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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

The virtual world has become extremely competitive and now if you want to make your website stand out, then you must work on its usability. To establish a successful online business, it's very important to make a lasting impression on your customers, which is only achievable if you build an excellent experience.

Website Usability testing is a great way to check whether your visitors are getting a good experience while surfing your website. In this article, we have given a comprehensive definition of website usability and also included steps to perform website usability testing. So if you want to learn more, stick to the very end.

What is Website Usability?

Website usability is a technical term that describes the ease with which people are able to surf across a website. Usability refers to the user-oriented design and the usability of a website determines how efficiently customers can see the website and all the content that it contains. For example- when a person visits a website, it sees and experiences the design of the website, fonts, colors, logo, navigation bars, images, etc. Monitoring all these attributes is the way that helps website owners get an idea of the usability of their websites.

Nowadays, people have tons of options and if they don't get to access a website faster, they jump to the other one. That's why checking web usability has become extremely important. It does not only help you attract and retain customers but also pushes your website's SEO ranking.

A website with good web design usability will match the expectation of the customers and enable them to complete the actions without any hassle. It helps them find information that they need as fast as possible. In short, how efficient, satisfactory, and effective a website is, are the three main ingredients, which contribute to a website's usability.

How to Do Website usability testing

Here is the step-by-step guide that you should follow to conduct web usability testing:

1- Determine What You Want To Measure

A website consists of multiple pages and parts, that's why you must determine which part you want to test first. Once you have finalized an area, define a goal as it will help you measure the results of the test, and make better improvements.

2- Choose A Good Testing Method

There are various testing methods available such as A/B testing, remote usability testing, etc. So choose a method that suits your goals and needs. For example- if you want to do multiple tests with the same people, then in-person testing would be a good option. But if you want quick results, then you should opt for remote usability testing.

3- Recruiting

Once you have a selected a testing method, you should start the recruiting process. To get optimum results, you should choose the right participants and decide which reporting templates and tools you will be using. You could also go with the Hallway method where you pick random people to test your website.

4- Conduct The Test and Analyze The Reports

You should conduct the testing using the right techniques. Be consistent in terms of the order and the task and pass clear instructions to the user. Once you have the test reports, you should summarize and organize them as per your goals. If needed, you may use the correlational or thematic analysis to analyze the findings. If you don't have a big team, then you should make a customer journey map to execute everything systematically.

The Best Tool for Usability Design

Do you want a tool for usability design? Well, Wondershare Mockitt is a great option for you. It is a complete-solution for all of your collaborative teamwork, rapid prototyping, and direct workflow requirements. The prototyping feature enables you to design interactive animated prototypes easily, helping you illustrate your idea and enhance your client's overall experience.

Mockitt has libraries full of built-in assets and templates that you can use to enhance or add the finishing touch to your prototyping projects. You can also make and reuse the contents of your custom libraries in your other workflows too.

Mockitt distinctively focuses on the collaboration aspect which enables you and your team to work together on the same page in real-time and see the changes recommended or made right away.

How to Do Website Usability Design with Mockitt?

In today's world, we say it is a must for a software to be able to craft projects according to your targeted devices like UI designs for Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, or even smartwatches. However, Mockitt takes it a step further by enabling the user to craft responsive designing aspects for the specific device models like:

In our case, we have selected the latest iPhone 12 model for explanation purposes. There is a separate option for Android mobile devices too that you can choose from the drop-down menu and then slect the required device model.So let's begin the tutorial on designing web usability.

If you are confused or can't find the design option for the device you want to create a design for, even then Mockitt has got you covered. You can always click on the "Not a proper device model" text at the top right of the box and select the "How to set device guide text" from there.

If you can't find the device option that you need them you can always select the text in that same region which says "please tell Mockingbot". Upon doing this the Mockingbot will develop the desired device option perfectly crafted for your device requirements for you in some time.

Once you are done with the selecting process of the device (like we selected the iPhone 12 model earlier) you can then click on the "Create" project and Viola! There you have the custom-crafted artboard according to your device requirements ready to be worked on.

You could create appealing and interactive projects with numerous customization options, it's just some clicks away. The user-friendly interface that promotes the zero-learning curve, so you can execute everything with ease.

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