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Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16
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For every UX designer, it is imperative to stay updated with the industry trends, skills, techniques, and methods. As a designer, you have to learn and join different relevant courses regularly. Udemy is an online platform with a wide array of courses from UX designing and many other fields.

While our discussion today is about UX designing, we will only list out the top Udemy UX design online courses you can take up to upgrade your skillset. However, the number of courses in UX is 365. Even if each course is 4 to 5 hours long (which they are not), you will need one year to complete them. To help you choose the right course, we have created a list of the most popular and essential Udemy UX design courses.

Top 10 Udemy UX Design Courses That you Can Take Today

1. User Experience Design Fundamentals

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One of the most important courses for beginners, this Udemy UX design course is taken by Joe Natoli. The instructor talks about core aspects of User experience designing for 10 hours distributed into 55 lectures. One of the best things about this course is that not only UX designers but web and mobile developers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even students can take this course.

Because the instructor only talks about the concepts of UX designing without going too deep into the details, the content available is easy to understand. The instructor lists out the importance of good web design along with explaining the purpose and the contribution of user experience in creating the right design.

Some of the things you will get to know after completing the course include the research process, the scope of user experience, navigation design, creating wireframes, identifying business goals and user needs.

2. The Complete App Design Course

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With this course, you are looking forward to 3 hours of immersive experience. A Udemy UX course spanning over 62 lectures is prepared and shared by App Brewery Co. After completing the course, the students taking it will be able to create mobile application designs from scratch, create wireframe designs, and animated prototypes.

While learning to build applications, the users must understand the differences between iOS and Android. This Udemy UX design course takes time to explain the core differences between these two platforms and help the students realize what it is to start a new career in UX/UI designing.

Since this is a beginner's course, there is no need to install software or use a tool to complete the course. So, if you are someone who wants to build applications, improve your existing application performance, and get more leads, this course is meant for you.

3. Information Architecture (IA) Fundamentals

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Another one of the beginner-friendly Udemy UX courses by Joe Natoli, this program is 2.5 hours long and divided into 30 amazing lectures. This course aims to help beginner UX designers understand what type of content must be used in designing and how to structure that content for the best response.

While creating a design for any digital interface, the content usage and placement must be top-notch. So, this course offers an interesting take on these aspects of designing. The users will learn the methods, rules, guidelines, the organization of the content.

You will also learn about the fundamentals of IA and understand how to test and validate the same with the clients and other stakeholders.

4. UX and Design Thinking Quick Start

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Before every application or web designing project begins, you need to think about many things that are essential to creating a resonating design. This Udemy UX training program is developed to help you think in the right direction.

Because thinking is the core of every UX project, it has to be done efficiently. The instructor Jeff Hendrickson talks for 1.5 hours and 20 lectures on various aspects of thinking before creating a design. Along with understanding the basic requirements, it helps you learn the vital user interview skills that are imperative to build the right sort of application.

Added to this, you will understand the importance of applicability of thinking in design creation and how it can influence the creation process to deliver the desired response. Lastly, this Udemy UX course will help the students break down the larger pieces of information and organize the same into digestible chunks.

5. The Ultimate UX Portfolio

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Ox Chen takes this course to explain the process of creating a UX portfolio from the beginning. There are things that you need to learn and understand about creating the right UX portfolio. With a run time of 1.5 hours and 45 lectures, Oz Chen takes you through an interesting journey of developing the content-first portfolio.

Along with learning about portfolio accessibility and helping you select the right services to host your portfolio, the instructor also teaches you how to handle the sensitive information given by the client and navigate through to get the right NDAs.

Designing a portfolio precedes going for interviews or even bidding for your next project. To increase your chances of getting the job or the project, you must show some proof of your work and delivery. A portfolio is the best way to show your potential to prospective stakeholders.

6. Gamification - Engage Customers in your Business

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Before we move ahead to discuss the details of this Udemy UX design course, it is important to understand that you must have basic designing and marketing knowledge. The gamification course is created by Infolia Business Academy, and it has a runtime of 4 hours divided into 61 lectures.

The lectures therein are intricately planned to allow the potential designers to understand the core principles of gamification and also talk about the theories associated with the concept. Furthermore, the instructor shares how big brands are using gamification and including the same in their design.

Gamifying the user experience is not an easy bull to tame. It needs a lot of research and understanding of the integral parts of designing as well as marketing. Gamification is meant to create better user experiences and helps amplify user engagement. This course will help you build different narratives around the process.

7. User Experience - Applied Research and Design

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Several companies ask Udemy to facilitate courses made for a particular purpose, be it in-house training or others. This is one of those courses created by Skills Gap Trainer and talks about the deep-set UX processes and the principles of creating professional products.

This course is available for free, and the user needs to have some basic understanding of UX designing and principles before starting with this one. Even though the integral lessons of this Udemy UX design course talks about the fundamental aspects of designing, like roles and responsibilities of the designer, it also goes deeper.

You will learn how to tackle complex design challenges, identify advanced research methods, evaluate the customer's needs, and much more. So, starting with this course means that you will get a basic idea about the tenets of UX designing and how to deliver the required results.

8. Usability Testing Boot Camp

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The usability testing boot camp is a course that is created and instructed by David Travis with a runtime of 8.5 hours divided into 48 lectures. The motive of this course is to teach the students how to run the usability testing that is so essential for improving the user's web experience.

This is one of the "Best Seller" courses among the many Udemy UX design courses that build your skills for one type of activity in creating engaging user experiences. You will learn how to generate test tasks, test moderation, and how to get the right people to take the test.

Within this, you will learn how to collect and analyze the data pertaining to creating effective user experiences. Take this course if you are working as interface designers, product development engineers, project managers, and marketing managers as your work is about understanding the users, which is what this course is all about.

9. App Design with Adobe XD

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Adobe XD maybe a bit of an expensive tool, but it is one of the best things out there for creating designs for the web and applications. Knowing how to work with Adobe must be on your list of "To-Do" things if you want to become a successful designer.

This tool has everything a designer needs to create magic with apt interface designing. Created by Martin Perhiniak, this Udemy UX design course has a runtime of 2 hours. Even though the course is not too detailed, it will help you learn the basics of user experience designing.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build interactive mobile and web applications plus website prototypes. Working on Adobe XD means that you can also share the prototypes with other users and stakeholders.

10. How to Carry Out a Usability Expert Review

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We are at the end of our list of the top Udemy UX design courses to follow. There is another course on the list about usability testing, but this one is a detailed version of the course as it talks about one aspect of usability testing, and that is the review.

The course, taken by David Travis, is divided into 38 lectures with a total runtime of 5.5 hours. What you will learn from here is the difference between usability inspection and a personal opinion. There are some advanced techniques and aspects taught in the course like heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, etc.


As a system of open learning, Udemy offers a wide variety of courses and programs to choose from. Organizations and individual instructors create the Udemy UX design courses to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced designers learn more and build a better understanding of the aspects of designing.

While some courses are descriptive, others are brief and provide a walkthrough for the different aspects of user experience designing. Choosing your desired Udemy UX design course must be preceded by knowing what you will learn at the end of the course.

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