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5 Best UI Design Examples in 2021

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

A good UI design is one that is presented in a good style and looks, which appeal to the target users. The process involves creating interfaces that users find pleasurable and easy to use. The designer should carry out good market research to ensure that they develop UI that meets the expectation of the users more effectively. There are several good UI design examples that have elements that make them valuable to the users. Some of the elements you will find in these ui design examples include simple interface, right UI patterns, brand consistency, have controls near objects, show next steps users should take among others.

5 Good UI Design Examples

1. Gmail

Gmail is one of the good UX design. Gmail is one of the most used apps across the world with more than one and a half billion users. It gives you alert so that you can allow when you want to email Google drive file. It also gives you an opportunity to email Google drive files as links or attachment. This makes it possible that you can send the file to someone who is not allowed to view it. This can have detrimental effects to your business. Gmail ensures that you do not go through such embarrassments as it alerts through a pop up and also allows you to rectify the issue in the alert window. The other thing you like about Gmail is that the UI and microcopy is clear. The main principles applied in designing this good ui design include error prevention, knowledge that humans are prone to make mistakes, efficiency of the users is critical and the knowledge that people do not like working more that they are supposed to.

2. Stan

Stan app has a good user interface design that gives users alert whenever your connection changes from Wi-Fi to cellular. This is one of the features that most apps lack. As you watch your video, there is always a chance that you use excess data than you might have expected. Despite the entertainment you enjoy, at times you might end up being disappointed if you realise you are using your data instead of your Wi-Fi connection. Stan as a top video streaming service ensures that you do not go through this experience. It has a feature that gives users alert whenever the internet connection changes from WI-FI to 4G or 3G. This is a great feature that ensures that users never spend excess amount in terms of mobile data charges. In case you do not want interruptions as you stream your favorite videos or do not care about data charges, Stan offers you an opportunity to turn off this feature.

3. FreefileSync

FreefileSync makes to be one of the good UI design examples because of its uniqueness as you do the installation. Unlike most of the others, as you install it, you get pictures of animals, but not the ads that are disruptive. One of the things you must have noted is that most apps will show disruptive ads during the installation process. FreeFileSync will show you photos of animals. It is worth noting that ads that pop up as you download a certain app do not only disrupt, but they also make the process slow. Besides freeing you from these disruptions, FreeFileSync has a small touch that makes a huge difference when using it. With the fewer disruptions, the app offers the best experience to user. In its designing, FreeFile Sync focuses more on aesthetic and minimalistic design which are top features that most users factor in before they decide to download of use an app.

4. Siri

Siri is another good ui design that ensures that users do not make mistakes as they schedule events. It is developed with the knowledge that at times errors occur due to lack of clarification when using scheduling apps. The app allows you to make clarification on what you exactly mean by tomorrow before you make a schedule. It makes you think that you are dealing with a real human as you set your schedule on the app. When you request the app to set a schedule for tomorrow, for instance, when it is past 12 AM, but not yet sunrise, it will ask you to make clarification of what you mean by tomorrow. Siri will ask you if you mean tomorrow after waking up or you mean tomorrow as it is in the calendar. This means that with the app it is hard to make a mistake in your schedule. It is developed with the principle of error prevention, consistency and standards in mind.

5. SmoothScroll

SmoothScroll makes to be among the best ui design examples because it always notify you through email prior to renewal of your subscription. Besides, it also gives you the option to cancel the subscription if you do not want to renew. SmoothScroll helps you avoid all the nonsense involved when you realise that you have already been charged before you were informed about your renewal expiry. They send you an email well in advance so that you are aware that the renewal date is approaching. The other great thing is that the message usually comes with a link that allows you to cancel your subscription and has guidelines on how to do the cancelation. The design makes SmoothScroll user friendly and give users a positive experience. It is designed based on the principles of complete, visibility of the system status, anticipation, error prevention and the knowledge that human mind is complex.

The Best Tool for Good UI Design

There are many tools you will find online that can help you come up with a good user interface design. However, it is worth to note that all of them will not give you same results and experiences. For the best and quick results, you need to go for Wondershare Mockitt. This is the trending tool that helps designers create great UI design fast with its many features. It offers prototyping for a wide range of platforms such as mobile devices and PC. By using this tool, you enjoy a free and convenient design environment. It is also rich in icons and widgets which are critical element in any good ux design. Some of them include video, button, text, image, icons and material design library that help you accomplish the designing job fast. Besides, the tool allows you to customise these widgets and reuse in other UI design process.

It provides a wide range of page transitions, animations and gestures to use in your design. It also has a sketch plugin that you can easily sync your sketch files and link the screens fast to enhance your prototyping. With the tool, it is also easy for you to share and preview your work. There is a shareable URL or QR code; you can use to share your project with other team members and others who are involved in the designing process without the need to log in.

The tool helps you build the best UI design as it allows for other people to comment on your design before you can launch it. It is possible for team members to add their comments. Besides, others can also give suggestions that can help make it more functional. It also allows for remote working because it is possible for team members to make changes on the same project with no limitations in terms of time zone and working location.