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Stephen Mwangi is a 28 years old professional, app developer and writer from Nairobi, Kenya. Steve is enthusiastic and motivated in whatever he does. With my deep interest in product designing, expect a lot of information from my content.

Work experience and education

I am a graduate of sociology and English from Egerton University Kenya. From the time I was in the university, I had developed interest in writing in a wide range of niches. Technology niche was always part of my interest despite that my course was never in the technology industry. This made me pursue diploma course in website building and app designing in the same institution. After graduating, I joined St Martins an NGO dealing with vulnerable groups in the society. After one year, I quit to chase my dream in technology writing and app development industry.

I joined the freelancing field in 2015 where I have written articles for different companies and individual clients. My main interest in freelance writing was not only to share my knowledge in writing, but also working from the comfort of my home. Today, I take pride to have made great strides in helping websites rank at top of Google searches and helping business attain their goals through my SEO copywriting and website building. I am professional in writing articles all types of articles, but currently majoring in technology specifically in design, prototyping, wireframe, app development and tools used in the process.


In my writing career, one of the things I value most is flexibility and versatility. This is why I do not limit myself in focusing on certain topics. I can do a wide range of topics in the technology field. As a Wondershare Filmora writer I write in a wide range of topics including product designing, designing and prototyping tools including MockingBot which the best tool with its major features, how to use the different design tools, software product reviews among many others. With my deep interest in product designing, you can expect a lot of information from my content.


I have grown up in Nairobi Kenya where I have enjoyed enjoyable climatic conditions and a good life. When I am not writing, you will find me taking adventure tours as I enjoy nature. Besides, you find me playing football or watching movies. In my life I settle for perfection and you can expect that from all my work or services.


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