How to Export Sketch to Web/Website Easily

Stephen Mwangi updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:10

Sketch is a popular design tool rich in features that make it a great choice for designers. Unlike most other tools you might find online, sketch makes it easy to export files into other formats and tools to make the entire designing and development process more efficient. For instance, you can easily export sketch to web with steps that are easy to follow even by novices in the industry. This article offers you some of the tips on how to export sketch to web using various methods.

The Best Tool to Export Sketch to Website

Wondershare Mockitt Sketch plugin is a great feature that makes the designing process more efficient. It enables you design projects in sync with all your sketch files. With the plugin, you can read specs, create prototypes and download assets. Besides, Wondershare Mockitt sketch plugin makes it possible for you to import sketch files and make prototypes fast. With it, you can automate your work, and customise your project features. The sketch plugin you can easily discuss and polish your sketch designs.

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Wondershare Mockitt Sketch plugin basically works with sketch v48.0 and the later versions. It provides specs and all platforms codes for Android, CSS and swift automatically.

The Wondershare Mockitt sketch plugin is a feature in Wondershare Mockitt which is a great tool that helps designers build app prototypes and wireframes. It makes it easy to create any kind of prototype for iOS and android devices. With its neat space, it becomes easy for you to design a prototype with no need to do any coding. With the tool, you can easily design a clickable prototype and work together with all your team members. The great thing is that you can work on the same project simultaneously. You can also create fully customised sized layouts for your design. You can also choose screen transitions and gestures, test app, select color on the device and create as many screens as you can. The build in templates makes it easy to use even for beginners because they are easy to follow. You can also do the testing and share with others to preview the design before launching.

How to Export Sketch to Website

Sketch is a great designing tool that allows you to present ideas. However, it is also good to bring these ideas into the web. It is possible for you to export sketch to website without a lot of hassles. Before you begin to design in sketch, it is good to consider the best way to optimize your design for transfer to web.

Once you have uploaded all the sketch files to Wondershare Mockitt, assets of a wide range of resolutions are exported automatically. Whether you are developing design for IOS or android, you can easily select the correct resolution and then export all the global assets in just a single click. You do not have to waste your precious time as you transfer assets between designers and developers.

You can easily export Sketch to Wondershare Mockitt with the Sketch plugin from Wondershare Mockitt. Therefore, if you use sketch to create UI design, you should make sure that you always have the Wondershare Mockitt's sketch plugin that will help you in the process. All you should do is to make sure that you have downloaded and installed the Wondershare Mockitt's sketch plugin. After you have completely doing the installation, you should restart sketch. Then you can start importing. Here are the steps you should follow as you export Sketch to Wondershare Mockitt with the Sketch plugin from Wondershare Mockitt.

Step 1: Open sketch file

  • Start by opening the sketch file.
  • Choose artboard you would like to import.
  • Click plugins-Wondershare Mockitt.
  • Export the artboard to Wondershare Mockitt.

Step 2: Login to Wondershare Mockitt

  • Log into your Wondershare Mockitt account
  • Select the target project
  • Create a new project
  • Import

You can also use the handoff feature to download the HTML version of the Sketch file. Here are steps you should follow during the process.

Step 1: Inspect the file designs

  • After you have imported the sketch files to Wondershare Mockitt, you start by inspecting the files in the Wondershare Mockitt handoff mode.

Step 2: Enter the handoff mode

  • Click handoff found at the top toolbar. This helps enter the handoff mode.
  • In the handoff mode, click on any element. You find all the specs occur automatically.

It is also good to note that after you have sliced images in sketch, it is possible for you to download all assets at several sizes in just a single click in Wondershare Mockitt.

Other Methods for Exporting Sketch to Website

There are several other methods designers can use to export sketch to website. Most of these methods are easy to learn even for beginners because they do not involve a lot of steps or complex work. Here are some of the methods you can use to export sketch to website.

Method 1: Exporting directly from the design tool

  • Download anima for sketch.
  • Go to sketch tab.
  • Then export code

Method 2: Exporting through anima's web app

This is a good option for designers and other designers who might not have access to the design tool or document. One of the things you should note is that the design should be synched to the anima project before the export can be done.

  • Sync the design to the project
  • Click the export code at the top right corner
  • Choose where the code package should be saved.
  • Click save

The method helps export code in zip file containing the HTML files, fonts and images. Once the files get unzipped, it becomes possible for you to preview them in your web browser with all its smart interactions and smart layers like a live website. If you open the sketch files in a text editor, you will be able to view perfectly structured CSS and HTML.

Method 3: Exporting as WebP

  • Open the sketch file.
  • Choose a layer, several layers or an artboard.
  • Tap make exportable found in the bottom right corner.
  • Make sure it is set in WebP format in the format dropdown.
  • Adjust resolution to the right size and then click export. You can either export name of the artboard or export layers.

It is good to note that WebP is usually a data saving image format that is designed by Google. It is becoming popular on the web due to its small size and because of its ability to carry the alpha channel.

Method 4: Export using Sparkle

Sparkle allows you to export sketch into website within a few minutes. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Get sparkle

  • Download and open sparkle for Mac. Ensure you get the latest version.

Step 2: Get plugin

  • Choose help and install sketch plugin from Sparkle menu.

Step 3: Get creative

  • Now copy and paste your sketch design from sketch to sparkle.

Important things to know

  • To install the plug in, you need to open sparkle and from the menu install the sketch plugin.
  • To export an artboard from sketch to sparkle you should choose the artboard, choose sparkle from the plugin menu and then move the artboards to sparkle. Then you can open sparkle, select edit and then paste.
  • You should also configure the artboard for the right sizing in sparkle. You can resize it to the right dimensions by making the artboard narrower or wider.