Axure vs. Sketch, What’re the differences

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

There is no wonder is saying that Axure and Sketch are two of the most popular UX tools currently available in the market. They provide excellent performance and also offers a wide range of features. However, both Axure and Sketch have their own capabilities but the main question is which one is better. So if you also have this question, then this Axure vs Sketch comparison guide will help you find the answer.

Axure vs. Sketch, What’re the differences

Here is the comprehensive differentiation between Sketch vs Axure RP on the basis of:

1- Usage

When it comes to usage, Axure is well-recognized for supporting highly complex designs, which are accessible for both mobile apps and websites. On the flip side, Sketch is mostly used by professional developers to create Android/IOS icons and UI elements. Professionals utilize Axure for functional prototyping and interaction designing, while Sketch is a design toolkit. As compared to sketch, some features are more complex in Axure.

It is more on that technical side, whereas Sketch has gained popularity because of its simplicity. Axure is used by a broad range of specialists, including product managers, interaction designers, information architects, etc. Whereas sketch is mostly used by generalists like graphical and visual designers.

2- Low Fidelity Prototyping

Axure is a fully integrated rapid prototyping software that helps everyone who has a basic understanding of the software to build interactive wireframes. It utilizes a drag and drop interface that enables you to create your design. Axure does not have a steep learning curve, which makes it ideal for creating low fidelity deliverables. Coming to Sketch, it is virtual design software that focuses more on designing.

However, it can also be used for low fidelity prototyping but it has a purer focus on the accurate implementation of padding, margins, and colors and perfect placement of objects, that's why it demands high skills and expertise than Axure. In simple words, both tools come with the ability to create low fidelity prototypes but Sketch requires extra time to master.

3- Features To Advantages

With Axure, it is easier to share your creation as it offers tons of options to do so. Whereas Sketch comes with artboards that can be used to inspect multiple artboards together. Axure allows you to reuse widgets or other components while the sketch is equipped with a built-in exporter that supports files of various formats, including JPG, PDF, and PNG. Axure runs on systems running on Windows and Mac while Sketch is exclusively available for MAC users.

In Axure, you have the power to collaborate your projects with SVN and other similar systems to operate with others. But in Sketch, you can utilize the mirror, which enables you to establish a connection with the iPhones, which helps you test designs on multiple devices very easily.

4- Designing Process

When you work in Axure, all the actions of programming is performed by programming. It doesn't involve moving or dragging things, which is the main reason why you cannot view your creation. On the other hand, all the actions in Sketch are executed by duplicating the actions in the artboard, that's why it is possible to monitor the whole designing process while working in Sketch.

5- High Fidelity Prototyping

Once you reach the high-fidelity stage, it is recommended to have a limited capacity for change. This stage represents the final design in branding, colors, and interactive designs and it also indicates that you should transfer your creation to developers. By utilizing the advanced application, Axure can help you build indistinguishable prototypes, but you won't get the best flexibility as Sketch provides.

Apart from this, if you are planning to use high fidelity products of Axure design as your final deliverable, then you must know that your creation will be dominated by Axure's visual design, which is not as powerful as Sketch's. As compared to Axure, Sketch indeed offers various tools familiar to Illustrators that help you manage typography, images, and other designing practices more effectively.

The Best Axure and Sketch Alternative in 2020

Hope this Axure RP vs Sketch guide will help you figure which one is better. As more and more UI tools are emerging in the market, choosing a good one has become extremely hard. Out of all the other tools, Wondershare Mockitt is a great alternative to Axure and Sketch. Loaded with a complete suite of apps, Wondershare Mockitt provides professionals with all the UI design resources that they would need to build a highly functional prototype with dynamic animations and elements. It has the ability to build high as well as low fidelity prototypes, and do user testing, which makes it an all-in-one package.

axure vs sketch

Along with this, Wondershare Mockitt also makes communication easy by providing collaborative features that enable users to share their creations while designing it. Some other key features include the asset library, which contains a wide range of widgets and icons that can be used directly. It gives you the ability to build a prototype without knowing CSS and HTML and with drag and drop interface, you get complete freedom to turn your imagination into reality. Here are some more reasons why Wondershare Mockitt is a better alternative to Sketch and Axure:

  • Wondershare Mockitt offers a free plan, so you can build prototypes faster without paying anything. It gives you the power to create object templates, and built-in widgets, which makes the prototype creation a lot simpler
  • With Wondershare Mockitt, you can generate QR codes and test the prototype by simply scanning the code using your mobile device. You can also showcase the functionality of the prototypes to other people and receive their suggestions for improvements.
  • It contains an extensive icons library, which has over 100 icons. Wondershare Mockitt also helps you create animations easily with the help of state transitions. In case, if you want to share your creation to someone but don't want them to make any changes, then you can also generate a sharing URL. Once your prototype is online, you can access it from anywhere you wan

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