How to use HTML coding for website design to create a web page

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

HTML is the language that is commonly used by many developers for designing the website. The web designers know about HTML codes which they use to design the website. HTML provides a number of templates for beginners that help them in creating a website. HTML editors provide free design templates that help in HTML coding for website design. There are markup tags in HTML that provides information to the browser regarding how to follow the instructions that are in the tags.

How to simply design a web page without HTML knowledge?

Since the use of the internet has significantly increased and many work opportunities are available on the internet. Due to this, many individuals are interested in creating their websites. However, without having HTML knowledge, this task can be quite challenging. In such circumstances, Wondershare Mockitt can be used for designing websites without HTML knowledge. It is easy to learn and can be used easily for designing a website and also provides easy designing options for newbies.

Mockitt is a rapid and collaborative prototyping tool that helps in designing the website. It provides the user with free templates and ease and fastens up the designing process. After designing the website using the provided templates, it also provides the option for downloading HTML.

If you are new to designing, and thinking about how to design the webpage without HTML coding knowledge? Mockitt is here to save your day. It provides value added option to its users and it has a number features that allows its users to make their designs more creative and innovative.

1. Asset Library

Asset library has a number of widget and icons which can be used for making the webpage more attractive and appealing. It helps the user to create prototype with zero experience through choosing any of the available templates. It further provide the option to the used to manage their assets in the library.

2. Design

The design feature of Mockitt enables the user to add beautiful design without having the knowledge of HTML coding. It enables the users to

  • Make interface design
  • Import the design files
  • To use variety of transition effects and gestures

3. Efficient Review and Presentation

Mockitt facilitate its users by providing

  • Full screen presentation modes
  • Sharing the design with others with single touch
  • Offline demonstration and feedback

4. Cloud Editing

This is another value added feature. The user can directly make changes to the design without installation. It increases the user efficiency and enables the user to enjoy the design journey.

What is HTML coding?

HTML itself is code. It is used for structuring and designing the webpage and the contents of the webpage. For instance, the code of HTML can be used to structure the content in the set of bullet points, paragraphs, data tables, and images. The codes in the HTML is used for designing various elements of the websites. Different codes are used for designing different webpages, the styles of the icons, and the contents in it. With the help of HTML code, the user can shape the webpages as per his/her desire and can add the content which he/she deems fit as per the entire layout, concept, and design of the website.

Knowledge you should know while using HTML coding for website design

The structure of HTML

One needs to have proper knowledge about HTML before start working on the HTML document and before adding up of content. For setting the basic structure of the file, there is a basic structure that a user is required to follow. The structure is required to be compliant with the provided format and also allows the user to provide useful information regarding the document.

The HTML consists of three parts

  • The line containing the information about HTML version
  • A header section (declared), delimited by the HEAD
  • Body, which contains the actual content

Before and after each section, white spaces, new lines, comments, and tabs may appear. HTML elements are delimited by sections 2 and 3. An example of HTML coding structure for webpage design is provided below

3 HTML coding principles in webpage design

Website design coding requires great attention to detail. Certain principles guide attractive webpage design. Three of such principles include

Readability and Typography

Text is one of the crucial elements of website design. The text provides the main information to the users. No matter how attractive the website design is if the text is not readable, the website is a fail. The typography of the website should be visual and appealing for the visitors. The text must include the keywords, Meta titles, Meta description, and SEO sensitive elements.

Imagery and Color Pallete

Color combination is the main element that attracts users. The poor color combination and poor selection of images can distract the user. Therefore, for perfect website design, the color palette should be selected carefully which can create a pleasing atmosphere for the visitor. Selecting the right HTML code for complementary color palette can give the user a balanced website design. The images should be soothing and complementary with the text. The selection of vibrant images can also lead to distraction.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigations can make the user stay longer on your website. Easy navigation can be created by creating a logical hierarchy of the page and using designing clickable buttons, and bread scrums. Following a three-click rule is advisable. This can enable the user to get the required information in three clicks.

3 HTML coding tools you can use for web design

For webpage coding and webpage design a number of HTML coding tools are available. These tools are handy in resolving the issues that occur in the web design workflow. Free webpage templates are also available which can help the user to designed easy navigation webpage. Some of the tools that can be used for developing an attractive website includes;


A sketch is a tool that is most widely used for designing an attractive website. The sketch is a vector-based tool and is highly powerful for building prototypes and interfaces. This tool is designed specifically for websites and applications. Therefore, this tool does not contain any unnecessary clutter and the related feature.

Clutter and the related feature.

Adobe XD

This is HTML coding tool provides the best environment for designing a creative webpage. This wireframe and vector design tool provide the advanced feature with the addition such as voice prototyping. The tools can help the designer to keep up with the recent trends in UX.


It is another tool for web designing which helps the designer to get quick ideas for a creative website. It offers a clear method for page development, thus allowing the users for simulating the designs by using prototypes. The designs by using prototypes

Detailed steps to write basic HTML

The basic steps of writing HTML are as follows:

Step One: Notepad

The first step includes the opening of Notepad on the PC. Click the window button and click on the notepad icon.

Step Two:

Copy or write the following code on Notepad

Step Three:

  • Save the file on the computer. For saving the file save the file on the computer.
  • Click File on the top left, click "Save as" in the Notepad menu.
  • Set the name of the file as "index.htm"
  • In the next step, UTF-8 is set as an encoding.

Step Four:

  • Open the HTML file that you have saved in your browser.
  • Double click the file and select open with. Double click the file and select open with
  • List one or two examples of basic HTML and teach how to view the web page