Want to Become a Better UX Writer? Here are the Top UX Writing Courses

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58
UX Writing Courses

UX writing is slowly becoming an integral part of UX designing. UX designers need to address the multiple aspects of building the perfect design and add it with high-impact writing. However, not all designers can write from the get-go. Even though both writing and designing are creative fields, designing and writing are not alike.

However, writing is as much a part of building a better user experience as is user experience designing. Content writing is easier said than done. Add to it, when you are writing for the end-user intending to inspire action and engagement, the task becomes even more difficult.

UX writing courses are one of the best options for you to become not only a writer but a great one too. These courses are made with a motive to help designers become better writers and engagement experts. Here are the best UX writing courses that you can join and become a better UX writer.

top UX writing courses to Join

UX Writing Course at UX Writing Hub

One of the best UX writing courses, this amazing resource will help you learn every critical thing about UX writing while helping you to tackle any type of user experience writing. Provided by UX Writing Hub, which is a prominent source of gaining more knowledge about everything related to UX writing.

Within this course, you will learn about the UX writing processes, how to conduct UX research before writing, and the best practices of the same. Knowing all these three aspects of UX writing will help you identify the core philosophies and creative writing strategies.

Added to this, in this UX writing course, you will also know about the tools that are used for UX writing. This does not include the tools to check grammar mistakes or identify the keywords. But you will also come across additional resources like books, podcasts, and videos to become a better writer.

UX Writing Fundamentals

The best thing about this UX writing training course is that you will work with a design team to get practical experience through the course. This writing course is developed and shared by UX Writers Collective, which is also one of the best resources for UX designers, strategists, and writers.

The cost to get access to this course is $895, and you can pay for the same either all at once or in three monthly installments. When it comes to the curriculum, we found that this is also one of the most comprehensive UX writing courses. Firstly, this is a self-paced course, which means that you don't have to join a live class every day and disturb your schedule.

Among the course offerings, you will understand the fundamentals of UX writing. The course material is prepared and shared by experts who have been or are currently working at Google, Amazon, and Intuit.

UX Writing by Berghs School of Communication

If you want to become a pro at crafting words and have the power to engage and impact, go with this best UX writing course provided by Berghs SOC. This course aims to give you the knowledge, power, and confidence to write better content irrespective of the industry and vertical.

As UX writers have to write for applications and websites, this course will build that quality of creating unique content that is sure to curate some interactive experiences. As a full-fledged writing course that runs for 12 weeks, making you a better writer by only asking 10 hours of your time every week costing around $4000 for the entire course.

You will learn storytelling skills, understand the essence of using the right tone and voice in the content. As one of the industry's best UX writing courses, this masterpiece will surely provide you with practical skills to work with a designing team and make everyone, including your users, go berserk with your words.

Microcopy and UX Writing

Another one of the most amazing and best UX writing courses, this program is made by Kinneret Yifrah and Merav Levkowitz. You will find this course on Udemy, and it has got a 4.2 rating out of 5, with numerous students leaving positive reviews for the same.

This course is about teaching you the art of Microcopy and UX writing along with sharing how these aspects impact the user's decision-making. Within the course, you will learn to identify the unique aspects of a brand and how to give that brand a befitting voice, all the while creating an optimal user experience.

The Microcopy part of the course will help you write content for the most used UI components while giving them a different perspective every time you write the same content, lastly, after completing the course, which includes a 2-hour video session and 3 expert resources that you can download. Udemy is providing this course for approximately $180 with lifetime access.

Content Design Training

This is one of the most comprehensive sources of learning about UX writing and design-based writing that we are sharing with you. Content Design Training is not an individual course. Instead, it is a repository of some of the best UX writing courses created and shared by Content Design London, shared in a single place.

This cumulative course has over 9 years of resources gathered to help you not only learn the nuances of UX writing but become a professional UX writer. Since it is a comprehensive course, you will find a lot of additional information by learning from this source.

You will learn about idea generation, using SEO tools to create more effective copies, identifying the user's needs, and refining the research to create content patterns and include content to reflect the best aspects of the brand. As an additional benefit, you will also find out the ideal books to read for becoming a UX writer.

5-Day UX Writing Course By Laura Luck

If you are looking for an incredible free UX writing course, this is it. Created and shared by Laura Luck, this course will help you become a better writer and brand strategist in a matter of 5 days. Laura Luck is an amazing writer and user research expert, she has years of experience in creating engaging UX copies for various brands.

As one of the best UX writing courses on our list, you will start by knowing the types of UX writing while understanding the importance of UX-oriented content in website and application design. In addition to this, the author also shares the secrets pertaining to how startups and big brands are using words to create maximum impact.

In addition to this, you will also find some actionable tips to begin UX writing and build a career in the same field. To see through the free UX writing course, all you need is the energy and a learning mindset that will help you ace UX design content creation.

Think Like an Editor

Created by Anne Ditmeyer, this UX writing course is best for beginners who want to take the first step into this domain or for those who want to enhance their skills. This course includes 10 hours of learning specifically designed to help you with UX writing, content strategy, and content design.

Added to this, while going through the course, you will learn to think critically, which is a core skill every UX writer must possess. Website, landing pages, and application content need to make the most impact with fewer words. That is exactly what the author wants to help you learn. In other words, you will also learn how to write a microcopy.

The self-paced course, which runs for 10 hours, won't cost you even a single penny. At the end of this free UX writing course, you will learn how to take the content-first approach and build a content style guide from scratch.

UX Writing

The UX writing course created by Projector. Online contains 16 lessons and has a limited capacity of 15 students. Due to the limited student size, the coaches are able to pay attention to every student and ensure their personal plus professional development. This is one of the best UX writing courses for multiple reasons, and one of those reasons is that it will help you bring out the best qualities of a product.

It won't be too much to say that by the end of this course, you will be able to learn how to give the products a voice of their own and bring joy to the readers with your words. Along with this, via this course, you will learn to write for the user interfaces and help an application achieve success.

The next batch of the course will begin on the 21st of April 2021, and the fee to join the course is $180.


All these UX writing courses are unique and incredibly efficient. They will turn you into a successful UX writer. But if you are confused about choosing the right course, start by writing down your goals and objectives.

Based on these objectives, you can go through the course's offerings and select the one which has the potential to help you achieve your goals. Moreover, you should also take into account the course fee, timings, and runtime.

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