The Best Sketch and Axure Alternative in 2022

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

If you have any experience and knowledge of UI designing, then you must have heard of Sketch. It is an independent design tool but many people also use it with Axure for asset production and visual designing.  Importing designs from Sketch to Axure used to be a lengthy process but now it has become extremely convenient. Today, we will discuss the main steps that you should follow to import Sketch to Axure.

How to Import Sketch to Axure

1- The first thing you have to do is to download and install the Axure Sketch plugin. This plugin is specially developed to help you copy artboards from Sketch and transfer layers into Axure RP as separate widgets. Once you have imported your assets in Axure, they will become customizable and ready for creating interactions.

2- Now switch to the Sketch software and choose all the elements you want to export to Axure. Then simply click on Plugins, choose Axure, and then click on Copy Selection. You could also utilize the Copy All Artboards options to copy everything.

3- After that, you should move back to Axure RP and simply paste assets you have copied from Sketch onto the canvas. Once you have done it, you are all set to start the designing. Simply repeat the process to import Sketch assets to Axure.

4- When you import Sketch layers, it gets converted into Axure RP widgets. And the layers structure is managed and maintained with RP widget groups. This provides a perfect import while giving you the ability to modify your designs in Axure as required.

How to Import Axure to Sketch

The Sketch to Axure plugin has indeed made a lot of this easier for UI developers and designers. Now some of you might have questions like can we import Axure to Sketch. Well, unfortunately, there is no plugin available to execute this task. The sketch axure plugin can only help you import the Sketch assets to Axure, you can't reverse the process. However, it is true that you can export Axure files as PNG or JPG, but it won't be helpful in Sketch.  In the future, Axure might introduce some plugin or software to export its files but currently, you can't do anything about it.

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The Best Sketch and Axure Alternative in 2020

Working with Sketch and Axure is very convenient. They indeed make accessibility and collaboration easy for UI/UX designers but they could also be heavy on the pocket too. Wondershare Mockitt is a great alternative to Sketch and Axure that is both economical and powerful. Loaded with well-designed tools, Wondershare Mockitt provides users the power to build functional prototypes within a short period. It has been gaining momentum among users across the globe, all credit goes to its drag and drops functionality and the ability to create sophisticated apps and web prototypes.

sketch to axure

When it comes to wireframing, most people consider it an industry standard and its user-friendly and feature-packed interface are some reasons why professionals love it so much. Some key features of Wondershare Mockitt include an asset library, where you can directly pick up widgets and icons and place them onto your creation. As a cloud-based tool, it eliminates the need for any additional software. You can use the online tool and start creating prototypes whenever you want. Wondershare Mockitt is all about creating beautiful low to high fidelity wireframes. If you are a beginner, then you could also use its free plan to test it out. Wondershare Mockitt puts all the essentials that you need for interactive wireframes right at your hands. Here are some more reasons why it is the best alternatives to Axure and Sketch:

  • Wondershare Mockitt is a cross-platform tool that supports wireframing for different operating systems, including Android, iPhone, and many more. It has abundant features such as text, button, Video, Map, etc. It provides full control over the customization of widgets and you can also reuse them across various projects
  • With two types of collaboration, Wondershare Mockitt makes sure that the demands of the group members collaboration are satisfied. You can either utilize the team collaboration, which prioritizes hierarchical settings and excellent security, or Project Collaboration, which is highly flexible
  • To help its users design successful, and user-friendly applications, Wondershare Mockitt offers a broad spectrum of animations, gestures, and page transitions. You can implement these elements into your design and create apps with well-optimized gestures and transitions within a few hours
  • Wondershare Mockitt provides you full liberty to use animations and transitions in your projects. You can integrate it with other third party application and the good thing is that you can model highly interactive wireframes without worrying about the code. The learning curve is also not steep, so you won't need extensive training or any kind of professional assistance

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