanding website design for their customers. There are options to modify the properties of the built-in themes. Most themes are up to date with the latest innovations. You can personalize it without any difficulty. The accessibility of these themes are easy and you can use them in your design process at your comfort. You can pick your favorite colors or brand identity shades, change the font size and style according to the business needs. This customizing option increases visibility and assists in meeting the needs of the customers without any compromises. Based on your customer needs, you can implement the necessary changes in the themes in your web design.


According to the design complexity, you can choose the web design style. There are three versions of website design they are the basic, advanced and API. This option provides a ready to use the template to start with your website design. You can create an innovative webpage for your customers using this built-in feature.

These are the functionalities of the Material UI app where you can implement in your website design quickly. It assists you to fasten up your design process without compromising any factors.

Introducing the best tool for UI design – Mockitt

The UI design creates a positive impact on the websites. Convenient access to the controls triggers a high conversion rate in e-commerce websites. The most business official website requires special attention to enhance its web design to reach the target audience. To establish a responsive and performable website, you need a unique tool like Wondershare Mockitt. It is a prestigious web design tool that hits the design field to assist beginner and professional web designers. This design tool ensures successful outcomes after the website launch. You can use this tool both for personal and official use.

In this web design tool, you can create prototypes with built-in web elements optimally. The Access library comprises design elements like icons, widgets, and templates to fasten your design process. You can drag and drop the essential web elements on the working interface to create a highly responsive webpage. Choose Mockitt if you are excited to experience a mind-blowing design session. The ease of transitions, gestures help to develop smooth navigation between web pages. Through your creative design skills, you can build responsive websites using Wondershare Mockitt. It is high time to surf fewer features of Mockitt to get some idea about its built-in functionalities.

Functionalities of Wondershare Mockitt app

  • Availability of industry-specific templates to quicken the web design process.
  • Excellent animation feature using transition and gesture effects.
  • Drag and drop the web elements with ease to build complex web pages.
  • Assists you in handoff the design elements to developers to work further on the design files flawlessly.
  • Wondershare Mockitt provides space to collaborate with your teammates, friends to get some valuable feedback.

The above-listed features will enlighten Mockitt, and to enjoy its real-time benefits download the app. Do not hesitate to try this design tool to add value to your business. You can reach your target audience by building an excellent website using Wondershare Mockitt. A detailed understanding of the working interface is sufficient to create a persuasive website. You can learn through experience. The outstanding built-in web elements ease your design process.

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The community (library) in Mockitt

The community library of Mockitt is large, and you will feel excited to step into its website. There are more than 600 UI components, 500 built-in industry-specific templates, 5K widgets, icons, and symbols to assist your web design process. It is a vast space, and you will be overwhelmed by its mind-blowing collections. The resources of the Wondershare Mockitt app are appreciable, and you can build complex website design in no time using the built-in web elements. The entire collections of web elements are well-structured for easy access. You can find icons for specific purposes like anti-pandemic icons, hand-washable icons. These resources are updated now and then to meet the expectations of the designers. You can comfortably download them into your web design interface and embed them in the perfect place to obtain desired outcomes.

When you compare with the Material UI library, the Mockitt offers immense collections of web elements to support today's website design needs. The Mockitt library has a flexible environment, and the designers can make quick download without any interruptions. A collection of icons, symbols, widgets will be available in your design interface with a single click. The accessibility and availability of web elements make the Mockitt app unique amidst the competitive website design tool market. Another crucial aspect of the Mockitt app is that you can customize the web elements as per your needs precisely.

The Mockitt library provides surplus opportunities to design a unique website quickly. The industry-specific templates ease your website design process. You can import the template into the working space. This app allows you to edit the template attributes according to customer needs. The Mockitt library acts as the catalyst while designing the website. The availability of unique icons, symbols, widgets, and templates had reduced the burden on website designers. They were able to create persuasive complex web pages in no time. The Mockitt library acts as a boon for newbie designers. It is helpful for the professionals who had started their career in the design field. The Wondershare Mockitt app is the perfect website design tool with incredible collections of web elements.

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Finally, you are in the last lines in the discussion of Material UI. You had an enlightening session about the best alternative website design tool. Choose the Mockitt app to feel the bliss of website design. The comfort interface of the Mockitt app reduces the stress of the designers. They will be able to handle even complex design projects easily. This tool ensures flawless website design. The Mockitt library is sufficient to create a magnificent responsive webpage in no time. It is the perfect website design app you can rely upon without any hesitation. Both professionals and beginners make a download to enjoy the flavors in the website design process. It is high time to begin your design journey with Mockitt and achieve greater heights in your career using this excellent tool. Stay tuned to this article to explore the perfect applications to design a responsive website for your business needs.