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I'm Albert Shepherd born in 1987 in New Zealand. I have strong interest in website development, app development, prototyping and writing on a wide range of topics on the same. With my content, you get to learn a lot.

Work experience and education

I studied in Victoria University of Wellington where I graduated in commerce in 2009. Since then, I have been lucky to work with some of the top companies in the country at various capacities. In all these jobs, I have been fully dedicated to help businesses succeed through creation of effective market development, product management, product road mapping and other ways. In 2013, my passion for design development made me join Whitecliffe University to pursue a course in app making and development. At the same time, I also pursued web building course in the same institution. This is where I learned a lot in the website and app development field and decided I can share my knowledge and skills as a freelance writer with Wondershare filmora in the same fields.

With my rich knowledge in ecommerce and design development, have managed to work with well-established companies and also startups. My strength lies in the ability to make identification and understand the target audience needs. Besides, I can produce results by communicating the value a product provides to the audience.


As a result of my training in the different areas, I decided to join Wondershare Filmora in 2016 where I do share great skills and knowledge in design development and various software products like MockingBot. My biggest motivation since I joined Wondershare filmora is to create content for design developers and all others who want to earn more skills and knowledge in app and web development technology. I do content that not only increase knowledge to the readers, but also offer solutions to given product development and designing problems.


I live here in Auckland New Zealand with my dream family of three kids and lovely wife. When am free you will find me in the swimming pool enjoying great times there with my family or guests. You also find me reading books or watching adventure movies to help me relax.


Are you going to do data visualization? You can use Xmind for that. But what if you can't use the said program? Here are your 10 best alternatives in 2023.

Here to know the definition and typical types of concept maps and get to know the benifit and the way to create concept map.

Figma is an all-in-one browser-based design app. Meanwhile, Adobe XD syncs local files to its Creative Cloud. Know which design tool works best for you.

Adobe XD features plugins from Adobe and third-party developers to enhance your design workflows. XD plugins help you automate complex tasks to do more with less.

Look no further than this list to find the best Sketch alternative that works on major platforms, like Windows, macOS, and Linux, in 2023.

Are you a UX/UI designer? Is prototyping included in your workflow? It must be! Prototypes can ensure the success of your project. Use this guide to know what it is and how to do it.

In this article, we will show you what a wizard of oz prototype is and the way to use it. Plus, we also offer two examples to you.

POC functions as an internal project, while a Prototype serves as a model to get feedback. Unlike these two, MVP serves as a mini-project for limited users.

Can Instagram become a source of learning? Absolutely. Take a look at these Instagram UI accounts that share tips, ideas, and concepts about UI designing.

Becoming a member of a UI design community will work in your favor from various ends, including better prospects. Here are the top 10 UI communities.

The principles of user interface are required to be understood by every UI/UX designer as they are primary in creating a relevant and effective design.

Do you want to get some insights about Semantic UI? It is high time to learn the user interface tips and tricks. Step into this article to grab the perfect design facts for your needs.

Are you excited to explore a new design language like Material UI? Then, quickly surf the below content for reliable data. You can enlighten with unique design ideas to enhance your web design skills.

Are you in search of the purpose of jQuery UI? Do you look for the best alternative to jQuery? Then, scroll down to discover exciting facts on jQuery.

Typography is adding the right text and improving its design to establish a connection with the reader. Read on to know how to use typography in UI design.

Do you want to design UI mobile like a pro? Are you excited to explore optimum methods to carry out the mobile UI design process? Step into this article to get some valuable insights about it.

Are you excited to learn about GUI? Do you have any idea about GUI examples? Step into this article to analyze the pros and cons of Graphical User Interface in your website design.

Glassmorphism. Eye-catching & colorful, this style favors transparency & multi-layered approaches. Here is what you need to know about this UI design trend!

Modern and Creative Flat UI design websites showcase for inspiration. In this article, we gathered Flat design interactive, web agencies, and corporate websites.

Why is a graphical user interface so important? It will either lift your product above the competition or lower it below. In this article, we will talk about the importance of a graphical user interface.

Learn what is Graphical User Interface and the way to use GUI Python. If need an alternative for GUI Python, Mockitt can help you much.

In this article, we will talk about an interesting direction - neomorphism, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the digital world.

Here’s a guide on five excellent UI motion design effects to use interface designing. Stay ahead in a competitive world with these motion design formats.

In the gaming world, graphic designing and controls are everything. If both these things are in the same game, your game is in the trend for sure! That’s how game UI is essential from a user perspective.

Learning the best UI design course and certification to enhance the way of developing the websites. Now indulge the new designs in the website to make it work in a better way.

Feel free to shape and bring out the best designs, making the web page more persuasive and easier to access.

If you want to know the latest trends in the UI design of 2023, read this article to find out. We have the top 10 UI design trends for you.

Interface designing has become the most productive and emerging skill in 2021. Every day we see many different creative UI concepts and effective designs. These UI design concepts can strengthen your creativity and thinking.

Being fascinated by the increasing demand for UI designs, are you thinking about it? Read the content to read the things to know before being a UI graphic designer.

Designing a user interface is not an easy task to do for beginners. Even a single component of design may force you to grab your head. Table UI design is one of them if you don't design it correctly.

Shift the modes and enter in the dark mode and enjoy its wonders and color combinations.

The excellent use of elements inside the interface makes the design attractive. UI card is one of the most delicate elements that gives tremendous attraction and looks to the user perspective.

Develop the designs which make you look much more sophisticated and also describes each component of the website in a new way

You will learn more about the key roles, responsibilities, and skills of a UI designer, as well as what employers look for in potential UI candidates.

In this article, we have a list of the top 15 UI design agencies in 2023. You can find the most suitable UI agency here.

Did you know that there is a very well-known event "Daily UI Design Challenge" on the Internet? This activity encourages designers to set a goal and then continue various changes for a hundred days.

What makes a good UI/UX design? Here's a list of 10 rules of good web ui design. Follow these rules to improve user experience.

Stay up to date on the hottest user interface design inspirations for 2023. We've compiled a list of the top 10 user interface design trends for 2023 that you should be aware of.

What is macOS Monterey? This article will give a full and deep introduction of macOS Monterey. This will reveal the great device divide.

Want to know about Framer and its major features? This post includes the 5 best Framer alternatives and a tutorial to import projects from Figma to Framer.

Are you not satisfied with the Principle for Mac app anymore? Get to know about the 10 best Principle Mac app alternatives to meet your designing needs.

Are you just getting started with Uizard? Get to know what is Uizard, its major features, how to use it, and the popular Uizard alternatives here.

What is macOS 12 name? This article will introduce the name of macOS 12 based on the remaining trademarks of Apple company and the previous names of macOS system.

What is the release date of the macOS 12? This post will predict the release date of the macOS 12 beta and official version.

What devices will macOS 12 support? This article will give a list of macOS supported devices.

What are the new features of macOS 12? Follow this guide, and we shall predict the macOS 12 new features you want to see.

Will macos 12 will be released on WWDC 2021? This article helps you find out everything about macOS 12, including the macOS release date, name, and features.

The UI trend and web design can never be off-page. If you're a designer and want to follow the UI design trends in 2023 to practice your expertise, this is the right place for you.

If you are searching for the best course or free UI course to learn UI design. This article is going to show you the 10 best online UI design courses for you.

White space in UI is the free space between the design elements and in the layout. This negative or white space enhance the user experience

Modern UI identifies more closely with the end-users giving them more importance & setting the ground rules for designers to upgrade their craft & align their thinking.

Here are the best UI design books that you must read at least once to identify the foundational and future-relevant concepts of interface designing.

Everything you should know about a UI color palette including the types of palettes, how to select them, and a tool to create designs with perfection.

Do you want to know about UI designer salary? Are you searching for a better space to explore your career in the UI design field? Step down to discover insightful scope in the UI designer career and its attractive pay scales.

Find out about bad and good UI design examples along with the reasons. Also, discover a designing tool to create incredible UI designs

Are you a digital designer or looking to become a part of one? Or still curious how you can improve your UI designs? Designing demands skills and lots of improvement to become a successful designer. All you have to do is always remain up-to-date with market standards and acquire UI design tips from time to time.

Understanding the color principles are vital to creating the perfect UI design. Read on to know more about the UI colors and their principles.

Are you searching for the best mobile UI designs in 2021? Mobile UI design has been a genuine concern for interface designers. So, why not explore in 2021? Searching different designs from different sources gives inspiration to the designers.

Do you have any idea about the UI kit? Had you ever come across this term? In this article, you will learn about UI kits and their positive impact on the UI design field.

Are you excited to connect with the top UI designers? Do you search for their valuable ideas? Then, quickly scroll down to discover insightful design ideas from the experts.

Do you search for the best UI blogs to guide your web design career? This article assists you to grab the right path for the successful blog design profession.

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on the UI design process? Then, this article assists you in identifying the crucial activities in the design process to achieve the desired outcomes.

The world of web projects is more and more focused on user behavior, no matter how you understand your client's needs, go entrust this work to a specialist like a UX architect.

UX designers can create a good spatial interface and thinks in terms of space and time, just like they create mock-ups to communicate the vision of the product.

Signs and images are surrounding us, subliminally imparting to us in a visual, hear-able, and material language.

Incorporating motion to enhance the user experience, motion can bring personality, content and can improve usability.

Information visualization to inform the design process: UX Designers collect and collate data to improve the design and development of a product.

The overall purpose of a UX newsletter is not to make sales, it is an email sent to educate and attract readers to the sender.

If you start with just one user experience skill and put it into practice, you will make exceptional improvements in your product or service.

As a UX specialist, one alternative to refine and improve your plan venture is to focus on UX influencers.

Information designers are experts at designing for people, which means making information understandable, appealing, and cross-media.

Industrial Design refers to the design of a good produced by industry. As a precision, it only refers to the part the user can touch and feel.

UX designers should have a good understanding of human factors design so they can create a great product.

t is important to listen to feedback from others when you design something, and UX mentorship is even more important.

Data visualization is what turns big and small data into visuals that are easier for the human brain to understand and process.

Audio engineering involves the process of recording sound and reproducing it in various ways and storing it so that it can be reproduced later.

information architecture is not only to design the organizational structure of information but also to study the expression and transmission of information.

What is the best low fidelity prototype tool? Here are 5 low fidelity prototype tools which you can select the most appropriate option on the basis of your requirements.

As we all know, the purpose of links or hyperlinks is to navigate between webpages. But have you ever thought about how these links could affect your user experience? Some of you might know, but we’ll help you get through it for those who don’t know.

Around 3.81 billion social media platforms worldwide, digital media installations have become an integral part of everyday life.

The use of technology has offered a smooth path in the manufacturing landscape, it is not only efficient but also friendly

You can ask as many relevant questions as you want, but before jumping into endless details, you should first understand the basics of the UX project well.

Want to give a mind-blowing UX presentation? Get a load of this guide and know all the pillar elements of a great presentation!

Innovative design is all about creativity, isn’t it? The purpose of the innovative designer is to produce some quality design. Without artistry, we don't see any purpose of graphic designer take place.

Do you want to know what xamarin is ? If yes, then this post has everything you need to know about, make sure to follow the post till the end.  

Want to attain more traffic and better UX design on your web? Then check out this article. Here we have disclosed the 10 color and contrast tips for beginners. Read the article to know the best contrast color.

According to a survey, 74% of companies utilize web forms to attract customers, while 49% of companies declare web forms to be their highest sales promoting tool.

A mobile user experience design aims to provide positive experiences to its users when using any mobile device. Creating a UX mobile design is a challenging task.

Although you might be aware of the term - loading time, you might still not know how much this single term can affect the user experience.

A UX designer and UX writer are integral to bringing out the best in a product and inspire action. Choose any one out of these best UX writing courses today and begin learning.

Chances of getting your dream job increase when looking in the right place. These topmost UX job boards present great opportunities in the UX industry; go check them out.

There is a huge pool of knowledge waiting to enlighten you in UX designing and its concepts. Here is a list of the top 10 UX writers on Medium that you should follow.

UX design challenges are comprehensive exercises conducted with an aim to find out a solution to an existing design problem. Find out the reasons for participating in these challenges.

UX designing includes understand different concepts of the user’s journey and implementing them within the design. Read on to know whether you need a UX degree or not.

UX mental models are an effective tool to build in-depth user experiences. Here is how you can use this innovative concept to increase customer engagement.

Want to be updated with all the happenings of the UX world? Link to legitimate sources. Here are some user experience experts whom you can follow!

UX podcasts is a better way to learn quickly and gain exciting knowledge about the industry. These top 10 podcasts cover a wide range of UX and related topics for the users.

Technology, Education, and Design, or TED platforms inspire and motivate the audiences to know more about the world of UX design.

A successful and effective visual enhances the base of loyal customers, and helps the visitors follow the information seamlessly.

From simple to complex use, the technology is constantly upgrading to ensure its usability and acceptability to more significant users.

With the evolution of Ubiquitous computing applications, the ease of being in-network constantly has offered an array of tech advancements

Understanding the importance of simple yet straightforward navigation design is key to design a user-friendly website and application.

Interface design acts as the interactions between humans and the computer system, acting as the bridge for smooth communication.

Interaction design is one of the factors affecting the UX, which is the key to creating a user experience that goes far and wide.

Information architecture is an integral part of the complete process of website and application development.

With application in almost all areas, informatics has proven to be one of the most crucial parts of technology.

What is HCI? This post will help you learn the detailed information about Human Computer Interaction in UX Design.

What are the fucntional specifications in UX discipline? This article shall introduce the detailed information.

The controls determine the pattern of the interaction and extension that customizes the user experience.

The competition of mobile apps so high and demand ever-increasing, which makes understanding the application design crucial.

How can I become a software engineer? This article will introduce what is software engineer and how to become one. Read to find more.

Get to know about the concept of user experience strategy in this post. It will also include smart tips to work on an effective UX strategy for your design.

Get to know about ascender in typography in this post. The guide will also make you familiar with concepts like the ascender definition and compatible fonts.

Sourcing out the best remote work tools? This article will introduce 10 of the best work form home tools in 2023.

Who doesn't want to improve the quality and increase the speed of business in the market? That’s the only way to compete in today’s market. There’s the complete procedure of it, learn PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and stand out in today’s market with lower cost.

Are you Facing difficulties as a team manager for organizing and track your project work, right? Well, you're in the right place. We’re going to cover a project management app that will surely help you to track your project report and manage your team anywhere and anytime.

Want to do risk-free business? The greater the management strategies are, the more chances of your business success with minimal risk. Project Portfolio Management is among one of those strategies that increase the success rate in your business.

How can you create a carousel with WordPress? Here is a tutorial on how to create carousel with WordPress step-by-step.

Want to create a image slider with bootstrap? Follow this guide and you will learn how to use bootstrap create multiple image slider.

How do I create a carousel with jQuery? This article will introduce the detailed steps on creating carousel with jQuery.

What is Pixelation? This article will introduce the reasons why pixelation happens and the tips to avoid it in your design.

Wondering what is raster graphic? This article will introduce raster graphic from all aspects. You can learn everything about it here.

Wondering what Kerning is? This post will introduce the definition of Kerning, how to work with kerning in typography.

What is design strategy? This article explain the meaning of design strategy and the steps to create strategic design

Wondering what fonts Marvel supported? This article will introduce the detailed list and resources of Marvel fonts.

Do you have any idea about Hackathon? Are you wondering about how to prepare for Hackathon? Then quickly step into this article to get some glimpses on Hackathon and its preparation. It is high time to hunt for a competitive platform in coding.

It is high time to get some insights about the Hackathon themes if you want to take part actively into this competitive platform. Get ready to discover the amazing themes of Hackathon. Make your preparations accordingly. Let start an enlightening journey on the themes of Hackathon.

There are 10 Adobe XD wireframe kits here are totally free! You will find 10 different kinds of wireframe kits and also learn how to create a wireframe online.

What is motion graphics? In this article, we will have a detailed discussion about the concept of motion graphics, where they are used, and why they are used.

How to choose the color for your design? I think you need color wheel images to get some inspiration. In this article, you’ll see several kinds of color wheel images.

How do you create an application for free? This post focuses on the tutorial on how to make application software for free

Do you want to learn more about Uxpin? Here provide you introduction of Uxpin and teach you how to do Prototypes by using the innovative tool Uxpin. Hurry up to read and get what you need!

Here are the 10 best graphic design software you find for you in 2023! Start your design now!

Zeplin for Windows is a fast and non-buggy web version that will save you a lot of effort, time, and nerves.

Are you looking for good profile page designs for inspiration? Here are 10 examples of the profile page design, take a look at them!

What is a good FAQs page design? A good FAQ page must be clear, well-designed and well presented o the website. If you have no idea on your own website, then you really should take a look at other excellent examples.

How to make a stunning website design? You might need to see some websites about design to get inspiration and get to know how to design your own.

It is evident that anyone would like to enjoy a non-profit website design. For most of us, the charity website design remains a fruitful industry covering the need of the developing world.

Who doesn't like a clean look no matter if it's their home or their personal/business website. Yes, you heard it right, clean website designs are among the most popular things being discussed nowadays.

Creating a spectacular landing page design for websites and mobile apps can be tricky some times. Your overall lead generation is depending on these landing pages you designed. So, if you want to generate some leads for your website or your client’s website/company, you will need a high-class landing page design that attracts the customer.

Are you looking for inspiration for graphic design? Take a look at this graphic design website list. By feeding some ideas to your creative mind, you can finish up the last segment of your design or start with something new with more focus and precision.

Flow charts are the best ways with the help of which you can let somebody know about anything thoroughly. In this post, we will have a look at the top 10 flow chart examples for inspiration with the help of which you can have some idea about designing your new flow chart.

Many people may ask what is process flowchart before we talk about how to design one. In this article, we are going first to discuss such flow charts precisely, and right after that, we will move to the step by step guide for designing one.

Are you looking for the ways to develop a sales process flowchart? In this article, we are going to have a look at a five steps guide to develop a sales flowchart efficiently.

A flowchart is used to help graphically present a process, decision, system, hierarchy or other kinds of linked information. In this article we will learn how to create a Visio flowchart diagram started in Visio.

What’s the best flowchart drawing tools? Flowchart drawing can be a really challenging task if you don’t have the support of great tools. In this article, we will have a look at five flowchart drawing tools you should be knowing.

What is the best flowchart tool? The main purpose of flowcharts is to make complicated stuff understandable for the user. In this article, we list 9 of the best flowchart tools.

Are you obsessed by website design? Here is a tutorial to guide you how to design a webstie with Wondershare Mockitt. Mockitt is an easy-to-use prototyping tool for any kind of design, even a beginner can use it fluently.

How to build a modern website design? I believe you must want your website to follow the recent trend. Let’s take a look at famous modern website design examples to inspire you.

Are you using Zeplin mac to design prototype? In this article, we will introduce you some best alternatives for Zeplin mac. You’ll know the features and advantages of each tool.

What’s in your mind when we talk about website footer design? Some might take it unuseful while great footer design has been proved to have the power to attract significant traffic to your website.

Why blue color scheme is so popular? Blue symbolizes consistency and professionalism. Hence, this color is often used by financial services and tech companies. Blue looks factual, technical, and also not very emotional.

What is complementary colors? Complementary colors are opposite each other in the color wheel and are so-called complementary colors. In this article, we’ll discuss how to apply complementary color scheme to UI design.

What is monochromatic color scheme? How to use monochromatic color scheme in website design? In this article, we will discuss these two questions to help you use monochromatic color better.

The website color scheme is very important for your business. The color scheme shows your brand concept and reputation. In this article, we selected 7 stunning website color schemes to get you inspired.

Need some inspiration of logo color schemes for your logo design? Look no further, here we gathered 10 best examples of color schemes for logo, take a look at them!

Are you interested to create an about us page design? Then, hunt for the persuasive ideas in this article. Get ready, fasten your seat belt and take off to explore enlightening journey on the insights of about us page for your website.

Are you looking for some footer design templates to design your website? We collected 5 amazing footer design templates to inspire you. Check it out now!

How to make a flowchart online? We selected 9 free online flowchart makers to help you work easier and more efficiently. Take a look at them!

Are you looking for impressive ideas to build a persuasive sales page design for your webpage? Then, this article is the best guide to grab the necessary sales page strategies as per your requirement. Scroll down to explore the innovations.

How to make a creative footer design? Most websites don’t pay much attention to the footer design as it’s the bottom of the website. However, we found some best footer designs online which can bring a good impression on visitors. Hope they can inspire your website footer.

Do you hunt for excellent online page design? Then, connect with this article to learn about the tricks and tips associated with flawless home page ideas for your website.

UX designers require a motion graphics app to create impeccable web designs. Today, we will discuss some best motion graphic apps you can use with a suggestion of a tool to encourage you on the web development journey.

Are you not satisfied with the current website design and plans to do a website redesign? Well, you are in the right place. Here we have summarized 8 efficient tips that can help you in web redesign.

Everyone who wants to start a company website will need a team page. But do you know how to do a team page design? Here in this blog we introduced the top 8 team page design templates to inspire you.

What exactly is web design? How to design a website? Website design is important because it showcases the visual look. In this article, you’ll know how to design a website step by step and learn some useful tools to help you in your design.

It is not easy for one to choose the best prototyping tool/software for their projects. But we will bring you a rising one here, justinmind prototype software that should fulfill your needs.

Before you design website for your business, it's necessary to take a look at the best website design to learn how to design the header, footer, layouts and so on. A good website design can immediately take your business to the next level.

Do you hunt for inspirational search page design? Then, this platform feeds you with stunning ideas and you will get a clear picture of the design strategy of the search page on a website. Scroll down for more details on this topic.

How to create a stunning website header design? The website header is the first impression for your customers, it’s very crucial to design creatively. Here we listed 10 awesome examples for your inspiration.

How to choose a proper color palette for your web? This is an important question for UI/UX designers. Web colors should be catchy and consistent to blend with the design. We have lined up some web color palette for your inspiration.

How to create a church website design? If you are thinking of creating a church website, then you’ll need to take a look on other good church websites to get some inspiration.

Are you looking for some good motion graphic courses? Do you want to learn it online? In this article, we’ll see the top motion graphics course picked by experts.

Are you looking for some creative color wheels? Here we collected 5 different kinds of color wheels for your design work. Take a look at them!

How Justinmind templates help designers to enhance their capability of thinking? To know the answer, you just have to go through this article. You’ll learn how essential can templates be for the web or UI designers.

Nowadays, a frequently asked question is “what are the real benefits of interactive website design”? Having an interactive web design is that more people will stay on your website. Always try to make your website design eye-catchy

A good web banner design ultimately helps you achieve your business goals or to get a potential audience. Therefore, we will discuss how to create a web banner design in this article, hope you’ll be benefit from it.

What is flowchart programming? flowchart programming means serious business. Here, you have to use dedicated shapes like ovals, parallelograms, decision diamonds, circles, rectangles, etc.

What is responsive web design? Responsive web design lets you design a website that adapts or responds to the width of the web browser and make sure all the content displays on any device.

Almost every UI/UX designers face a great challenge of selecting the right color from the material color palette. Today, we've got some great examples for you to take inspiration along with a suggestion of a trending tool in the designer field.

Web design can be a crucial factor and every UI/UX designer struggles when it comes to creating the ideal design. We are here to discuss some steps to create a Dreamweaver web design along with the suggestion of a useful tool.

What is a good restaurant website design? All the top restaurant websites have one factor which remains consistent in all of them: Exceptional Presentation. Take a look at some great restaurant website design!

What is flowchart diagram? How to create a flowchart diagram easily? Flowcharts have a versatile character, meaning that they can be used and understood by any person working in any industry. Let’s get to understand flowcharts in some more detail.

Are you creating your travel website design? Here are top 10 travel websites we collected for your inspiration. I believe you’ll learn something from them.

Are you a UI/UX creator looking for a web design tutorial? Worry not, we will provide you all the information required to create an excellent website design along with the assistance of a useful tool. Mockitt can be a perfect companion to create modest prototypes and website designs quickly and cost-effectively.

How to design a good website layout? The website layout is the most important aspect of any website. Be clear in your web layout design process. I think that in web layout design less is more.

Why is it so essential to design a good header? Website header design has always been critical for designing an excellent website. Two main points considered to be essential for creating a website; one is website header design, and the other in the footer design.

What is a flowchart? How can it benefit your work? In this article, we'll discuss the meaning of flowchart and how to create a simple flowchart online.

What is Justinmind? How can I design prototypes with Justinmind? This whole article is about everything that a designer needs to know about Justinmind prototyping.

Looking for top flowchart symbols and their meanings? Find out all about the basic process flowchart symbols that are most commonly used in simple flowcharts.

Are you looking for best alternatives of Justinmind Linux? Currently, Justinmind for Linux is not available. Therefore, you'll not be able to use Justinmind in Linux kernel. Here we listed 5 best prototyping tools that available for Linux for you to choose. Take a look at them!

Want a color scheme that fits your favorite images perfectly? With the Canva color palette generator, you can create color combinations as you desire in seconds.

Do you want to get a color palette from image? The right colors will get your audience engaged and highlight your brand's personality in a way that words cannot. In this article, we will teach you how to get a color palette from an image.

Neon and bright and muted or pastel? A monochromatic splash or a full-on rainbow? From fashion to web design, create a good color palette can set the mood and convey specific feelings, making it a treasured aspect of every design project.

Do you know how to choose the right ui color palette for you UI design? In this article, we guide you on taking full advantage of color selection by choosing the right UI color palette.

What is primary and secondary color wheel? They are One of the basic principles about colors. People have recently realized that the combination of supplementary colors or colors from the secondary color wheel can make your site look more attractive.

How to select a proper color palette for your websites? In this article, we will explore the different online tools to help you create a perfect color palette for your website.

Are you looking for some web design books to learn web design on your own? There are so many books available in the market, we selected 7 books that’s most suitable for beginners, take a look at them!

Are you looking for good color palette generators for your design? A color palette generator can help you find color palettes based on different trends that align with your vision and brand. We selected 7 best generators for you, take a look at them!

Designing a beautiful website needs creativity. And without color wheel design theory, creativity is nothing. Color combinations do matter in creating an attractive website. Color wheel design plays an essential role in choosing perfect colors for your design.

How to choose the right color combination for website? If you have no idea how to combine the color, why not take a look at some excellent examples for inspiration?

What is color scheme? How to use color scheme in design? In this article, we will cover the four types of color schemes with examples, and with that, we will also look at what exactly is a color scheme.

Color wheel art has become more helpful for artists. The question is, how color wheel helps artists in drawing paintings professionally? Well, that’s a long debate. Hopefully, we’ll try to cover this topic in this article, but remember it’s a long talk on “Color Wheel Theory.”

How to create an eye-catching app color schemes? In this article, we'll cover all the essential aspects for designers on how they can choose the best app color schemes naturally or with the help of tools.

Do you want to get some color inspiration from nature? In this article, you’ll differentiate between warm color scheme, summer color scheme, fall color scheme, and other seasonal colors.

What is triadic color scheme? Triadic color scheme is exciting and more comfortable to understand the terminology. Its purpose is to select the color combinations for your designs similar to the color wheel.

Learn how to always reading project data when opening a project.

Learn how to adaptation in mobile preview.

Learn how to annotations are not displayed when running.

Learn how to password required when openning a sharing link.

Learn how to validity period of a sharing link.

Learn how to how to return to project list page when opening a project on the phone.

Like website designs and color palettes are essential for a brand and business, it’s also important to design beautiful color palettes for apps. Nowadays, mobile applications are more critical for every organization or any other company.

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Finding the right colors for your website designing could be a challenging task if you are not using the right color wheel apps. But once you move online for finding the best color wheel app for yourself, you would get confused as there are plenty of options to

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What is analogous colors? How to apply analogous colors in design? I believe you must have a lot of questions about analogous colors, don’t worry, let us to explain everything about it.

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Why dashboard web design is so important? Because A good dashboard web design provides on-demand access to all of your most important metrics. In this article, let us discuss how to create an effective dashboard design.

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Are you enthusiastic about taking your marketing to the next level? Your services page is usually one of your website's most viewed pages, and the right service page design and content would potentially lead to more sales.

The signup page design may become the most crucial for your newly built website. It seems like most people get emotionally attached to the impression of the signup page. Here are 6 examples of mobile app signup page for your inspiration.

How to make a creative 404 page design? In this article, we will show you the different 404 page design examples so you can make use of them. Plus, it also affects your rankings on search engines. So, always be creative while creating 404 page design.

Why the product page design is so important? A perfect product page design increases the value of your featured product. An excellent product page design has the power to turn your visitor into a customer.

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In this modern and highly sophisticated world, people just love to visit websites with simple website designs. Although not everyone is going to believe in this fact, this is the reason we are here to discuss a few proven ways for bringing targeted traffic with a simple website design.

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Why header design is so important? Because Header design is the foremost aspect of any website that will attract the reader. The header is in direct contact with the eye.

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