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When it comes to the success of a business app, UX/UI plays the most critical role. The way your app looks and how easy it is to navigate is what affects the experience of the users.

As a UX designer, it is imperative for you to be updated with the latest trends in the industry. For this, you can follow some UX design magazines, channels, websites, etc.

One other source that can be a treasure trove of knowledge for you is following some of the top UX designers and experts. We all tend to believe more in what someone says than what is written in a magazine. So, getting the latest UX information from user experience experts is a legit option.

If you want to keep yourself posted with all the latest UX information, here are some user experience experts that you can follow in 2021!

Top UX Experts to Follow in 2021

You may find many famous UX designers on the web, but all of them might not be professional. Hence, you have to take care while choosing the people you follow to learn about UX. To help you get in touch with the right experts, we have compiled this list for you. Check it out!

1. Orkun Duyar

Orkun Duyar is among the best designers of the interfaces of physical gadgets. And he has earned this title by doing some remarkable work in his career. He is a software engineering graduate who has been in the field of UX/UI right from the start of his career.

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Source: Sherpa

During his career, he has designed some state-of-the-art interfaces for some high-end gadgets and mobile applications. Here are some great examples of his work:

  • Beko – Grundig Smart TV Re-Design
  • Smart ATM – Concept UI Design
  • Beko POS Payment System

His Beko Payment System was so good that he received a UX design award for this. Moreover, he also received AWWWARDS Honorable Mentions for Samsung Triangle Microsite.

If you want to learn about app and gadgets UI/UX, you can follow him on LinkedIn.

2. Kristy Tillman

Kristy Tillman has a fruitful career so far. She has worked with some of the prime organizations of the world as a designer. She kick-started her design career way back in 2009 in Reebok, where she was responsible for designing graphics for footwear, apparel, and other accessories.

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Source: Magenta

Post this, she worked with Puma as a brand designer and at IDEO as a designer. IDEO was an award-winning global design consultancy where she solved various design problems and generated solutions across multiple industry sectors like finance, education, consumer products, etc.

She has also worked at Slack and is currently working at Facebook as a Product Design Leader. Apart from this, she is also the founder of Tomorrow Looks Bright.

A professional who has over 11 years will surely be a great source of inspiration and knowledge for you. So, you can learn more about UX from her by connecting on LinkedIn.

3. Luke Wroblewski

Currently working at Google as a product director, Luke Wroblewski is an internationally recognized product leader. He has designed various software that is used by billions of people worldwide.

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Source: LukeW

He was the CEO and co-founder of Polar. The firm was acquired by Google in 2014. Apart from this, the legendary product leader has also penned a book named Mobile First. It is one of the best UX design books that focuses on the mobile-first design of apps and websites.

He has been in the designing line since 2001. So, if you want to learn about UX/UI design, you can tune to his LinkedIn or to his website LUKEW.

4. Farai Madzima

If you are fond of keeping yourself updated with the Shopify trends, then Farai Madzima is the man you need to follow. He has an overall experience of 14 years in UX design. Currently, he is the UX lead at Shopify and is also a conference organizer at Pixel Up!

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Source: Smashing Conference

He loves to share his knowledge on UX via his Twitter account and conferences where he speaks. Besides this, he has developed successful banking products for the people of Africa. His products are used all over the continent.

He began his career back in 2004 as a technical manager in Stickee. Apart from Twitter, you can follow him on LinkedIn too.

5. Whitney Hess

Whitney Hess is a person who is on a mission to make people aware of their potential in designing the best user experience.

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Source: UXPodcast

Whitney as a person is not actively involved in designing or creating user experiences, but she guides businesses in making them by themselves. Yes, this may seem a bit odd to you that how a person who does not design can know better. However, Whitney has seniority in UX, and you can learn all about it via her blog.

She has a professional experience of over 20 years which makes her best in the field. Hence, a great person for you to follow on LinkedIn.

6. Graeme Fulton

Graeme Fulton is a proud founder of and provides the user’s design tool recommendations that they can use to get the best design they are aiming to make.

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He is also a full-stack developer who started to code when he was in IBM. Post-IBM, he worked as a designer, writer, and developer at Marvel App. Backed by the experience of over ten years, Graeme Fulton has come a long way to become one of the best UI/UX designers.

If you want to know and learn from him, you can refer to his LinkedIn profile.

7. Viktor Goliaš

If you have a brilliant SaaS app idea and are looking for the best UX designer who can help you with some ideas, you need to connect with Viktor Goliaš. Victor is always open to new opportunities and has a rich technical background.

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Source: Medium

He has a deep understanding of the complexity that lies behind the execution of design ideas. This helps him design the best tools for internal purposes, such as design systems and knowledge base.

You can refer to his blog to learn some great ideas and tips about UX design. These tips will be best for those who want to develop a SaaS MVP. You can also follow him on Twitter.

8. Josh Brewer

Josh started his career as a UI designer in 2007 and has come a long way since then. One of the best things that he did in his career was starting the website 52 weeks of UX. The website is a great spot for UX Designer as it offers free resources for learning and enhancing skills.

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Source: Crunchbase

One of the highest moments of his life is when he was named one of the “50 Designers shaping the future of Design” in 2012 by Fast company. Josh considers it as a win for all of those designers who roll up their sleeves and do the work.

Josh is also the co-founder of a design management platform named Abstract. He is active on Twitter, so you can follow him for more insights about UX.

9. Steve Krug

Steve Krug is one of the prime names in the field of UX design. He is one of the most famous UX designers in the world. The thing that makes him so popular is the books that he has written based on his 20+ years of experience.

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Source: Rosenfeld Media

His most popular book is named “Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.” At present, the book is in its third edition and has over 450k printed copies. Other than this, he has written one more book named “Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems.”

Apart from these books, he has worked as a usability consultant for many firms like Lexus, Apple, NPR, IMF, and others.

10. Tiffany Eaton

Tiffany Eaton is a UX designer who is developing messaging and communication tools for people at Google. So, if you are into the subject, keep an eye on her.

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Source: Medium

She was currently featured in Medium by UX Planet in her article named Content First Approach in Design: Collaborating with Content Strategists and UX Writers.

You can know more about Tiffany through her Twitter account.


All of these are famous UX design experts in the field. If you want to keep yourself posted with all the latest happenings of the UX world, it will be best to follow these people on their websites, LinkedIn accounts, and Twitter accounts. You will not only get to learn about new things on a daily basis, but you may even get to talk with them via these channels.

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