The Best Tool to Create Carousel

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:45:48

Into every designer's life there eventually comes the request: "Could we get a carousel on our homepage?" A carousel can also be called slider, slideshow, or gallery. A carousel optimizes screen space by displaying only a subset of images from a collection of images in a cyclic view. The navigational controls on a carousel suggests additional content that is not currently visible, this encourages the user to continue exploring. Therefore, this pattern is very popular for advertisements, image galleries and storytelling. This guide explains how to make carousel in a quick and easy way using the best tool for designers – Wondershare Mockitt

how to make carousel

The Best Tool to Create Carousel

Designers love to focus on creative ideas and experiments. Rarely do you find a designer who loves to play with HTML and CSS tags. It is also extremely complex to manually write carousel HTML CSS. However, at the same time it is imperative to provide a seamless handoff to your development team. Several wireframing tools come to your rescue. However, Mockitt is hands down the highest quality cloud based prototyping platform. Since the tool is cloud based, you can work anytime, anywhere from one account. The system automatically saves all changes. You can log in directly through the browser to exercise the features of Mockitt.

When compared to other tools, Mockitt enables designers to design prototypes faster. This can be attributed to the availability of many carousel libraries full of built-in UI assets and templates. Designers can create and reuse their own libraries to build custom carousels as well.

To kick start a carousel html css, login to your Mockitt account and create a new Project with the Webpages layout. From the list of built-in components, drag out the carousel component. A picture placeholder automatically appears on the right setting panel. You can choose the pictures to upload and adjust the order of the carousel pictures by dragging and dropping pictures directly on the thumbnail. You can customize the following with the Carousel widget –

  • Carousel Scroll – You can set the carousel scroll to horizontal or vertical based on your preference and design requirement.
  • Carousel Rotation - The Carousel widget also provides an option to set the carousel rotation. You can choose to set the interval between the rotations to auto rotate. You can also choose to click the carousel and mandate a click on the carousel to jump to other pages.
  • Indicator point - You can choose whether to display the indicator point or eliminate it from your carousel design. You can also color the point as per the color palette for your design.

Mockitt encourages the designer-developer collaboration as well. It can optimize the collaborative efforts of your design and development teams through the browser-based inspect and export tools. You can use the handoff tab to generate the carousel html css specifications. The right panel will display the CSS specifications. Click on 'Copy' and share the markup with your development team. That is it! Indeed, it is that simple to create carousel html css in Mockitt.

Useful Tips for Making Carousel

It is not just sufficient to learn to create carousel using a carousel maker online. It is equally important to design and use the carousel right. Here are a few tips to ensure you get your carousel right – 

1. Avoid autoplay – Many of the carousel's biggest problems arise from the fact that they often advance automatically, without the user doing a thing. Every user has a different comprehension speed. Autoplays may be too fast for some while too slow for others. 

2. Use a familiar control – Two common methods of allowing people to control the sliders they encounter have sprung up and have become pretty familiar to most on the web. They are:

  1. Arrows that, on click, advance to the next slide, or move back. You can place these visually on the slides, or either above or below them. Just make sure they are placed on, and point in, the direction they move to. 
  2. Dot navigation - These are either filled or hollow circles that both indicate how many slides there are, and allow people to click to move to the corresponding slide.

3. Short & clear text - Be sure to keep the text short and clear. If you are not sure whether your text is short enough, throw it into the design and see if you can read it before the slide moves on.

4. Touch friendly carousel - There's nothing more natural than seeing a carousel on your phone and reaching out to swipe it. And it's far easier for visitors than trying to tap that tiny arrow. So, make it easy and natural for your mobile visitors by enabling swipe.

With rich features and great feedback from the design community, Mockitt is all set to change the way designers design, prototype, collaborate and handoff to developers. So if you are looking for a carousel maker online, Mockitt is your best bet.