How to Create a Landing Page Design to Boost Up Your Sales

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:38

A website landing page design plays a vital role in generating more sales & profits out of it. Hence, this is why it's suggested to spend good enough time in the development process of your landing page. But for developing a high-quality landing page, we would have to use an impressive tool.

Hence if you are struggling to find one, then here in this post, we will talk about the Mockitt website landing page designing tool, with the help of which you can design landing pages and carry forward other such graphics designing work within no time.

How to create a landing page design with Mockitt?

Wondershare Mockitt is a high-end and feature-filled tool that can help you design landing pages online. You would be able to use this highly efficient tool on MacOS and Windows systems, too, not only that this tool's overall design is made in such a way that it promotes its users to think faster.

Hence, at last, they can generate the best possible landing page design that works for their business. Within this tool, you will find out several features, let us have a look at them:

1. Designing:

The first and most important feature of this tool is that you can find out or customize the best website landing page designs for your business individually. Hence you would be able to develop attractive and sales-focused designs that lead your business to achieve new heights.

2. Animations:

You would be able to get numerous free & paid animations options to enhance your landing pages. Moreover, the most significant advantage of using animations from Mockitt is that it does not affect your landing pages' speed.

3. Wide Community:

At Mockitt, we have a vast community who are always there to help you during any sort of issue with this platform or development process.

4. Plenty of Templates:

You can choose perfect templates for your online website with the help of the Mockitt platform, as from the templates gallery, you can get effective templates that would be loved by your visitors.

5. cCloud Storage:

It offers an impressive integration of cloud storage, with which you can store every project directly to your cloud account. With the help of this feature, you will never get your projects deleted from the device.

6. Enterprise Features:

With enterprise features, you would be able to promote your landing pages efficiently. Hence it will help you generate more leads with better conversion rates.

Are you dealing with Mockitt for the first time? If yes, here are the steps with which you would be able to design landing page online:

  1. In the first step, you need to directly visit the official website of Mockitt on your Windows or MacOS system.
  2. Right after reaching the homepage, you need to create a new login id. Hence after logging in, you need to click on Create Project.
  3. With the help of this step, you would be able to get started with the landing page designing process.
  4. After selecting Create Project, you will be provided with a black page, where you can add elements from the sidebars. Hence can completely customize your web design landing page from head to toe.

5 Awesome Examples of Website Landing Page Design

Here we have hand-picked five excellent landing page examples, from where you can take an idea to build exceptional website landing page design for your website. Let us have a look at the examples:

#1: Lyft

The first example in the list is Lyft, which is an online car driving work company, not only that you can even book a ride from this company. Once you visit the landing page of this company, you would be able to notice the precise thoughts and to the point discussions.

On the top of their landing page, they have added an attractive form from where you can apply as a driver job. Besides the form, you will notice that targeting life, which says, "Make up to $35/hr Driving your car" hence this tagline is the reason behind their high conversion rate.

At the bottom of their landing page, they have added a small calculator with the help of which you can calculate your earning if you joined Lyft and work for them.

#2: The Professional Wingman

Next in the list of The Professional Wingman, which is an online platform, with the help of which you can find a perfect partner for yourself, Once you visit their landing page you would be able to notice they have used a light-colored theme along with an impressive picture on the top.

Moreover, right after visiting their page for a few minutes, you will receive a newsletter type form for filling details. Hence with the help of this easy-to-fill form, you would be able to get in touch with new people from this platform efficiently.

#3: Muck Rack

Here we have a website landing page design for those who are finding something under more visualizing options. The first thing you note about their landing page is that they have explained every single detail about their work on their landing page. Secondly, they have used high-quality images on the top that give a modern look to the page.

We have noticed a few landing pages, where they just tell a few things about their business to the visitors. But if you want higher conversions, then you must add more details about your business, which we should be learning from Muck Rack landing pages.

#4: Cigital

Cigital landing page is for those who want to create a simple yet effective landing page for their business. As within their landing page, you will find that there is just one call to action, and that is for getting their ebook download.

Moreover, the only thing they need to work on is to add the call to action button at the bottom or in the middle of the page. You would not be able to bring out higher conversions if you ask your customers to buy the product without even letting them know properly about it.

#5: Khan Academy

Everyone must have heard about Khan Academy; they don't only exceptionally teach students. But they can make higher conversions and fetch more leads through their landing pages too, and the reason behind this is the design and formatting of their landing page.

Once you visit their landing page, you would notice that they have provided all types of links in their landing page, all kinds of reviews, results, and many more such things.

With the help of such additions, you make users start taking an interest in your business. Hence, at last, they make the conversion.