Top 5 Simple Website Design for Inspiration

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

Do you know in this modern and highly sophisticated world people just love to visit websites with simple website designs? Although not everyone is going to believe in this fact, hence this is the reason we are here to discuss a few proven ways for bringing targeted traffic with a simple website design.

Not only that we will have a look at various websites with simple webpage design and how you can generate a new idea for your website from them. Along with that, we have figured out some applications that are going to help you in designing a simple website that brings better traffic with higher conversion rates.

Tips to Bring Targeted Traffic with a Simple Website Design

Let us first have a look at the five hand-picked simple website design options for you, with the help of which you can get a better idea or inspiration for selecting the most appropriate simple webpage design for yourself.


The first option in the list of best simple webpage design sites from where you can pick up some inspiration is Dropbox. Moreover, the biggest reason this website design was able to top this list; it's because they have used an easy to understand website design.

simple website design

They have used an impressive and catchy image at the top, and once you go through their homepage, you would be able to notice that there is no fluff content and to the point things. This thing helps a lot, as the visitor will visit the website, and by having a look at simple design along with every important thing at one place, they would be able to make better choices.

Hence below the picture and some information they have added their call to action button. So that the visitor doesn't have to invest much time in making the right decision, and the company would be able to make the sales out of it.


You all must be aware of this high-end business-related work discussion platform, where you can get in touch with your team, share documents, make changes and many more.

simple web design

They have given a simple yet modern look to their website. Moreover, once you visit the site, you will notice on the top bar they have provided every single info about their products, services and features, that helps in maintaining transparency between the company and customers.

If we have a look at the call to action buttons, they are two buttons on their homepage. First one is for trying their services for free, and the second button is for contacting the sales department in case of any issues with the product.

If you are trying to get inspiration for a simple website design that helps you generate more sales and more credibility to your business, then Slack is the website to take an idea from.


Carmax is a website from where you can buy/sell cars quickly, not only that they have an integrated system of the network because of which you can directly select your city or place and then search for the car you want to buy or sall.

simple webpage design

Hence within a few seconds, you will get the information.

The thing people love about their simple webpage design is that everything is well-situated on their website. Like for selecting the city, you get an option at the top right corner, and below that, you will get a keyword search panel.

You will not see any call to action button because once you search about a product, then you would be able to get the required buttons for buying, selling or getting the finance of your car.

Moreover, on the top, they have a high-quality image that depicts they are offering happy services to their clients.


If you are concerned about your health or love learning more about things related to health & fitness, then you must have visited Healthline’s website before. Once you visit the homepage, you would be able to notice on the top they offer a search bar where you can find out the topics you want.

simple web page design

Along with that, you will get a subscribe button which is their call to action button to fetch email from their visitors.

Right below that, you would be able to have a look at the trending topics which are being most searched nowadays. From there you can visit them and hence read them easily.

They haven't used any featured image for their homepage, and the best thing is that it just looks amazing, the simple-looking white background design is the most suitable one.

Moreover, the list thing you will notice on their homepage is a sidebar, that will show you all the topics and tools available on their website.


Here we have our final option for inspiration, and that is Trivago. Right after visiting their website, you will fall in love with their minimal design. On the homepage, you get a search bar with a few filter options, with the help of which you can find the best possible results for yourself.

simple personal website design

Not only that above the search bar, but you also get a catchy line with the help of which the company is able to let their visitors know what kind of services you can get from Trivago.

On the top you get a few important options such as login, menu and the pricing filter. Right below the search bar, you will get some of the most popular options from various places around you or the world.

These popular options keep on changing based on your searches, hence with the help of which you can find out the best places that you can give a try too. With this small addition, they can provide better services to their customers and bringing more sales out of it.

Tools for creating an efficient and simple website design

If you are struggling to find the best software for developing simple website designs, then Wondershare Mockitt is the option for you. This is a one-stop solution for all sorts of your needs for a simple webpage design development.

simple website design

Let us have a look at the features offered by Mockitt tool.


You would be able to get an enhanced and vast library for all your templates, designs and other such useful elements. With this feature you can share your ideas along with the team, they can make changes in it and many more such things.


You can bring out interactive designs with the help of Mockitt simple website designing services. It also offers you import/export features that will permit you for using exterior designs efficiently.


You can check out all changes in real-time, with the help of which if anything goes wrong while development then you can revert it anytime easily.

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