Tips for Using the Axure Linux App

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Axure is one of the most popular rapid prototyping tools that has been in the market for many years. While there is no doubt that its features and functionality are still loved by many UX designers, but now many different options available than there have been some years back. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top Axure Linux alternatives that you can use for your business or organizations. All these alternatives are used by professionals, so you can be sure that you will get the best outcome.

Top 5 Axure Linux Alternatives

1- Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a very powerful design collaboration tool that is developed for people who are searching for a simpler alternative to Axure. With tools like dynamic prototyping, device preview, comments, design handoff, and many more, Wondershare Mockitt is already a massive force in the world of prototyping. This tool provides excellent support for transitions for additional realism and also helps individuals transform their paper ideas into highly interactive applications.

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Wondershare Mockitt has excelled at developing a professional wireframing platform that is ideal for advanced UI/UX designers as well as individuals looking to communicate low and high fidelity concepts. Wondershare Mockitt is equipped with predefined widgets, object templates, and combos, which can be implemented into the projects with simple drag and drop moves. It enables you to share your individual creation with your colleagues and you can also create a URL to let others inspect the prototype through a web browser.

2- Wireframe Sketcher

As the name suggests, Wireframe Sketcher is a wireframing software that helps you build interactive wireframes to stimulate how your app would look and function. It enables you to utilize touch gestures, clicks, and device motions to trigger a flexible reaction in your wireframes. It is a cross-platform tool that has a fast user interface for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, which makes it a perfect alternative to Axure for Linux. With its flexible UI, you can take benefit of multiple monitors and the In-built refactoring also helps you move and rename files without any complications.

This tool is loaded with an extensive collection of UI controls, which are highly flexible and can be customized by applying wiki syntax and using properties. Wireframe Sketcher provides a hand-drawn rough look for your mockups, which helps you and your clients view all the minor details and focus on what's more important.

3- quickMockup

quickMockup is a desktop-based prototyping/wireframing tool that functions on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It supports GUI prototyping, which leads to functional clickable prototypes. This cross-platform tool is not only intended for professional designers but also for individuals who have never used design tools. With quickMockup, you can easily create low fidelity mockups and wireframes and take them to the next level by customizing states, styles, and content within a few clicks. Now users can pay more attention to what really matters and transform their vision and build better user experiences.

4- UX Pin

UX Pin is an online solution for managing wireframes, sitemaps, and other design documents. It contains an array of built-in elements, which makes designing applications less time and energy-consuming. With UX Pin, you can upload images, and invite other individuals to review and provide feedback. This web-based system comes with its own wireframe editor that helps your transfer your creations to HTML. One great thing about UX Pin is that it also synchronizes with Photoshop files and Sketch. This means that once you have uploaded your files, you can transform them into highly interactive prototypes very easily.

It supports all major operating systems, so if you are looking for an Axure Ubuntu or Axure RP Linux alternative, then this would be an ideal option. However, UX Pin libraries are very useful to create wireframes faster but you can also add your own sounds, and animation to customize your prototype as per your needs.

5- Pencil Project

Pencil Project is a standalone application that allows you to create UI mockups. This is an open-source GUI prototyping tool that anyone can install and use to make wireframes in various desktop platforms. It can be used with systems running on Windows, Mac, and Linux, which makes it a great alternative to Axure for Ubuntu. With Pencil, you get access to a lot of shape collections and built-in drawing features that help businesses and developers create mockups without putting a lot of work and effort. The good thing about this tool is that it offers a free plan, so if you are just a beginner, then you can use it to start your journey. Then, later on, you can upgrade to premium plans to access more advanced features.

Tips for Using the Axure Linux App

1- Utilize Page More Than Dynamic Panels

Dynamic panels are no doubt amazing and can be useful sometimes but they can also make your prototype look unprofessional. When you use dynamic panels, it's very easy to figure out that you have developed your prototype from a lot of dynamic panel states. That's why it is better to use pages over dynamic panels.  With dynamic panels, you also need to execute complex onPageLoad interactions but that's not the case with pages.

2- Use Animations To Enhance Your Prototype

Animations are a great way to polish and enhance your prototypes. They can make your app look more professional and also improve your app's functionality. While using animations, don't get carried away with the features of Axure. Just start with the basics and level up your skills gradually.

3- Name Your Widgets Properly

Axure is loaded with numbers of widgets and due to this, it becomes a bit difficult to search them. If you browse different panels to use a specific widget, then it can consume a lot of time. That’s why you should utilize the search box to make things simpler. Giving a name to the widgets would help you search for widgets easily. Assign the widget a name and then simply search it on the search box whenever you want to use it.