Top 10 Website Mockup Tools To Use in 2024

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:36
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You are planning to make a website. You can go straight for it and figure things out as you go. But we recommend a wiser approach. Create a mockup or a prototype for your website. With this, you can create the website more efficiently, as you have already figured out what things are needed. You'll also know how the layout is going to be. You can use website mockup tools for this endeavor.

But what specific tool should you use? There are many options, and you don't have the time to test them all. That's what we are going to answer here. Here are the 10 best website mockup tools in the market. These tools will allow you to create great prototypes and, consequently, unique websites.

How Do We Choose the Best Website Mockup Tools?

We used a bunch of factors to compare different website mockup tools. It includes the tool's feature-richness and user-friendliness. These factors are important because teams need cost-effective tools. Not only should they have many functions, but the team members should also be able to use the tool easily. Your business is spending money on it; it's only right to ensure it is worth it.

The tool's usability and how good it is for collaborations are also crucial to select the best ones. And so are its supported operating systems and pricing. We also considered what other users say about the software on review websites. It allowed us to see the pros and cons of the tool more easily.

By considering these factors, we are able to identify which are the best markup tools.

Top Website Mockup Tools in 2023

Here are the 10 best website mockup tools in 2023.

1. Adobe XD 2. Axure RP
3. Mockitt 4. Balsamiq
5. Frame Box 6. MockPlus
7. Justinmind 8. Framer
9. 10. UXPin

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD helps teams from ideation to asset delivery. It allows you to make prototypes to get your design vision across to your team. This vector-based experience design platform is powerful and deserving of the slot in the top 10 website mockup tools to use in 2023.

adobe xd interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Price: $9.99 per month

User Review: A verified reviewer on G2 wrote that Adobe XD streamlines developing and spreading an idea throughout the organization. It is designed to create interactive prototypes that seem like actual products. And that makes it an effective tool for creating applications.

2. Axure RP

Axure RP is a piece of software for teams that allow you to create prototypes for websites, applications, and rich web applications. Aside from its built-in tools for collaborations, Axure Rp has integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack. These ensure that the team is on the same page.

axure rp interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Price: Starts at $25 per month for each user

User Review: A reviewer on G2 wrote that Axure RP's simple drag-and-drop options allow you to create high-fidelity prototypes. On top of that, its Axure cloud integration makes it easy to share and collaborate with peers.

3. Mockitt

Mockitt is an "online design, prototyping, and collaboration platform to empower your UX design journey." It's a powerful design tool that lets you make interactive and animated prototypes with the help of pixel-perfect icons and vectors.

mockitt interface

This tool is also great for collaborations. It allows you to build mind maps and showcase workflow with screens to convey your ideas clearly. You can also collect real-time comments, manage projects in folders, and manage team permissions.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

Price: Starts at $12.9 per month

User Review: A G2 review says Wondershare Mockitt is a game-changer app. The reviewer says they love how it allows their team to customize the experience. Furthermore, they liked the custom libraries feature and how they can share them with their teams.

4. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is a user interface design tool that lets you create wireframes, mockups, or prototypes. You can use these prototypes to present your website or application concept or idea before actually building it. That lets you gather comments and feedback from your team.

balsamiq interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Web

Price: Starts at $9 per month for 2 projects

User Review: A G2 review says that Balsamiq makes wireframing easy. They especially loved the various collaboration features and the icon-driven drag-and-drop system. Its interface is a little outdated compared to other mockup tools, though.

5. Frame Box

Frame box is a lightweight online tool for creating mockups and prototypes. It is simple, easy to use, and free. Unfortunately, it does not offer many collaboration features. But it is great at what it does, and it is perfectly usable for simple projects.

frame box interface

Supported OS: Web

Price: Free

User Review: A G2 review says that Frame Box gets the job done. The best thing about it is that it is easy, quick, and accessible anywhere. Its intuitive interface is also a plus. However, they wished this tool had more features.

6. MockPlus

MockPlus is a one-stop shop for prototyping, collaborations, and design systems. It helps teams expedite their design process. How? Through a scalable design system, interactive prototyping, and collaborative tools.

mockplus interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web

Price: You can use MockPlus completely for free. But if you want to unlock more functions, the pricing starts at $10.95 per user per month (available for up to 3 users.)

User Review: A reviewer on G2 says that their team uses MockPlus for prototyping, designing, and collaborating. They described it as an excellent tool becuase it keeps every team member in the loop.

7. Justinmind

Justinmind is a design and prototyping tool for mobile apps and websites. It offers a feature that lets stakeholders review and test the prototype. That allows you to collect comments and feedback, leaving no room for misunderstandings. With the improved communication between teams, Justinmind also ensures everyone is on the same page.

 justinmind interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Price: Starts at $9 per user per month.

User Review: A G2 review says that the best things about Justinmind include the feature that allows users to share created mockups among peers. It allows for collaborations and reviews.

8. Framer

Framer is known for letting users create web pages without coding. It also offers collaboration features that will help your team create the best website you can put out.

 framer interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Web

Price: Starts at $5 per month per site.

User Review: A review on G2 says that the ability to collaborate on any idea prototyping online easily is Framer's best feature. However, they warned others that the interface could be a bit confusing.

9. allows users to turn their ideas into reality with its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface. It provides you with hundreds of UI components, templates, and assets.

proto io interface

Supported OS: Web

Price: Starts at $24 per month.

User Review: A reviewer on G2 says that works wonderfully. Not only that, but it also has a responsive support team that will help you with any queries.

10. UXPin

UXpin is a component-driven prototyping software. It allows you to create prototypes with the same components developers use to build products. With remote team collaboration, interactive UI components, documentation, and more, it will enable you to create mockups that seem the real thing.

uxpin interface

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Web

Price: Starts at $89 per editor/month.

User Review: A G2 review says that UXPin is a "great tool to design, prototype, and present products." They used it to create mockups that are closest to the final version to let their clients experience using the website while they're still building it.


There are many website mockup tools out there that you can use to create prototypes for your websites. But they aren't all equal. Expectedly, some of them are better than the rest. And the 10 tools listed above are your best options.

To prove that point, we can look at Wondershare Mockitt. It's more powerful and easier to use than other alternatives. Furthermore, it offers a wide array of features that you can use to build amazing mockups. Give it a try, and you'll see how easy it is to make website mockups.