Guide:Solution for making font size smaller than 12 pixels in Chrome

This is a frequent issue that when the font size is set to less than 12 pixels in Chrome, the font size is unchanged and stays at 12 pixels. This is not a bug of Wondershare Mockitt, but is due to the minimum font size setting of the Chrome browser. For fonts, the default minimum font size is 12 pixels, so by default, Chrome will only display 12 pixels even if the font size is set to smaller than 12 pixels. If you need to display fonts smaller than 12 pixels, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open Chrome's "Settings" tab

2. Select "Custom Font" in "Appearance"

3. Adjust the minimum font size setting in "Minimum Font Size"

Reopen Wondershare Mockitt after setting, you can adjust the font size below 12 pixels