Color Scheme for Website: 4 Types of Color Schemes Examples

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

The color scheme has always been a critical aspect of designing an attractive website design or layout. Without a proper color scheme, your design is nothing. Color scheme polishes your website design and adds some chili spices to look more attractive than usual. Generating modern color schemes has always been a difficult task for designers. If designers successfully design a color scheme, he should consider themselves lucky in that part.

There are various types of color schemes on which the designers could get their hands dirty. In this article, we will cover the four types of color schemes with examples, and with that, we will also look at what exactly is a color scheme.

What is a Color Scheme?

According to color theory, a color scheme is a color choice for designers or artists to use in various artistic and design contexts.

These color schemes are used to design appealing styles for websites. These schemes are now considered an essential aspect of designing. You cannot take the color scheme out of the picture. Use of only two colors considered to be a basic color scheme. Other advanced or modern color schemes presented in the shape of Analogous, Triadic, Achromatic, Chromatic, Complementary, and many more.

These color schemes can be beneficial to design fabulous websites. Designers can create different color combinations to see which color combination is perfect for their design. Lots of strategies and online tools are available for the designers to generate beautiful color combinations for their websites.

Or you can use a traditional color wheel to create different color combinations for your designs or layouts. A standard color wheel can help the web designer or the artists if they haven't got any modern color scheme tools. They can manually create or generate the color combination by mixing the colors.

Well, that was all about the color scheme. Now, we hope that you finally understand the true purpose/meaning of color schemes that can be beneficial in real life.

4 Types of Color Schemes Examples

Now, let's further discuss the different types of color schemes in detail.

1. Neutral color scheme

Neutral color schemes always give ease to the eyes because it consists of light color tones. You'll see lots of light gray and white in this scheme or white background combinations with black fonts. That's why its name is a neutral color scheme. Creations Namale is the perfect example of this scheme, how they add light/soft tones to the jewelry brand website based in Canada.

No doubt, their website design is magnificent, and they also added a simple color scheme to their design, which is quite attractive and appealing to the naked eyes.

2. Cool Color Scheme

In short or in easy terms, cool color schemes are cool looking bright colors with soothing impressions. Cool colors always give the impression of calmness. Like the FCINQ website design, they also used a cool color scheme in their design. The fantastic thing is how they manage to combine all these colors and has created a perfect design for their website.

The color combination and design of the website look astonishing. A cool color scheme may be a sharp and vivid design that can easily lift visitors' minds. That is why they are considered a cool color scheme.

3. Modern Color Scheme

The modern color scheme consists of sharp and bold colors. The most famous colors in the modern color scheme are purple, orange, and hot red. The above website is a perfect example of the use of sharp and bold colors. The color scheme is not the only thing on this website that looks amazing. The design of this website is much more exciting and attractive.

Like other design and color schemes, the designers of this website have done a fantastic job designing a website like that. Everything element and every color combination seem to perfect attention-grabbing placed in the design.

4. Aesthetic Color Scheme

Aesthetic color schemes are also known as attention-grabbing color combinations. This color scheme is similar to the modern color scheme, but it is more inspired by nature. The aesthetic color scheme uses dark and mixed colors. Like this museum site, the designers use a minimalistic approach in this website's design. Even there aren't any attractive color combinations used in this design but still looks beautiful and appealing.

Would you interested in creating color palette from image? Click and learn more about How to Create Color Palette from Image.

Tool Recommendation: Useful tool for your website design

So far, we've discussed the different color schemes with examples. Now, it's time to move forward to the tool that can be very beneficial for selecting the perfect color scheme for your website design.

Wondershare Mockitt

Even though there are many popular tools available in the market for designing perspective, we've chosen Wondershare Mockitt for our design. There are several reasons for choosing Mockitt.

color scheme

First and most important is, it is easy for new designers. That means anyone can use this tool without knowing web designing. Yes, it's a prototyping tool; you can easily create templates for your websites or your company. All you have to do is just sign up at Mockitt's website.

Features and Advantages of Mockitt

Well, Mockitt has numerous features, but here we'll discuss some of its significant parts and its advantages.

  • Design: This feature stands above all the features. Mockitt gives flexibility to its users to design freely and create a different color scheme in the design. The users can take benefits from this feature by simply drag and drop functionality. All you have to do is just drag and drop any element on the canvas.
  • Assets: Mockitt has many default widgets and templates for its users. You can easily edit or customize them according to your need. Plus, you can save your personalized widgets and make them reusable.
  • Cloud | Collaboration: Another Mockitt fantastic feature is that they provide cloud functionality to its users. So, they can collaborate with other team members. Plus, you can access your work anytime or anywhere in the world.

So, these were some important features of Mockitt. If you have any queries related to Mockitt, you can visit their site.

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