How to Create Flowchart in Google Docs?

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

UI/UX designers may find it complicated to make flowcharts google docs. Flowcharts and visuals are widely used to add interest to a heavy document so it may help readers and observers understand the message quickly. Flowcharts google docs are very trending to make a simple flowchart. There are two ways to make a flowchart in google docs which we will discuss further ahead. You can either use Lucidchart to add a flowchart automatically or Google Drawings to make a flowchart manually.

Steps to Create a Flowchart in Google Docs

Let us discuss how to make a flowchart in google docs. There are two ways to make a google doc's flowchart. Both options are free.

1. Lucidchart to add a flowchart automatically.

2. Google Drawings to make a flowchart manually


Lucidchart is completely integrated with Google G Suite, you can insert any already created diagrams into your document from Lucidchart. If you want to start a brand new flowchart, you can use the Google Docs add-on. Hundreds of built-in templates are provided by Lucidchart to quickly customize. Before you go with the manual option, try the Lucidchart add-on first as it saves time and provides more flexibility.

Steps to install google Lucidchart add-on.

First, download the google flowchart maker Lucidchart add-on for Google Docs and follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Doc.
  2. Click Add-ons then get add-ons.
  3. Find and click Lucidchart.
  4. Give permission to Lucidchart to access Google Docs.
  5. Google Docs needs permission to access your documents. You can log in to Lucidchart.

Steps to insert an existing flowchart with the Google Docs add-on.

The benefit of having this add-on, you can easily insert an existing flowchart in Google Docs with a high-resolution image without exiting the docs.

  1. Click Add-ons from the Google docs > Lucidchart Diagrams > Insert Your Diagram.
  2. Select your diagram from the list once a sidebar appears.
  3. To preview Click "+." if you have selected a correct diagram, click on "Insert."
  4. If you want to edit your flowchart, Click Add-ons > Lucidchart Diagrams > Update Inserted Diagrams and ensure your flowchart is accurate and up to date.

Google Drawings

Creating a flowchart in Google Docs with Google Drawings is considered as the second option for building flowcharts in Google Docs. It may not require any setup but it is difficult to manage if you are making a professional or large diagram. You can follow these to make one:

  1. First open Google Doc.
  2. Click Insert > Drawing > New Doc.
  3. Shape icon is used to add shapes.
  4. The lines icon is used to connect them.
  5. The final step when you are finished, click on "Save and Close."

As we know Google Drawings is a flowchart maker in google docs and you can make simple flowcharts that will be displayed in your Google Doc document with a manual approach. But the point is Google Draw isn't easy and initiative as the Lucidchart method. You can't refresh your diagram and see any updates or changes, you will be needing some extra time to customize, connect, and draw out shapes.

Why you should choose the Lucidchart?

Intuitive diagramming: In Google Drawings, you have to draw every shape individually in line, which will consume more time and your flowchart may look unpolished. Lucidchart provides a flow chart template in google docs.

Built-in hundreds of templates: If you use Google Drawings you will have to begin from scratch. In Lucidchart, you can select through a template library and extensive shape libraries including flowcharts.

Outside share options: Flowchart created in Google Drawings stays in Google Docs. Flowcharts created in Lucidchart can be shared directly within popular apps such as Google Slides, Confluence, Google Sheets, and Slack.

Create A Flowchart Online

Wondershare Mockitt is a reliable online prototyping tool used by UI/UX developers and beginners to make simple flowcharts and much more. The main benefit of this tool is that any user can create interactive prototyping without any experience. You can create a flowchart online without writing a single line of code.

flowcharts google

Wondershare Mockitt is a platform that has entrusted web designers. You can manage this tool efficiently and get your tasks done swiftly with its user-friendly interface. This tool provides a smooth and organized workspace. UI/UX designers can create prototypes faster with Mockitt's pre-defined library full of built-in templates and UI assets and customize project visibility.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt include timeless collaboration and real-time changes made by the team members. This tool is good for creating multiple graphics that will be displayed on any Android and iOS devices. Wondershare Mockitt is providing users a list of custom-sized layouts with flexible drag and drop features. Users can simply blend object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets and icons into their graphic design projects. This tool allows you to generate a QRcode or URL and share your project details with clients and stakeholders and receive feedback.

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