Top 10 Sketch Mockups in 2024

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:12
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Mockups are vital to any product design, whether it‘s a web page or a coffee machine. The mockup is the full-size model of the design. Based on these design, a user use and experience the product. Sketch is one of the famous designing tools dominating the market since 2010. For its age and capability, there is a plethora of Sketch mockups for various purposes. Designers can take inspiration or directly use these sketch mockups' free templates for iOS and other devices by conversion. You can create your mockup sketch free design as well.

How to Create Mockup in Sketch?

The sketch is pretty convenient to use, and one can create a mockup through this quickly. By following these few steps, designers and beginners, both can design a mockup through Sketch:

      1. Create New file: - From the menu bar, go to the 'File' > New from template > Web Design. Choose the correct artboard for your required device. Now you have a blank canvas to start designing.
      2. Background: - Create a simple background by clicking Insert> Shape > rectangle (or any suitable shape). From the inspector panel, fill it with colors, border, and shadows.
      3. Insert Symbols: - Click on Insert > Symbol to add your required components. Several icons, buttons, symbols, and text styles build in this template on page two.
      4. Insert Images: - Insert images to create a logo or improve the visual experience. Drag the required photo from the finder and drop it on the canvas. Double-click to select it, then crop, fill or vectorize it.
      5. Make Changes: - The change that you make to a particular symbol or text gets carried across the whole project. So you the changes only once, which is pretty handy for designers.
      6. Put Blurry Effect: - Now comes the time for the famous blurry effect seen in most iOS UI. Choose the same shape and size of the blur layer and select a Background blur from the Blur drop-down list in the inspector. Change the opacity to a level where you can see what‘s behind but clearly.

    1. Export Artboard: - Now that a basic free sketch mockup is ready and satisfied with your mockup, it‘s time to export it. Select the artboard and click on the 'Export'(with + sign beside) to add as many as resolution and format is required. If you are done selecting, click on the Export on the sidebar's bottom and get your Mockup.

The Best Sketch Alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is the best alternative to Sketch. Unlike sketch, it is compatible with iOS and windows both. Efficient and straightforward user experience, advanced tools and plugins, and thousands of built templates put Wondershare Mockitt at the top.

flowchart drawing

Why is it best?

  • It provides free sketch device mockups access for individuals for basic. The advanced level and enterprise is also pocket friendly.
  • Numerous widgets, templates, and icons already build to help out the designers. One can create, edit widgets and save it in the library for future use.
  • Simply drag and drop method to add the widgets and icons on the screen is quick and easy.
  • Add links between your pages like – gesture, action, or animation to create a better attractive, and interactive mockup.
  •  Cloud storage allows you to save and reconnect to your work anytime, anywhere, without the worry of data loss.
  •  Enterprise lets you connect with graphic designers, developers, and managers by which you can create your team.

If you know how to use Wondershare Mockitt, you can build a Mockup with ease. The steps to create a mockup are the following:

Step 1: Create a new project

Choose 'Create Project‘ and start with a blank project with the compatible device type. (like mobile, desktop or systems like iOS, Android, and windows)

sketch mockup

Step 2: Design your Mockup

Add widgets and icons

There are 'Fast Widgets,‘ 'Build-in Widgets,‘ 'My Widgets,‘ and 'Icons‘ which can be added to the canvas from those panels on both sides by dragging or double click. Keep edited widgets in your widget library.

sketch mockups free

Add links between screens 

Select 'New link‘ from the right panel to set a gesture, action, or animation to the design. Video components, Audio components and spreadsheets can be added by pasting its URL link for the desired file and publish it.

free sketch mockup

Step 3: Preview your Mockup

You need to preview or test the Mockup design through the target device before developing it, to understand the user interface that you are going to provide.

sketch device mockups

Step 4: Share your Mockup

After designing, hand off your Mockup to collaborate with the professional developers to start the development process.

mockup sketch free

Top 10 Mockup Templates for Sketch App

The sketch is one of the most dominant designing, with several mockup templates available in the market. Among them, the top 10 are given below (All the sources are taken from Designshack:

  1. Dashboard – Task Management: - It is a multipurpose template for a dashboard that features all the necessary elements needed for a task management app. Comfortable editable layers enable you to create task management for every app.
  2. Onboarding – Mobile App: - Onboarding is an essential part of every application and its users. With these editable onboarding layouts, you can create the welcome page for various mobile apps.
  3. Mobile App Landing Page: - It‘s a two-in-one sketch template combo that consists of a landing page template and an attractive dashboard template with designs that match. So it can be used for both as web interface or landing page.
  4. Watchly – Modern Ecommerce Store: - This is a bundle of 80+ different app screen templates for a modern ecommerce store. It‘s neat minimalistic, attractive, and efficient for buyers or users, enabling the better flow of business.
  5. Free DM Dashboards: - DM or Direct message dashboards are the essential part of most web platforms and applications. It is a free template you can download and use, but this only for free messaging. An application that has paid direct message service has another template.  
  6. Map App UI: - If you are looking for Map screens for delivery app and navigation, this is what you need. It provides you multiple UI screens for maps and corresponding features.
  7. Admin Dashboard: - It is a dashboard user interface for admin control and access. All the necessary components, like icons and widgets, are present here as a professional layout. It has a dark theme feature for CRMs, SaaS apps, and more.
  8. Digital Agency Website: - You can create fantastic webpage designs with this template for Digital agencies. It comes with all the features that is necessary to develop and showcase the business module.
  9. Store and Shopping App: - Provides all features with modern-day online shopping and store UI with fully editable and even scalable components.
  10. Free Social Network UI: - Social media is the essential part of the modern lifestyle. Suppose you are looking to make a Social Network UI; this the best template for you.