Understanding the Specificities of Programming Flowchart and How to Create

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:47

Well, with other types of flowcharts, the users can use their imagination and even create new shapes where required. But flowchart programming means serious business. Here, you have to use dedicated shapes like ovals, parallelograms, decision diamonds, circles, rectangles, etc.

All these shapes have a distinct meaning, which is why they are added at a particular point. Programmers use the flowchart in their work to solve a problem or to build a cause and effect relationship between two different subjects. Plus, it also helps explain the connections among different shapes and helps identify the flow between them.

We are going to discuss flowchart in computer programming in detail below; stay Tuned.

What is a Flowchart in Programming?

A lot of programmers use the concept of flowcharts in their work for different purposes. Some use it to solve problems, while others leverage the highly sorted and separated fields to find bugs and understand the outcome while knowing the process's steps.

So, different users mean different meanings to the same concept. To understand it better, we need to take a look at the shapes used with the flowchart programming.

  • Terminal: The oval shape that you might see while creating a flowchart has more than two meanings. Inserting the oval shape means that the program is either starting or stopping here. Sometimes, it is also used to depict a halt in the flow.
  • Input/Output: This is one of the most widely used shapes for a flowchart in computer programming. Denoted by a parallelogram, the I/O shape is meant for the instructions, which usually follow one after the other.
  • Processing: When the users insert a rectangle box, this implies that this particular needs processing. It can be anything from adding, subtracting, to finding the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Decision: The diamond-shaped decision in the flowchart denotes a Yes or No and a True or False sequence. Usually, the flowchart gets divided after inserting this shape.

  • Connectors: Small or big circles in the flowchart programming are meant to connect two things when the chart gets more convoluted. Connectors help differentiate things for better understanding.

Flowchart programming examples

A simple yet explanatory example of creating a program with C or C++ or even Java is given below. This is only a single-tier representation of how any user can use a flowchart to generate or write bug-free codes because they are able to understand the entire process perfectly well.

Let's assume that you want to calculate the interest rate charged by the bank on your loan with a computer program. Here's how the flowchart in C programming will go ahead.

Before creating the chart, we need to create the algorithm to get a better idea of the main functions.

flowchart programming

So, this is the simple process of creating and executing flowchart programming. Everything in such a flowchart is easy to understand and implement. The programmers will know what type of code is required and what will be the result.

Best programs to make a flowchart

A lot of programs are available on the web to create a flowchart in computer programming. Some software has pre-existing templates that cover various basic flowcharts needed to create programming flowcharts.

However, when things get a bit intertwined, you need a professional online or offline to create the required design. Here are the three best programs to make flow charts.

  1. Edraw
flowchart programming examples

Edraw is an offline software that you can down on your system and begin creating highly interactive and detailed flowcharts with nothing but a few clicks. Edraw is like a whole library of modern-day tools to take end to end care of all the planning.

It also comes preloaded with an abundance of icons, shapes, and symbols for the flowchart's visual programming. Edraw is easy to use and allows image export from the devices to create a custom design for specific purposes. Be it a cross-functional flowchart or workflow, event flow, data flow, or any other type of sequence you like, edraw has a template ready to be used.

  1. Zenflow
flowchart in c programming

Zenflow is another intuitively design free flowchart program or tool that is based on the web. One of the best things about Zenflow is it's simple and systematized interface. It has all the tools and additions that you might want to create a flowchart, but everything is collated into different tabs.

This also means that you have a larger screen area to work with. Moreover, with Zenflow, the color texture and the dynamics of the shapes appealing to the eye because of the smooth hues. Here too, you can create any type of diagram, making Zenflow another one of the best programs for flowcharts.

  1. Visual Paradigm
best program for flowcharts

Visual paradigm is also an online flowchart programming tool embedded with interactive and smart features to create perfect flowcharts. You will also find a wide gamut of templates in the system that are not only attractive and systematic but also helps create the ideal flowchart for the desired function.

For better retention, you can also save the diagrams on Google drive. There is the possibility of adding images and other sorts of media from the devices and adding to the flowchart. It is easy to use, highly engaging, and available for free.

Create a simple flowchart online

Well, after going through the top 3 tools and understanding what flowchart visual programming means, we suggest you give Wondershare Mockitt a spin. This is one of the easiest to use online tools, which is also free. Further, with Mockitt, you will get access to a wide variety of shapes and icons. This includes the programming-specific flowcharts.

flowchart programming

But there is a multitude of other options to create effective flowcharts for simple to complex and cross-functional programming flowcharts. Furthermore, with Mockitt, nothing is lost as all the work gets saved on the cloud while you are working.

Creating a flowchart with Mockitt is very simple and straightforward. You can one-click insertion of any kind of shape and line. You can also edit the shape's dimensions with its vector-based editing abilities.

All in all, Mockitt is an interactive and intuitive platform that takes care of every specific detail to create programming flowcharts. This is indeed one of the best programs to make flow charts.