What Salary Will I Earn as a UI Designer in 2021?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

A recent study has revealed, there are more than 1.94 billion websites are running successfully in the online space. Nearly 4 million mobile applications supporting iOS and Android are available for download. The UI designers are responsible for designing all these applications, and there is a great demand for this career in the present situation. The UI designers must ensure the smooth working of these web pages. You must be wondering what will be the UI designer's salary. In this article, you will discover the UI designer's role in the process of website development and their different expertise levels with associated pay scales.

The success of the business depends on its visibility on the online platform. The business's digital presence creates a positive impact on its success rates. A well-structured webpage plays a vital role in the consistent survival amidst the competitive grounds. The UI designers contribute a lot in assisting the business to achieve greater heights in their field. The demand for UI designers is increasing in the present scenario. If you are interested in the UI design career, then step into this stream without any hesitation. It is the perfect environment to build a better design career with long-lasting results.

ui designer salary

Salary of UI designers in different countries

UI designers are in great demand around the globe. The digitalization of business had led the designers to play a vital role. According to the UI designer salary survey, the highest pay for a UI/UX designer is $98,747 per annum. This salary scale provided in Switzerland for an experienced designer. The survey is conducted in 87 countries, and the standard pay for UI designers is $56,786 per annum. In the USA, the UI designer's salary is $72,316. Ukraine offers the lowest salary when compared to other countries for UI designers. They offer $26,390 per annum. In the UK, the UI designer's salary is $59,872 per annum, which is slightly higher than that of Germany. The German UI designers receive $56,743 per annum.

From the above statistical data, you can observe that the UI designers receive the best salary package, and there is a need for their contribution in the website development. The above-discussed rates are the maximum salary received by experienced designers. You can realize the worth of UI designers in the worldwide digital market. In this modern era, the professionals in the UI design field are fewer, and there are many vacancy positions available worldwide.

It is high time to take the perfect decision to pursue UI designer courses and get adequate knowledge to knock these doors to reach greater heights in your career. Do not hesitate to make your dreams true in the UI design field. In general, creative minds are always in demand to build a unique interface for their websites. You can connect with the perfect organization to explore your strengths in the design field. You must look for better opportunities worldwide and grab the best position as a UI designer. These salary rates give you an idea of how UI designers are recognized worldwide and their income statistics. These facts excite the newbie and expert designers to look for better positions in the reputed design organization around the globe.

ui design salary

Salary of UI designers at different levels

In this section, you will learn about the salary of UI designers at different levels. The UI designers are classified as junior, mid-level, senior, and principal designers. The Junior Designer earns $50,000 per annum in the USA. The Mid-level Designer earns $70,000 per annum, which slightly higher than the entry-level. Finally, the experienced designers get a salary of around $90,000- $100,000 per annum based on their experience level. The Principal UX designer earns like the senior level designers.

Most UI designers have a reasonable income and you can try for these positions without any hesitation. The data displayed above applies to the USA, and it might vary with other countries around the globe. Despite locations, UI designers are in demand, and the organizations are ready to offer exciting pay to compete with the competitive grounds. The pay factors depend on the firms you enroll in and the projects you handle.

When you step into interviews for the UI designer position, surf the pay scale before you consider them. Choose the best payable organizations and identify the best platform to grow higher in this design field. You can step into the firm as a Junior Designer and later climb the career ladder up to the senior designer. The pay scale varies as you move forward in the career hierarchy. Use the above data and realize the worth of UI designers in the digital market. Get connected with the best organization and enjoy the higher salary rates through your consistent hard work and creative skills.

The best tool for UI design - Mockitt

If you had decided to pursue your career in the UI design field, use the Wondershare Mockitt application to obtain the desired outcomes. This tool gives you a perfect start in your design career. You can identify the essential web elements and their related functionalities in the website design. The simple user interface and comfortable working environment assist to create a responsive webpage optimally. It is the best prototyping program that guides you in the process of web design. You can build a flawless webpage design using this outstanding tool. Quickly surf the below features of this application for a better understanding of the Wondershare Mockitt app.

Interactive web elements

In this web design tool, you can find unique interactive web elements to make your webpage responsive. You can drag and drop the web elements onto the working area and carry out the desired activities in no time. The asset library consists of these elements for easy access. It is available as a floating window, and you can place them comfortably anywhere on the screen effortlessly.

Built-in Templates

The well-structured templates are available for a specific industry, and you can use them whenever required. You do not have to start the design process from the first step, instead, access the templates based on your needs. There are options to customize those pre-defined templates for personal and official use. You can modify the colors, fonts and insert icons and widgets on the templates to meet your expectations without compromises. Use the save option to store it in the desired location for future access.

Enrich with attractive colors

Here, in this web design tool, you can find advanced industry color solutions that automatically apply the perfect web page color to avoid mismatch issues. You can choose the desired shades from the color palette for further reference. Customize the web pages based on the business brands without compromises.

High-level collaboration

After completing your design tasks, you can release them to your teammates for suggestions to improve effortlessly. The Hands-off feature allows you to hand over the design files to the developers directly from this platform without any data loss. You can use this app to achieve high-level collaborations and refine your design to obtain a better view.

Gestures and Transitions

The Wondershare Mockitt application has built-in gestures and transitions to personalize the website. You can embed the desired effects on the webpage with few clicks. Customize the design elements and their effects using the property window. You can work on every web element and convert them according to your needs. The built-in transitions satisfy both beginners and professionals optimally.

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You can step into the Wondershare Mockitt app's official webpage and download the tool to explore the built-in features. Make the best use of this program by surfing through the tutorials available on its website. The tutorials are well-organized to reach out comfortably for specific tasks. Connect with this program to discover new horizons in the web design field. This design app helps you to create a website design by pushing beyond your imagination limits.


Thus, a quick synopsis on the UI designer salary at different expert levels had given you an idea about the demand of this position worldwide. This article encourages design enthusiasts to pursue a UI design career without hesitation. It is the perfect job for innovative and creative minds. You will get reasonable pay, and it raises to higher value through your consistent stunning design works. Explore the UI designer opportunity around the globe and garb the right job for your passion. Use the Wondershare Mockitt application to try sophisticated web designs effortlessly. Stay tuned to this article to learn more about design skills and their related tools.

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