Understand Double Bubble Map and How to Create It

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53
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Sometimes, when making decisions, you have to compare two things. Which action or product will give you more rewards? You may be asking questions like this. A graph or chart can help you make intelligent decisions. We recommend using a double bubble map. This visual aid showing the differences and similarities between the two things will help you identify which one is better.

Are you a stranger to double bubble maps? Don't worry; help is on the way. Here's an in-depth explanation of a double bubble map and how to make one.

What Is a Double Bubble Map?

First, what is a bubble map? It's a visual representation of a subject and things that describe it. At the map's center is a "bubble" representing the noun or subject. Connected to it are many other bubbles containing adjectives that describe it.

double bubble map sample

A double bubble map is two bubble maps put side by side. If the two share a similarity, they are connected to the same descriptive bubble. That said, you can use double bubble maps to compare and contrast two different things.

But isn't that what a Venn diagram also does? Yes, they serve the same purpose. The difference is that double bubble maps are much more expandable. There is more writing space. You can also apply "filters" on double bubble maps to limit their scope. Thus, a double bubble map is much more focused than a Venn diagram.

Benefits of Double Bubble Maps

Double bubble maps are thinking maps. They are helpful for ideation - they allow you to grow your creativity, center your thoughts, and solve problems. Using this graphic organizer, you can easily identify one thing's advantages from the other thing. Thus, you can use double bubble maps to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, a double bubble map is a great brainstorming tool. Team members can collaborate to make one. That speeds up the ideation process, improving the team's productivity and efficiency.

You can also save double bubble maps. So you can get back to your ideas any time. That's easier than remembering an idea you did not write anywhere.

Difference Between a Bubble Map and a Double Bubble Map

The difference between a bubble map and a double bubble map is obvious. It is the number of main bubbles.

bubble map sample

A bubble map contains one main bubble - the subject. Connected to it are many outside bubbles that contain adjectives that describe it. That said, a bubble map is for understanding what the subject is.

On the other hand, double bubble maps have two main bubbles. They help you understand what those two things are. At the same time, a double bubble map compares and contrasts the two things. Therefore, it lets you see the difference between two things and, in some cases, identify which is better.

When To Use a Double Bubble Map

You can use double bubble maps in many scenarios. For instance, you may be running a business that manufactures and sells products. You make products with outsourced parts. Then you found a new supplier. You can use double bubble maps to compare their products with your old supplier and see which one is better.

Developers can also use double bubble maps. Do you have two features in mind but can only add one to the app you are making? Use a double bubble map to identify which one is more needed.

These are only some of the people who could use double bubble maps. The gist is that you can use these concept maps when making decisions.

How To Make a Concept Map?

Double bubble maps are great. But how to make one? It is not difficult - it is just like you are putting your thoughts on paper. Here. Follow this guide to learn how to make a double-bubble map.

Step 1: Grab a pen and paper. Much better, go to your computer and open a design tool like Wondershare Mockitt. It is a design/collaboration/prototyping platform that offers features for making charts and concept maps. We recommend using this over pen and paper because it makes the double bubble map much more presentable. Because of that, it is easier to understand.

Step 2: Draw one circle in the middle left of the canvas and another one in the middle right.

Step 3: Write the name of the two things you are comparing inside the two circles.

Step 4: Think of unique descriptions for the things in the main bubbles - in other words, their differences. For every idea, draw an outside circle and connect it with the main bubble with a line. The outside bubbles for unique descriptions for the subject on the left bubble should be on the left of the canvas. Similarly, those for the subject on the right should be on the right side of the canvas.

Step 5: Think of the similarities between the two subjects. For each one, draw a bubble in the center of the canvas and write it inside. Connect these bubbles to the two main bubbles with lines.

Double Bubble Map: Frequently Asked Question

To help you understand double bubble maps even better, here are people's commonly asked questions about them. Of course, you can also find the answers in this section.

1. What type of graphic organizer is a double bubble map?

A bubble map is a compare-and-contrast graphic organizer. It helps teachers, students, and professionals visualize the similarities and differences between two entities, nouns, or ideas. You can also consider double bubble maps as graphic organizers for brainstorming and decision-making.

2. Why is a double bubble map important?

No one is required to make a double bubble map. But we recommend making one when you can. The visual aid it provides helps clear your mind. It allows you to see how different or similar two things are easily. Using that information, you can make more intelligent decisions. Consequently, it leads to personal, professional, or brand growth. A double bubble map can also help save money and become more efficient.

3. What thinking map is used for comparison and contrast?

As said above, that's the purpose of a double bubble map. It is the thinking map that you need. Alternatively, you can use a Venn diagram. However, a double bubble map would be better if you need to write many ideas. You can expand them easily. Meanwhile, you need to increase the circle size in Venn diagrams to fit more text. That's sometimes not possible.


Let's recap. What is a double bubble map? It is a thinking map for contrasting and comparing two things. A double bubble map helps understand their differences and allows you to determine which is better. Consequently, a double bubble map allows you to make informed decisions, saving money and resources.

You can create concept maps like double bubble maps using tools like Wondershare Mockitt. It's a design tool that will let you develop better-looking maps than hand-drawn and written ones.